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MALE, Medford, MA

About Me: I retired as a Detective Lieutenant after a 26-year career with the New Jersey State Police—fourteen in narcotics, mostly as an undercover officer. My investigations spanned cases from street drug users to international “billion-dollar” drug trafficking organizations. I ended my undercover career living nearly two years in Boston and New York City, posing as a fugitive drug dealer wanted for murder, while tracking members of a terrorist organization that robbed banks, planted bombs in corporate headquarters, court-houses, police stations, and airplanes and ultimately murdered a New Jersey State Trooper. I am co-founder and for eight years was executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an organization representing more than a 150,000 police, judges, prosecutors, prison officials, and supporters from 120 countries. LEAP members know a system of legalized regulation of all drugs will remove the violence which is the result of drug prohibition. I am currently their Board Chair and an international speaker having presented drug policy reform discussions over 1,500 times in 34 countries.

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