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  • Forum Post: General Fanager

    Posted 05/05/2015 05:25:16 EDT

    In response to DaveyN's comment:


    Finally a worthy replacement for capgeek!  Looks great and is easy to use.



    Super! Thanks Davey.

  • Forum Post: It's Ready

    Posted 05/05/2015 04:42:47 EDT

    In response to billge's comment: Seems to me that with a majority of posters moving to the new board, that the people who remain here for whatever reason, are free to shape this site in whatever manne more »

  • Posted 05/04/2015 03:48:16 EDT

    I've always liked Kennedy (allegiance aside).

    more »

  • Forum Post: It's Ready

    Posted 05/04/2015 10:21:08 EDT

    As one of the earlier users of this board (even pre-dating this particular board), I've gotta say its a mixed emotion piece for me. I like it here and enjoy the new and old posters. I hate it when som more »

  • Posted 04/30/2015 01:30:01 EDT

    1. Materiality

    2. Frosted

    3. El Kabeir

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  • Posted 04/30/2015 01:23:12 EDT

    In response to 50belowzero's comment: In response to seobrien's comment: No one likes Phanoof less than me.... Except for Fitty, that guy frikkin HATES Phanoof. Like really hates him with a passion th more »

  • Posted 04/30/2015 12:29:08 EDT

    In response to kelvana33's comment: In response to chipnchase's comment: Wings with a despicable performance tonight.  Can't score a goal in a Game 7.  Need to move on from Dats & Zet, it's a speed ga more »

  • Posted 04/30/2015 12:17:50 EDT

    The funny thing is this is basically all just hypothetical and Damien Cox can certainly be a mud stirring nitwit. Some here are speaking in absolutes about a purely speculative report. ...and yet it s more »

  • Forum Post: Hart Finalists....

    Posted 04/30/2015 11:58:11 EDT

    They are the 3 correct finalists. I have no problem with any of them winning, but I feel it will be Ovie. He had 10 more goals than Stamkos, his team is in the playoffs and somehow, someway, Trotz got more »

  • Posted 04/29/2015 01:24:25 EDT

    In response to stevegm's comment: In response to kelvana33's comment: In response to stevegm's comment: Important to note....the entire sequence. Watch it.  The image on this thread, and it's inferenc more »

  • Posted 04/29/2015 11:40:06 EDT

    I'm pulling for Tampa as well. I think they match up better against the Habs. I think Mrazek also starts to turn back into a pumpkin. I'll take Bishop against the Habs over Mrakek and Howard random wh more »

  • Posted 04/28/2015 12:46:36 EDT

    I don't think anyone can doubt that St. Cary is having his finest season. He's been great all year and is a slam dunk for the Vezina. but...if the Habs fall to Det/TB/Rags or in the finals does he fal more »

  • Posted 04/27/2015 11:50:29 EDT

    Kind of unfair. Nielson and Nelson both were asleep at the switch on that play.

    ...but yeah, point taken.

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  • Posted 04/27/2015 11:37:28 EDT

    The Caps Isles wasn't a beautiful series, but boy those teams were killing each other.

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  • Posted 04/27/2015 10:28:47 EDT

    I know it probably didn't make any difference, but to give Washington basically a timeout on an icing with 30 seconds left, was infuriating to me. Halt play, reset. Then halt play again, check the clo more »

  • Posted 04/27/2015 10:11:53 EDT

    In response to socca10's comment: In response to shuperman's comment: Down 3-1.  Comes in early and posts a perfect save % and a shutout in the biggest game of the year.   Mr. clutch and took his job more »

  • Posted 04/24/2015 02:25:11 EDT

    Good for PC. Walking into a nice situation.

    It must be great to get hired for that position after being so incompetent.

    Seriously though, he'll have that team in contention in fairly short order.

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  • Posted 04/24/2015 11:54:33 EDT

    So?? Chia the new POHO in Edmonton??

    edit: Yes he is. Good for you Chia, walking into a great situation there. Wonder what forwards he dumps to bring in the needed D?



    more »

  • Posted 04/23/2015 02:27:33 EDT

    In response to 50belowzero's comment: [QUOTE] In response to seobrien's comment: Carlyle is basically Julien with a few more follicles. Way too boring for MeanE and Wensink. I hope CJ gets to stay, I more »

  • Posted 04/23/2015 01:32:42 EDT

    In response to adkbeesfan's comment: In response to WalkTheLine's comment: Lapierre is a disgrace. What a dink. The league reviews all of these so there should be a fine heading his way eventually. Th more »

  • Forum Post: Bruins Cap Hell

    Posted 04/23/2015 01:18:35 EDT

    You're right, Steve. Perception is variable and can be twisted. PC is vilified for his cap management, but 2000 miles away, what happens when all the young Oilers come off their ELC's? You can't keep more »

  • Forum Post: Bruins Cap Hell

    Posted 04/23/2015 12:02:57 EDT

    What should also be noted is that with most teams being snug to the cap and Rogers effectively in the business of shrinking the NHL's cap pie, is the fact that it appears the days of the mid level vet more »

  • Posted 04/23/2015 11:43:21 EDT

    Saw it, was not surprised.

    poetic justice that he sprawled out in the paint watching as Hayes buries it.

    Once a gutless punk, always a gutless punk. So happy the Rags are up 3-1

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  • Posted 04/22/2015 05:57:21 EDT

    In response to Bookboy007's comment: In response to kelvana33's comment: I could see a scenario where PC comes in as a consultant or director of player personnel then after a while is named G.M. "Hi P more »

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