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  • Posted 11/30/2011 09:45:06 EST

    BTW... I would say where this story came from would make a more interesting article than the story itself. Makes you wonder who is taking the time to dig into the personal lives of the people at that more »

  • Posted 11/30/2011 09:42:16 EST

    This is a total smear. The fact they used the word "gay" as much as they used "porn" is all you need to know about this story! The last time I checked it's legal to be gay and it's legal to be in porn more »

  • Posted 10/28/2011 10:00:44 EDT

    I was wondering when the rats would show up on here! more »

  • Posted 10/08/2011 11:16:02 EDT

    OK... Please ignore my last post and return to beating your head into the wall!!!!! more »

  • Posted 10/08/2011 10:36:37 EDT

    For all the fools shooting your mouths off about the charter school please do us all a favor...STF.U!!!!  Annie- You are possibly the single biggest hypocrite I've come across in my entire life... And more »

  • Posted 10/06/2011 10:43:22 EDT

    Why is it every time there's an article about these two Gary looks like he got his pictures at Glamour Shots and Deb looks like she just rolled out of bed? more »

  • Posted 10/05/2011 10:14:29 EDT

    Spend it or lose it!!! That seems to be working out fantastic for Malden Public! more »

  • Posted 10/05/2011 08:26:20 EDT

    I am aware of the right of first refusal clause that was in the contract but I could swear you said the school was trying to buy the park. My reading comprehension skills must be fading in my old age.

    more »

  • Posted 10/05/2011 07:21:13 EDT


    Exactly when was the school going to buy the park? You should try to keep your BS agenda toned down until after your candidate joins the ranks of unemployed!
    more »

  • Posted 10/05/2011 12:04:17 EDT

    For the record... I would have let them build the houses. more »

  • Posted 10/05/2011 11:46:18 EDT

    fscib52- 8 acres@43,560 per acre=348,480 348,480/6,000=58 house lots 58x150,000=$8,700,000.00 Bottom line is this seems like a fair price for the property. Don't forget the developer did not make 1.85 more »

  • Posted 09/15/2011 05:39:22 EDT

    I must have missed something during that horribly long winded explanation, or perhaps we have different definition of what racism is, because I simply don't see it in your political essay. Maybe you s more »

  • Posted 09/15/2011 02:13:08 EDT

    You couldn't imply Teddy Roosevelt was a racist by today's standard never mind !00 years ago. He spoke out for racial equality in a time that it was not very popular. Not sure where you're getting you more »

  • Posted 09/02/2011 12:18:06 EDT

    Perhaps you missed Hellgirls post on her toddler picking up dirty needles in her backyard. You can "fight the good fight" all you want but I would hope it wouldn't be at the detriment of your child. M more »

  • Forum Post: Fallo Lawn Signs

    Posted 09/02/2011 08:42:56 EDT


    What's your problem with Andrew Pepoli? Seems nice enough and actually comes on here to answer your questions directly. I don't get it. more »

  • Posted 08/25/2011 11:42:07 EDT

    Ward 6 residents are again doing what they do best.... b$tchin n moaning! more »

  • Posted 08/23/2011 04:25:12 EDT

    Loser? LOSER? In the
    words of our most famous citizen-Meet me down
    city hall you yellow-Bellied son of a chicken.Dingady ding dang Bang bang bang

    What exactly does "taxplayer" mean anyways? more »

  • Posted 08/23/2011 03:14:38 EDT

    Let's not confuse useful information with useless opinion and propaganda. An example would be the bus issue(useful info) and the lip reading software post(absurd,useless propaganda). more »

  • Posted 08/23/2011 02:13:00 EDT

    "I truly did walk away from that school once my child graduated." Really? You expect me to believe they didn't offer your child an opportunity to repeat K-12!?!? I have to admit I've yet to have a chi more »

  • Forum Post: Me vs Driver54

    Posted 08/03/2011 06:08:22 EDT

    You do realize we stopped using the gold standard about 40 years right? Are you lifting these ideas directly from "Macro Economics for Dummies" or are you just paraphrasing? more »

  • Posted 07/22/2011 06:55:08 EDT

    You can bash Kinnon all you want... it's no skin off my nose! He'll sink or swim on how's he's treated the people of ward 6. As an outsider though, it does seem the world revolves around ward 6, here more »

  • Posted 07/22/2011 06:30:08 EDT

    I totally agree with you on this subject. I write comments on this totally unrelated blog and they censor my posts all the time! Now they actually pre-approve all the posts. Completely outrageous! Jus more »

  • Posted 07/22/2011 05:57:46 EDT

    That 4-way stop is about the stupidest traffic intersection ever devised! They shut down Bellrock and did a "traffic study" for over a year and that's what the city comes up with.!? And people wonder more »

  • Posted 06/28/2011 08:52:02 EDT

    I would have to say "gang" gets a few more readers than "tween-aged wannabes". Unfortunately fear always sells in the news. more »