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  • Posted 07/13/2014 02:06:36 EDT

      Nah, I don't think so. Too much room for corruption in big time soccer and it's there. Officials, Field Judges, Key players have all been bribed. Tons of money is bet on WCS, more than on the World more »

  • Posted 04/03/2014 01:56:08 EDT

                                It's not how you start's how you finish.

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  • Posted 12/14/2013 03:46:01 EST

                                    Early Cano $range, upwards of 300MM and no budge. Boros tells him no way he gets this number. Cano fires Boros and throws in with JayZ who probably promised him more an more »

  • Posted 12/09/2013 09:47:08 EST

                                                     The new image remake has already started . JE hasn't fielded a ball  or swung a bat or stole a base yet he manages to showup on  the back page of the S more »

  • Posted 12/07/2013 05:30:30 EST

                                    Listen to Andrew on this one. JE will be the new "Face of the Franchise" in the Bronx. He fits the image the Yanks are looking for . They're trying to cleanup the franc more »

  • Posted 12/03/2013 06:54:09 EST

                            Sox non-tender Bailey and Kalish? WOW!, They've just paved the way to go back to back WS titles. No other team in MLB has the ability to cast off more dead weight than these tw more »

  • Posted 09/13/2013 06:39:04 EDT

                                            AL - Oakland, NL - Atlanta,- WS- A's in 7

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  • Posted 08/28/2013 04:17:16 EDT

                                          Hugh, Tom-UK's numbers are right.

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  • Posted 08/22/2013 09:00:30 EDT

                               Finney, ...I liked this article/ I detected passion..that's a good thing and also something called baserunning/ I didn't think you noticed the small stuff/ New era baseball more »

  • Posted 08/03/2013 09:23:57 EDT

                                            southpaw777, ...Apology accepted. If I went too far with the battery analogy I'm sorry. These are hot topics we discuss and passions rise quite high when we dis more »

  • Posted 08/03/2013 08:31:17 EDT

                                       Hugh,   Bad news, Iggy just went yard.

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  • Posted 08/03/2013 11:56:09 EDT

                                              Hugh, Reddick's doing O.K. He played 9 inn. last night. went 0-1 with (3) walks. His team is in first place in the ALW. That race is not over yet but if Texas more »

  • Posted 08/02/2013 11:37:42 EDT

                                               Detroit fans gave him a standing O after his two out hit plated the first run of the game. He played 3B not SS tonight. They sat Cabrera.

    more »

  • Posted 08/02/2013 09:14:40 EDT

                                              Hugh, there are other guys out here that think we got hosed too. I'm not the only one. I might be the only one you've heard about though. Hugh we've been down more »

  • Posted 08/02/2013 07:35:45 EDT

                                  fizsh, let me help you with this. Dave Dombrowski, Detroit Tigers and Rick Hahn of the Chicago White Sox both of these guys thought the RS got a good deal. If you're goin more »

  • Posted 08/02/2013 06:50:14 EDT

                                            southpaw777,  ...Maybe it's the way you post. The way you post indicates you really don't know very much about baseball. If you've forgotten some things about b more »

  • Posted 08/02/2013 05:53:08 EDT

                                    Hugh, This is how it works. Iggy went from Boston to Detroit. Who did Boston get from Detroit? Iggy's BA is .330 now, today, as he boards a plane for Detroit. Chicago g more »

  • Posted 08/02/2013 04:12:47 EDT

                                             slasher9............I just called southpaw777 and told him to pickup another Die Hard Battery for you too.  28 days ago is not real time.Real time is now. In t more »

  • Posted 08/02/2013 01:44:35 EDT

                                         Southpaw777,    .......Man, you got a dead battery. You're all flumoxed up by time, real time, today time, now , 8/2/13 as opposed to past time, last year...CWS ti more »

  • Posted 08/01/2013 09:27:02 EDT

                                        Let me tell you why this deal stinks and is doomed to fail. Allow me to take some liberties with numbers and I think you'll see where I'm coming from. We got roughl more »

  • Forum Post: Peavy to the A's?

    Posted 07/29/2013 10:30:45 EDT

                                       I'd be suprised if Peavy goes to the A's. The A's have more starting pitching than anybody. At the ML level everybody's still in the rotation. They're trying to get more »

  • Posted 07/28/2013 11:28:35 EDT

                                                 Max, sorry for the confusion. I wasn't able to clearly convey what I was going for in my first post. I tried to expand on what I was intending a little lat more »

  • Posted 07/28/2013 05:07:58 EDT

                                   Actually I think I missed what I was going for. I wanted to show Ben as not being pro-active at this time and the Texas Rangers as going for it, a playoff spot, by being more »

  • Posted 07/28/2013 02:23:19 EDT

                   has left the building.Would you like to leave a call back number? #%#@& SLAM!!! Wonder what that was all about? He sounded anxious. (6) saberguys in an office listening to that call com more »

  • Forum Post: Trade Napoli

    Posted 07/28/2013 11:39:53 EDT

                                              Ben, Call Texas now. They've already started their free fall. Pick up a chip for Napoli while you still can. They're 5 games back today and are looking for a more »

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