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  • Forum Post: Is it weird????

    Posted 10/09/2010 03:37:08 EDT

    Kar, excuse me? Don't you ever tell me that marriage isn't the best idea for me right now, you don't have to be concerned for me. I'm sorry, but I don't really take to heart what complete strangers on more »

  • Forum Post: Is it weird????

    Posted 10/08/2010 09:26:21 EDT

    In Response to Re: Is it weird????: Sorry, I'm totally confused.  Your wedding hasn't taken place yet, so how did she even know who your photographer is?   If you told her about him, raved about his w more »

  • Forum Post: Is it weird????

    Posted 10/06/2010 05:19:48 EDT

    No, Mezzo....glamour shots they were. I don't own the rights to my photographer. She paid for them herself, I get that. But that fact that she used him (and she found out about him thru me because of more »

  • Forum Post: Is it weird????

    Posted 10/06/2010 04:40:00 EDT

    Trex, I honestly think she did it because she can't stand that there is no attention on her. She has been insanley narcissitc on FB...and I quote "professional picture taken of me it so muc more »

  • Forum Post: Is it weird????

    Posted 10/06/2010 02:51:53 EDT

    That my MOH emailed me today to let me know that she had MY wedding photographer take professional pictures of just her?? Like a private photo shoot? And in the email said "I wasn't going to tell you, more »

  • Posted 09/30/2010 11:48:16 EDT

    sorry Misslilly...I over-reacted. more »

  • Posted 09/30/2010 11:47:19 EDT

    Well, this was in who knows what car seats were like then. I NEVER remember riding in a car seat, ever. I remember sitting in the front seat on the way to daycare! That was back in 85! Laws more »

  • Posted 09/30/2010 07:48:34 EDT

    Yes, Misslily, it was a careless mistake my mother made.....Everyone makes mistakes... more »

  • Posted 09/29/2010 09:15:38 EDT

    I've read about this happening and it is awful. I do believe it can definitely happen to anyone. I have two examples of completely being absent minded at the TOTALLY wrong time: 1) When my brother was more »

  • Posted 09/21/2010 08:44:58 EDT

    In Response to Re: Your Wedding: What Year? How much did it cost$? Was the day worth the pricetag?: August, I love my Coach bags too. I love them b/c they are sturdy and they last forever. I have othe more »

  • Posted 09/20/2010 07:57:24 EDT

    Fram, I get what you're saying....there ARE a TON of things that don't count as the actual "celebration."

    $100pp isn't paying for your dress, veil, shoes ,hair, etc, etc..... more »

  • Posted 09/20/2010 07:38:57 EDT

    I personally love Coach, and believe it or not, a lot of people have told me that Coach is "low end". Well, to me, it is high end. I have about 10 Coach bags, and I don't buy them to impress anyone be more »

  • Posted 09/19/2010 07:30:16 EDT

    Great, thanks for all of the suggestions! more »

  • Posted 09/19/2010 12:49:38 EDT

    In Response to Re: Your Wedding: What Year? How much did it cost$? Was the day worth the pricetag?: I don't include the honeymoon b/c I don't consider it a wedding expense.  If you are going to exclud more »

  • Forum Post: A Real DOOZIE!

    Posted 09/18/2010 02:50:51 EDT

    Why does it matter? Kar is right. Cut him some slack. You are wasting your time trying to argue this. It's a forum....he is allowed to say whatever he wants on here, if you don't like it, then ignore more »

  • Forum Post: September TTC

    Posted 09/17/2010 06:33:50 EDT

    I'm not even married yet, but FI and I know we will start TTC'ing about 6 months after the wedding. Can we just do it the old fashioned way? Letting nature takes its course, or is it better to really more »

  • Posted 09/17/2010 05:57:29 EDT

    I am not married yet, but I know we will be spending just a little over $40,000 on our wedding (not including honeymoon), and we are lucky enough that my parents have offered to pay for the whole thin more »

  • Posted 09/16/2010 10:21:08 EDT

    Fram, I meant is digital print tacky!! Whoops..... more »

  • Posted 09/16/2010 09:59:02 EDT

    Hi gals! I would like to try my best not to spend a lot of my invites, but I also don't want them to look or feel cheap, more feel. I really want inner and outer envelopes, I don't mind digital printi more »

  • Forum Post: Bridal Show

    Posted 09/16/2010 09:39:48 EDT

    I went to one when I first got engaged. I didn't find it very useful. The vendors were pushy and annoying and when I would go to get a business card they would keep me there for like 10 minutes talkin more »

  • Forum Post: Show your gown!

    Posted 09/16/2010 08:41:42 EDT

    I have definitely seen other dresses and thought "wow, I wish I tried that on." But then I think that I really loved my dress when I put it on and it's one day and I know that I will love it when I we more »

  • Forum Post: A Real DOOZIE!

    Posted 09/16/2010 07:57:19 EDT

    For me, and my my fiance, we both feel like we could never bring a child into this world unless we were married. But, that is just us. No one has to agree with us. Also, marriage is a deeper, differen more »

  • Forum Post: Show your gown!

    Posted 09/16/2010 07:44:20 EDT

    In Response to Re: Show your gown!: SO i dont know whats up w/ that last reply but i have to say ALL these dresses are amazing.  I am sort of seriously starting to doubt my dress choice now....uurrrrr more »

  • Posted 09/15/2010 10:44:57 EDT

    Yes, who is "we"? more »

  • Posted 09/15/2010 09:04:42 EDT

    Congratulations, Teeny :) more »

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