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  • Posted 02/02/2015 01:30:55 EST

    Kurt had that forced smile on his face the whole long walk up with the trophy.  That story about him wondering if the Pats some how stole the trophy from the Rams on the Pats 1st SB victory just came more »

  • Posted 02/02/2015 01:25:16 EST

    Report out that Sherman played with torn ligaments and will need Tommy John surgery in the post-season.

    Yes. new found respect.

    more »

  • Posted 11/07/2013 01:01:36 EST

    Mid Year AFC East Player Rankings by ProFootball Focus: SPECIAL TEAMS Kicker, Nick Folk, NYJ (+22.2) Perfec more »

  • Posted 10/08/2013 03:34:25 EDT

    On BB's decision NOT to go for it on 4th down late vs Cinci: What he might not have known is that the skies more »

  • Posted 10/08/2013 03:12:55 EDT

    In response to 49Patriots' comment: With our defense, kick the punt and hope they make the critical stop. No point giving the D a short field to work with, they're reliable enough to make a stop. The more »

  • Posted 10/04/2013 11:49:46 EDT

    Gost is #1 in the league in FGs made.   Hate might be a strong word.

    Phil Dawson is 3-6 in FGs this year.  Do you hate Phil too? 


    more »

  • Posted 10/03/2013 01:08:15 EDT

    Jacksonville's DTs: 93 Tyson Alualu DT 26 6-3 295 4 California 92 Brandon Deaderick DT 26 6-4 305 4 Alabama 99 Sen'Derrick Marks DT 26 6-2 294 5 Auburn 97 Roy Miller DT 26 6-2 310 5 Texas Since Jackso more »

  • Forum Post: The Extra Point

    Posted 10/01/2013 12:05:33 EDT

    In response to ATJ's comment: I have always felt that the PAT or 2pt conversion make for an interesting decision at key points in some games.  I've no problem with it. Read the suggestions above.  Tea more »

  • Posted 09/18/2013 11:38:07 EDT

    In response to CaptnFoxboro's comment:      At the moment my boys ( 10 & 11 ) are more into playing soccer than football so hopefully the day will never come when they prefer to put on shoulder pads o more »

  • Posted 09/12/2013 11:44:41 EDT

    Ridley did not fumble all game.  

    1240 yards last year and only 4 fumbles.  That's about on course with most other backs in the NFL. Some are worse.

    more »

  • Posted 09/12/2013 11:41:18 EDT

    Edeleman again on 3rd down.  

    more »

  • Posted 09/12/2013 11:35:02 EDT




    more »

  • Posted 09/12/2013 11:33:37 EDT

    Biggest play of the Night so far!

    more »

  • Posted 09/12/2013 11:17:28 EDT

    Time for a SLUGO route for Ettleman

    more »

  • Posted 09/12/2013 11:16:10 EDT

    Run the ball

    more »

  • Posted 09/12/2013 11:15:43 EDT



    more »

  • Forum Post: Who are you?

    Posted 09/11/2013 12:50:50 EDT

    Another member of the Patriots Nation.  Born in Boston (Hyde Park) and have lived in the DC area 20 years. Now live in Severna Park, MD - not far from Kent Island.  All 3 boys are Pats/Sox/Celts fans more »

  • Posted 04/28/2013 10:46:09 EDT

    Please, Please, Please let Duron Harmon = Tavon Wilson Redux! Tavon Wilson started games as a rookie and had 4 picks. He will most likely be the starting FS in 2013.  50%+ of 2nd round draft choices n more »

  • Posted 09/02/2012 01:24:19 EDT

    Gregory Salas Wide Receiver 76   Grading Scale 70-79 Grade 3rd Round Round Equivalent   A feature player at the collegiate level that has an impact on the outcome of the game. He generally cannot be s more »

  • Posted 04/28/2012 12:14:22 EDT

    My point of the post is that we all (I'm just as guilty) sit around watching the draft and looking to see who's remaining on the board based on the ESPN/Scouts/FOX Sports/ect "ratings" of the players more »

  • Posted 04/28/2012 12:25:39 EDT

    Every single NFL team of course makes their own "value chart".  And I don't think they compare them to ESPN's chart because they don't give a $hit about ESPN's chart.  They probably talk with all the more »

  • Posted 04/28/2012 12:04:23 EDT

    Is Tavon Wilson in the 2nd round a reach? In regards to the media scouting consensous, he obviously is a reach.  BB and the Pats have had several unsuccessful draft picks over the last 5+ years.  The more »

  • Posted 04/16/2012 10:28:37 EDT

    Is Vereen an "every down" back? Probably not. But the Pats don't have and don't even want an "every down" back.  NE, like most teams in the NFL these days, will have a running back by commitee this ye more »

  • Posted 01/17/2012 11:09:25 EST

    In Response to Re: Differences between 2011 Pats and 2009 Pats?: In Response to Re: Differences between 2011 Pats and 2009 Pats? : Bobomul, Though the Pats are allowing 90 more passing yards and 3.3 p more »

  • Posted 01/17/2012 02:56:59 EST

    In Response to Re: Differences between 2011 Pats and 2009 Pats?: Defensive Line  -  Wilfork and Warren were bangged up by the time we got to playoffs, the Pats had a major weakness at the RDE since th more »

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