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  • Forum Post: Pat Fans

    Posted 07/28/2015 03:05:17 EDT

    We the fans all should pull together.Start are own lawsuit againest Goodell.

  • Posted 06/15/2015 08:38:30 EDT

    I am pulling for him.I like to pull for the underdog.

  • Forum Post: Cam Newton

    Posted 02/24/2015 12:17:51 EST

    You can like him or hate his games.You will see him for what he is.thats a fact.

  • Forum Post: Cam Newton

    Posted 02/22/2015 06:36:56 EST

    He is the best QB in the NFL.then i wake up.He is a joke.Panthers want to go anyware they need to get rid  of this head case.I lived in NC for 14 years.the fans there don,t like him very much.

  • Forum Post: Butler

    Posted 11/02/2014 08:11:52 EST

    Butler played a great game tonight.

  • Posted 11/02/2014 04:57:28 EST

    Every time.They sure love Manning.

  • Forum Post: dumb

    Posted 09/15/2013 10:09:19 EDT

    Good games today.

  • Posted 09/12/2013 07:49:03 EDT

    Will the PATS be tradding for a nother receiver.And who might be on there radar.

  • Posted 09/09/2013 04:34:02 EDT

    That would be real nice to have.Wes aways was on the field.Even when he was hurt.

  • Posted 04/05/2013 04:00:47 EDT

    The truth hurts.Its about time someone told the truth.Not all are idiots.But there is a lot of them here.Some of the stuff i read here.Just makes a lot of people sick.

  • Posted 01/20/2013 09:39:21 EST

    You are a dumbass.

  • Posted 01/20/2013 09:38:07 EST

    In response to ROWDYRODRUST's comment:

    Yup it's all Welker's fault. Not the team as a whole. Just Welker.

    You're a dope.


  • Forum Post: Wes Welker

    Posted 10/06/2012 11:53:28 EDT

    He is the best slot receiver i have ever seen.I can,t think of any other slot receiver as good or better than him.You cannot replace a player like him.That is why brady says he is the best player on t more »

  • Posted 02/20/2011 07:10:53 EST

    Milking chickens and hanging out with hookers.  more »

  • Posted 12/21/2010 12:46:24 EST

    The bottom line is the game was not called fair.For the people saying don't cry about the calls.So we are supposed to keep are mouth shut and let it happen over and over.please give me a brake.Let the more »

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