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About Me: I am a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace who has married over 500 couples to date, at some of the most unique and awesome restaurants, hotels, country clubs, and golf clubs all over Massachusetts. I am known for marrying couples at Fenway Park, officiating the weddings of lots of same-sex couples, and for marrying military service men and women, firefighters, and police officers free of charge for all that they do to protect each and every one of us each day. In addition, I am also the author and creator of the Wine, Box, and Love Ceremony. View hundreds of photos by clicking on the links on the left had side of my website at I have the happiest job in the world! I absolutely love what I do and I am really good at it! (Website) (Twitter) (Facebook)

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  • Posted 06/28/2012 01:24:58 EDT

    Between the firing of the Oldies 103.3 entire staff, and watching Ann Curry break down and cry today on the Today Show, it breaks my heart! There is no middle class any more in this country! Anyone ov more »

  • Posted 04/01/2012 01:48:49 EDT

    #Gay #marriage law heads to appeals court in #Massachusetts Why can't people leave well enough alone? I am so tired of people continuing to fight something that does not affect their lives in any way. more »

  • Posted 03/22/2012 01:38:40 EDT

    In 2004, when same-sex marriage became law in Massachusetts, after reading several articles in local Boston newspapers that some Justices of the Peace (JOP) were threatening to refuse to marry same-se more »

  • Posted 03/14/2012 02:39:10 EDT

    I agree with everything you said Marti1031. I am glad that someone captured this photo. There is no excuse and no one else to blame but Capital Grille themselves. I am sure that their excuse will be t more »

  • Posted 03/14/2012 02:21:06 EDT

    I agree with you BostonBorn35. I really bothers me seeing the meat unwrapped, as well as being outside, on germy carts. They may as well toss this meat out now. No one deserves to eat it! more »

  • Posted 03/14/2012 02:03:41 EDT

    I am sorry if people find my comment offensive, but to be honest, I will never eat at Capital Grille again! The fact that the man in the photo is holding the meat without gloves, and all of the meat, more »

  • Posted 03/14/2012 02:50:16 EDT

    MaldenPride, How funny that you posted this tonight. I just had a conversation tonight with my hubby and son tonight, after I took an hour long walk with my dog today, which started on Pierce Street, more »

  • Posted 01/27/2012 09:12:45 EST

    Incredible! This is the reason I became a Justice of the Peace in 2004 when same-sex marriage became law in Massachusetts. Officiants were refusing to follow the law, and I became determined to help m more »

  • Posted 12/30/2011 12:24:51 EST

    Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter-->We should charge users a $2 fee every time they sign into Facebook. Just kidding, even I'm not as evil as @Verizon more »

  • Posted 12/02/2011 05:13:52 EST

    Cantbreath, My point is that this story is not about him being gay. This is 2011, and people need to get over that. It is not going to stop people from being gay. They are who they are. And people lik more »

  • Posted 12/02/2011 04:37:27 EST

    Driver, why don't you stop playing lawyer and leave this up to this man's attorney and the school's attorney! They will know what to do. That is what they get paid for. Unless I am wrong, I am not so more »

  • Posted 11/30/2011 10:57:02 EST

    First of all, I never said the school was at fault. So do not say that I did. Do you not read? I said that I totally understand why the school put him on paid leave. They have a moral obligation to th more »

  • Posted 11/30/2011 06:57:38 EST


    Risk of what? Because the man was gay? Shame on you! You sound like driver!
    more »

  • Posted 11/30/2011 06:43:17 EST

    fscib52, Why go off on Driver? Really? Are you serious? This man never thinks beforehand when he posts his foolish comments. His posts are so crazy! This man sould be banned from He has no more »

  • Posted 11/30/2011 01:46:29 EST

    Furthermore Driver, If Mr. Hogan did not hurt a child at the school, or expose them to his films, and I am assuming that he did not, after reading the email sent to the parents by the school, then why more »

  • Posted 11/30/2011 01:43:07 EST

    Driver54,   I never participate in your annoying posts, but this time you’ve managed to tick me off! The school is acting in the appropriate manner. They do not need a damn Fox25 mike shoved in their more »

  • Posted 06/25/2011 03:30:01 EDT

    As a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace who has officiated the weddings of over 570 gay, straight, white, black, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc., couples, I cried when the NY Senate more »

  • Posted 10/31/2010 04:59:38 EDT

    Yes, a once a week newspaper, but they are on-line, so there is no excuse for their lack of not being up-to-par with their stories about Malden.) O.K., that is another story, for a later date. Now, af more »

  • Posted 10/31/2010 04:54:23 EDT

    Post 1 of 2 Malden Police Scanner Messages October 31, 2010 2:25 a.m.: Call MGH, tell them there may possibly be a bullet hole. 2:27 a.m.: There is a kid walking around Malden from Melrose. Not sure w more »

  • Posted 10/31/2010 02:22:09 EDT

    I hate our city now! I am sick of the violence! I am sitting at my computer updating photos of the happy things that I did this weekend ~ weddings that I officiated this weekend, but have on my police more »

  • Posted 10/22/2010 09:08:45 EDT

    Hi Bob, No worries and no hard feelings. I get your frustration. I know the hours that you put into trying to better our city and I wish that there were more people like you who care. I just got defen more »

  • Posted 10/22/2010 02:26:31 EDT

    Bob, and you can call me Carol. I hear what you are saying. I'm a taxpayer in this city, so believe me, I agree with you! I've nothing but respect for you. I know that you are not a wing nut. Trust me more »

  • Posted 10/21/2010 10:00:05 EDT

    Thank you voteforquimby. I won't lie to you, I am not happy with the way that the city has handled this crisis, but at the same time, I also understand that some of these crimes that have taken place more »

  • Posted 10/21/2010 02:56:53 EDT

    2 of 2 Pages (Continued) I used Mr. Kinnon’s pie chart as an example. To me, if the Mayor and the City Council are not all on board as a group, then we have a serious problem, and that problem is at more »

  • Posted 10/21/2010 02:55:21 EDT

    (1 of 2 messages - cound not fit it all into one message.) I attended the meeting at the Linden School last night. I went for two reasons; first, because it was an invitation from the Linden Crime Wat more »