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  • Posted 08/28/2011 10:41:30 EDT

    Honestly, I'd just buy Avery label sheets at Staples and print them myself on my inkjet printer.  Cheap and fast.

  • Forum Post: Dollar Dance?

    Posted 06/28/2011 05:38:03 EDT

    We went to a wedding this weekend and saw our first dollar dance!  Well, sort of!  The dollar dance is normal in the bride's culture.  So when the couple did their first dance, a bunch of relatives ca more »

  • Posted 06/24/2011 05:59:52 EDT

    I know I'm late to this thread, but here's my list: 1.      Capacity a.      Configuration of tables, table size (8, 10 per table) b.      Dance floor – size c.      Cocktail reception space   2.      more »

  • Posted 06/21/2011 01:28:12 EDT

    In Response to Re: Online Professional Quality Photo Albums: I'm looking for a mounted album like you would get from the photographer who shot our wedding. We never got an album bc our photographer we more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 03:09:18 EDT

    Do you mean the photobooks you can make with digital photos, like Shutterfly, etc?  Or do you have actual photos you want to mount? If digital, check out this review/roundup: http://www.digitalhometho more »

  • Forum Post: Ceremony Musician

    Posted 06/14/2011 05:54:58 EDT

    We used Alla Breve, which is a husband/wife team that plays guitar and flute.  They are *amazing*!  We saw them at a friends wedding and always knew we'd hire them.  They have a few samples on their w more »

  • Posted 06/14/2011 05:52:37 EDT

    You could look at Pyara in Burlington.  I have only had my hair cut there, but it is a really nice place!  And I know they have a room they let you use if you are getting married so you can hang out, more »

  • Posted 06/13/2011 12:25:32 EDT

    Yeah, *tell* me about it!  It was insane and I felt really bad because it was just too much money at the time.  I'm not sure when bachelor/bachelorette parties went from a *party* to a luxurious, splu more »

  • Posted 06/12/2011 05:29:55 EDT

    Ouch!  That's insane, but somewhat true.  Luckily the only out of town wedding we were in was for DH's sister, so we'd have been flying there no matter what.  But for an out of town wedding, I'm not s more »

  • Posted 06/08/2011 04:42:01 EDT

    Ooh, yes!  I used A Fine Fit in Burlington to have my e-pics dress fitted and they were awesome! Amy, the owner, is really nice!  She did my dress very quickly (I needed it in less than a week and she more »

  • Forum Post: Dollar Dance?

    Posted 06/02/2011 05:35:38 EDT

    I think it is tacky and I've never seen it done.  But, that's bc I grew up here and it is not a common tradition around here.  If the majority of your guests know the tradition, I think you are okay t more »

  • Forum Post: RSVP date???

    Posted 05/24/2011 04:14:50 EDT

    Ours was 3 weeks before the wedding.  Caterer needed the final number like 3 days before.  But I wanted to leave enough time to do the seating chart and escort cards and I knew I'd need the time!  (wh more »

  • Forum Post: hair stylist

    Posted 05/24/2011 04:13:05 EDT

    No, but I wanted to!  Alas she was booked on my date.  I saw a ton of good reviews for her last year, that was why I wanted to book her. If she is booked, I used Kelly Bonica from Blondie Salon in Wal more »

  • Posted 05/10/2011 05:25:21 EDT

    Speaking as a younger sister, I'd want my sister to ask. I'd be sad to know she got rid of stuff I could have used and saved money by not having to buy! But then, we're not shy about discussing these more »

  • Posted 05/08/2011 03:04:56 EDT

    I personally always wanted one.  I feel like it may not seem necessary right away, but it will be really nice to have in the future.  Pictures are great, but video will be really wonderful to watch 10 more »

  • Posted 04/26/2011 04:52:35 EDT

    Honestly, the only part of this wedding that I even remotely care about is the wedding dress.  I don't remember Princess Di's wedding, but pics of her dress are pretty hideous to me (maybe that was th more »

  • Forum Post: Savannah GA?

    Posted 04/22/2011 05:10:13 EDT

    Hey Ven!  Well, we hit Savannah a few weeks ago, but we didn't get out much so I'm not sure I can be that helpful!  We went downtown for a few hours one afternoon and we enjoyed walking along the rive more »

  • Posted 04/20/2011 02:53:15 EDT

    Huh, I've never heard of that and I think I'd find it odd too.  And be a little put off by it.  I also love wrapping presents and part of my enjoyment with giving presents is the surprise element of i more »

  • Posted 04/20/2011 02:47:47 EDT

    For photographers, we have been SO happy with ours!  She's amazing to work with, the pictures came out amazing and we just got our album and some large prints and they are awesome too!  We got so many more »

  • Forum Post: STD vs Invitations

    Posted 04/14/2011 06:23:23 EDT

    In Response to Re: STD vs Invitations: Our situation is a bit diffferent. We have been trying to get married for the past year and have had a huge obstacle in the way. Now that the obstacle is out of more »

  • Posted 04/14/2011 04:42:09 EDT

    No you definitely did not do anything wrong.  You are under no obligation to have her as a BM.  Stick with who you have chosen and don't add her out of guilt (that always just leads to problems later more »

  • Forum Post: STD vs Invitations

    Posted 04/13/2011 11:47:53 EDT

    Yeah, I've always believed save the dates were sent out 1 year to 6 months before the wedding.  Shorter than that they seem unnecessary.  But of course, if you want to send them, do it!  Just know you more »

  • Posted 04/04/2011 03:49:47 EDT

    yes, I agree, the first thing to do is figure out a realistic budget.  I made one in Excel early on so I had some idea of how much the whole thing was going to cost.  I based it off the one that you c more »

  • Posted 03/29/2011 05:51:57 EDT

    This is another case where unfortunately, you can't control what other people do on their own property or in their own homes. While you may not approve of it, you cannot ask her not to do it. It is he more »

  • Posted 03/28/2011 12:51:29 EDT

    Yes, I have never really heard of a shower (or party for that matter) with a cover charge.  I *might* consider going if I was invited to the wedding, but yeah there is NO WAY I'd go if I was not.  If more »

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