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  • Forum Post: free agents

    Posted 12/17/2013 01:02:37 EST

    Edelman is deserved to have a new contract.  He is depenable and the go to guy now for Tom Brady.  From the beginning of the season, He has done a nice job in the absent of Gronks and Amendola.  He wi more »

  • Posted 12/17/2013 12:57:40 EST

    Tom and his Co. need to find the way and score early.  The RBs comittee need to step up with 100+ yards on the ground and screen pass.  That is the way, the Vikings gave the Raven the hard fought to t more »

  • Posted 12/09/2013 05:07:54 EST

    In response to Win-Jets' comment: In response to PatsGetScrewedFinally's comment: First they recover an onsides kick that didn't go 10 yards because a Brown's player touched it which is very improbabl more »

  • Posted 12/09/2013 05:02:38 EST

    As far as Tom Brady has time and ball in hand, the Pats always have a chance to win game because He is an elite QB and he is a Tom Brady. The Pats players were out V. Wilfolk,J. Mayo,S.  Vollmer, Big more »

  • Posted 11/27/2013 11:31:41 EST

    I Think the Pats need to add DE more than TE.

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  • Posted 11/27/2013 11:30:27 EST

    Should the Pats to add the DBs to stop the run or add TE to open the run? 

    The Pats need to stop the run in order to go deep into the play off.

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  • Forum Post: Edelman > Welker!?

    Posted 11/27/2013 11:25:09 EST

    Edelman is deserved a new contract with the Pats.  He is dependable guys from the begnning of the season compare to Amendola.

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  • Posted 11/27/2013 11:23:21 EST

    If the Pats have 2 TDs lead over their opponents then Ridley can carry the ball.  Otherwise, I would rather see Vereen or Bolden to carry the ball when the game is on the line.

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  • Posted 11/22/2013 10:02:04 EST

    This is the shoot out game beweent Brady and Manning.  Big Gronkskowki must have a monster game along with AD and Amendola. Ridley needs to handle the ball with two hand when he hit the hole. Pats DBs more »

  • Posted 11/22/2013 09:46:34 EST

    If Ridley got fumble one more times, He should be demoted to the third string RBs.  The Pats should get going with Bloun, Bolden and Vereen.

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  • Posted 11/22/2013 09:44:40 EST

    We need to booooooooo him since he had chosen  the money before the Pats.  Without the Pats and Tom Brady, Wes cannot make a name for himself today from Mia.  This Sunday night, the Pats will beat the more »

  • Posted 11/21/2013 12:27:51 EST

    Ridley needs to remember how to hold on the football at all times.  Another fumbles he should get demoted to 2nd string. Tom Brady needs some deep ball for A.D. to stretch the field.  Get Big Gronkows more »

  • Posted 11/21/2013 12:14:42 EST

    In response to kansaspatriot's comment: To be honest I'm getting tired of his antics. With Big Vince and Mayo out, the defense needs a leader, not a showboat or a thug n the field. You are right on th more »

  • Posted 10/23/2013 11:30:45 EDT

    In response to ccsjl's comment:

    Great video on Boston news tonight a girl in Pats gear leaving stadium gets punched in face by male jets fan....real class

    Jet fans are NO CLASS at all.

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  • Posted 10/23/2013 11:29:45 EDT

    But without Tom Brady, the Pats will not have a record 5-2.  He has 2 jobs to do as a QB and a Coach on the field since the Pats offense is a complexe offense.  If he just concentrate as a QB then, It more »

  • Posted 10/09/2013 12:43:00 EDT

    Surely, The Pats cannot go air to air with Drew Brees and his Co.  In order to beat the Saints, the Pats RBs comittee have to go over 100+, TB should mastered the short throw to move the chain and con more »

  • Posted 10/02/2013 04:13:08 EDT

    I hope the Pats will beat the Ravens badly when they meet them this year. Adios Suggs. In response to TFB12's comment: Suggs is jealous of Brady.  I think Suggs really..... likes TFB!     ------------ more »

  • Posted 10/02/2013 04:09:23 EDT

    It is the same as the Bengal at home is tougher than on the road.  They beat the Packers at home. In response to BILLB50's comment: In response to anonymis' comment: more »

  • Posted 09/25/2013 03:08:14 EDT

    In response to TexasPat's comment: In response to profootball's comment:   In response to TexasPat's comment: That is the key. just -8.5 while the Colts beat 49ers 27-7.  They supposed to be favor dou more »

  • Posted 09/25/2013 01:34:53 EDT

    I am reading this article but have not seen any Pats fans has a confident in the Pats team this week vs. Falcons.  Moreover, the Pats are the underdog in this game. Whoala!!! for a long time, they are more »

  • Posted 09/25/2013 01:22:08 EDT

    In response to TexasPat's comment:      Hard to believe, but in a week from now the 2013 NFL season will be at the quarter pole. And, after three weeks of facing mediocre at best competition, the Patr more »

  • Posted 09/23/2013 03:13:26 EDT

    Yes, Josh Gordon is 6'5 and talented 24 years old.  He will help out to the Pats receivers core.

    BB should bring him in to try.

    Go Pats! the next 3 games will be tough. Falcons, Saints and Bengals.

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  • Forum Post: Lloyd, Branch

    Posted 09/23/2013 12:24:23 EDT

    In response to PATSchampsSB's comment:  Follow Ian RapoportVerified account‏@RapSheet What @MikeSilver & I are reporting: Tom Brady himself has been calling & texting Deion Branch and Brandon Lloyd, more »

  • Posted 09/23/2013 12:21:59 EDT

    In response to anonymis' comment: I think this is where we will find out how more »

  • Posted 09/20/2013 04:00:05 EDT

    In response to TripleOG's comment: I saw that earlier. Whats up with Talib needing to tell Spikes where  to line up. It should be as simple as Ok, Spikes you got the Back. As you can see he is lined u more »