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  • Posted 09/08/2011 10:07:05 EDT

    first, I don't think it's odd that he bought a house without her on the mortgage. If you are not married you should never be on a mortgage together. Seriously bad idea. As for you feeling you've sacri more »

  • Posted 08/03/2011 11:07:23 EDT

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa. This girl is mental. If I were you I would not continue a relationship with her. I understand that the nuances of this kind of relationship evolution (as in theirs, a long term ro more »

  • Posted 04/27/2011 03:48:11 EDT

    I love Tony's because it is down the street from my house. I have been to the Clam Box in Ipswich and I was not disappointed but I think they should include the Hingham Lobster Pound- it's SO good! An more »

  • Comment on: I fear the stats

    Posted 04/27/2011 12:56:55 EDT

    Wait til you move in together. One thing at a time. Also, if you do end up being together forever and you don't want to get a divorce, then keep thoroughly engaged in your relationship. Love him with more »

  • Posted 04/13/2011 04:35:55 EDT

    Uh yes. These are essentially oatmeal chocolate chip blondies. There is not much "energy" here. Wish there was some wheat germ and more whole grains and nuts. more »

  • Posted 04/06/2011 01:52:32 EDT

    I'm a little worried about your self esteem. You ask, after revealing several red flags about his character whether or not you are being "too rigid." Um, no you're actually not and he sounds like some more »

  • Posted 01/05/2011 09:32:41 EST

    der easy: married or otherwise in a long term relationship. Playing with having an affair. You know what's up, maybe you just needed to hear it from a bunch of other people who are unafraid to be tota more »

  • Posted 01/03/2011 01:22:42 EST

    It's New Years not April Fools, right? Because this letter ought to be a joke. Get over it and either wear them or don't but please don't waste your time obsessing about something so trivial. more »

  • Posted 12/07/2010 11:01:18 EST

    Ryan Murphy is a stylist not a director or a writer. Just take a look at everything after the first season of Nip/Tuck and the whole entirety of Eat, Pray, Love. He gets concept and aesthetics but cha more »

  • Posted 11/23/2010 02:07:24 EST

    Do you just want to get married? Or do you want to get married to HIM and HIM alone? If that's the case then you need to start talking and reaching compromises, if you just want to get married, all th more »

  • Posted 11/15/2010 10:09:21 EST

    you did NOT just compare Kings of Leon to the Police did you? Have you even heard music before? more »

  • Posted 10/12/2010 01:25:11 EDT

    I like how JBar laid the smack down on yesterday's letter writer. I agree with what she said there. Meredith's advice is right on. You can't will your friends into dealing with things the way you woul more »

  • Posted 10/04/2010 10:31:59 EDT

    If it's that early just chill and enjoy yourself. If you have to worry about it later, cross that bridge when you come to it. Chances are you might even find a completely different reason than money t more »

  • Posted 09/29/2010 10:52:37 EDT

    Spaceman's advice. 100%. Too much text and not enough in person business does not a relationship make. When I was a swinging single I ran into this with younger dudes. My bestie is still running into more »

  • Posted 09/22/2010 12:29:02 EDT

    This is why you MUST MAINTAIN YOUR OWN IDENTITY in relationships. Because eventually you look at your life and you don't see yourself in it. My guess is you guys have been dating since college and are more »

  • Comment on: What is he hiding?

    Posted 09/21/2010 10:51:29 EDT

    Long time listener, first time caller...had to weigh in on this one because I've had two Jays. Wait, no I've had three. *slams head against keyboard* and they never give you what you want/need which i more »