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  • Comment on: He Wants To Visit

    Posted 05/04/2015 10:01:17 EDT

    You're spending way too much time thinking about things that aren't happening.

  • Posted 05/01/2015 09:24:52 EDT

    If they tell you, "I want an open relationship," you can say, "I'm at a point in life where I don't know what I want. I just want to see where this goes." ---------------------------------------- Or y more »

  • Posted 04/30/2015 09:07:28 EDT

    "As a single man, I have long said that I didn't want to date someone with children" Really? This is where your standards are, and not, perhaps, to staying away from a married woman who doesn't want t more »

  • Comment on: I Squish

    Posted 04/29/2015 09:33:55 EDT

    Please don't ever use the phrase "squishing" again. Also, this whole letter was about...nothing. Meredith answered your real question - you're looking for a real partner. So go find one and stop squis more »

  • Posted 04/21/2015 09:38:19 EDT

    But he's HANDSOME!!! more »

  • Posted 04/21/2015 09:36:48 EDT

    I'm not really sure why it's relevant that you're 42 and handsome...but whatever. Given that your first description of Ms. Dream Girl was all about her appearance, I'm going to say that you can find s more »

  • Posted 04/16/2015 09:39:59 EDT

    Apparently a lot of us had the same thought, at the same time... more »

  • Posted 04/16/2015 09:38:36 EDT

    "I keep looking for proof positive of extracurricular activities so I can end it." Why don't you just end it instead? You don't need to find proof - you already don't trust him, so it is irrelevant wh more »

  • Posted 04/14/2015 09:49:11 EDT

    I think you should have left 2 years ago when he "never answered the question." That's pretty much your answer right there. There isn't anything wrong with you wanting kids or with him not wanting kid more »

  • Posted 04/10/2015 08:47:48 EDT

    Uh, what does your therapist say about your wife's plans? Because if you both have been honest with the therapist and the therapist is on board with the affair, you need not only a therapist for yours more »

  • Comment on: Where Do We Stand?

    Posted 04/08/2015 10:25:23 EDT

    THE ANNOTATED VERSION My partner and I are in our early 30s, have been together for nearly four years, and have lived together for three. Everything is awesome - we're very much in love, get along ver more »

  • Posted 04/07/2015 09:33:37 EDT

    He's played by Keanu Reeves in the 90s version of this movie. more »

  • Posted 04/07/2015 09:26:39 EDT

    OK, please don't say, "I have feelings for you and want to know if you're open to making out." How about, "Do you want to go on a date with me some time?" Or wait until you're both in your 40s, when y more »

  • Posted 04/06/2015 09:06:19 EDT

    Look for a new job. This is trouble, and from the tone of your letter, I'm afraid nothing we say is going to get through to you.

    Let me put it another way. Best case scenario? Still ends badly. more »

  • Comment on: She Takes Breaks

    Posted 04/03/2015 09:53:49 EDT

    Okay, so now I've cracked the code. Hit enter twice, see two spaces on the screen = new paragraph., I salute your technical ingenuity! more »

  • Comment on: She Takes Breaks

    Posted 04/03/2015 09:52:46 EDT

    We would lose so many letters if everyone just understood that being alone (and happy) is better than being in a bad relationship, instead of the other way around. (And if you're unhappy when you're a more »

  • Posted 04/01/2015 09:24:31 EDT

    How far along are you in the wedding planning? If not far...then change the wedding. Have the one you want, cancel it, postpone it, whatever. Why are you having this wedding that you hate? Go for a ch more »

  • Posted 03/31/2015 12:59:31 EDT

    Seriously, how hard is it to test whether the paragraph marks show up in the text box as you're hitting enter? I'm on Firefox and a PC, not the Apple computer from 1984 which we used to play Olympic D more »

  • Posted 03/31/2015 12:57:33 EDT

    How about have the login say "email address" and "Password" instead of username and password? I failed to login several times before I realized I should just ignore what is telling me to do more »

  • Comment on: She's Been Distant

    Posted 03/24/2015 10:29:47 EDT

    I'm pretty sure that if the LW's "girlfriend" wrote a letter, it would go something like this (and would be addressed to the police station): "This guy I happened to make eye contact with at a random more »

  • Posted 03/18/2015 09:12:27 EDT

    Uh, he told you many times what he wanted, which was not what you wanted, and yet you still want him back in hopes that he will change? Please read that over and over - he does not want what you want. more »

  • Posted 03/16/2015 09:51:03 EDT

    OMG, I don't even know you, and I'm so stressed just reading about your million calls and thousand of texts!! No wonder he went MIA... I'm assuming you're both young, so it actually seems pretty norma more »

  • Posted 03/10/2015 11:39:57 EDT

    Yeah, at 10 days, I'd still be screaming at everyone and gorging on ice cream (and then spending the rest of my time in the bathroom because I'm lactose-intolerant) and then yelling at my partner for more »

  • Posted 02/19/2015 08:59:28 EST

    Good advice. Just because your husband now has a diagnosis doesn't mean things are radically different from when you married him. Maybe the autism worsened or showed up more obviously with time, but a more »

  • Posted 02/19/2015 08:53:05 EST

    "You married a man without understanding his personality."

    I don't think that being on the autism spectrum means you just have a different personality. more »