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  • Posted 04/01/2012 07:15:51 EDT

    In Response to Report: Pats under investigation for tampering with Brandon Lloyd:

    Posted by titletownfan

    Ah! So glad this day didn't fall during the workweek.

  • Forum Post: What are we doing?

    Posted 03/13/2012 11:12:57 EDT

    In Response to Re: What are we doing?: I wish you guys woould make up your minds. Listening to you would make me believe the Pats just suffered through a 1-15 season. I mean,one minute it's "BB can't more »

  • Posted 12/17/2011 08:31:56 EST

    In Response to Re: The Pats' Best Friend is Also Their Own Worst Enemy: In Response to Re: The Pats' Best Friend is Also Their Own Worst Enemy : Another common factor was a balanced attack (then check more »

  • Forum Post: Yahoo Story

    Posted 12/07/2011 11:54:34 EST

    In Response to Re: Yahoo Story: I would at least like to see this defense tested. The last time I can remember them going against a good QB was against Roethlisberger and he torched us. Eli is Eli... more »

  • Posted 08/23/2011 09:06:37 EDT

    I'll play devil's advocate: For starters, the season began when 'Spygate' began in New Jersey Week 1. As the season wore on, it seemed 'Spygate' became a bigger distraction w/o all the facts coming ou more »

  • Posted 07/30/2011 01:26:08 EDT

    I'm not sold on a 4-3 either, but rather augmenting the four man sub packages because how ineffective it was in 2010. I would expect either Marcus Stroud, Gerard, or Ty Warren back before they conside more »

  • Posted 07/28/2011 02:00:23 EDT

    I'd go after him if they didn't spend the 33rd overall pick to draft Ras-I Dowling. Yesterday, I was a bit worried it'll happen. With big Al getting traded for a 5th round pick & base salary of $5 mil more »

  • Posted 07/28/2011 01:49:04 EDT

    Define happy though. He could end up with 8 tackles and 2.5 sacks when it's all said & done and still be happy because he's part of a winning defense. more »

  • Posted 07/07/2011 02:42:14 EDT

    Article was pretty pointless. I have no issue with him making a statement such as that, but at least give some reasons as to why he said that. All he said was that the Jets will win the division based more »

  • Posted 03/02/2011 10:51:33 EST

    I thought he was a decent #2 w/o a pass rush. With Bodden back and McCourty paying immediate dividends, he'll slide to the slot. Perhaps playing end against the Colts is a sign that he could be called more »

  • Posted 02/25/2011 01:16:09 EST

    In Response to Re: So no one has anything to say about Ellis Hobbs retiring at age 27? Really?: He actually played on a team with a good pass rush which makes you appreciate how good Bodden and McCour more »

  • Forum Post: The reason Asante

    Posted 02/18/2011 06:28:29 EST

    In Response to Re: The reason Asante: Like I said, he is one player....and I dont want to seem like im going to bat for him....but you guys have to realize what you are saying and what kind of microsc more »

  • Forum Post: The reason Asante

    Posted 02/18/2011 02:24:07 EST

    In Response to Re: The reason Asante: In Response to Re: The reason Asante : You are ABSO-lutely and 100% wrong here... No, lmao...In NO way does Asante Samuel have "Hands of stone". BUT, are ya NEW h more »

  • Posted 02/07/2011 01:38:13 EST

    He was actually presented with the championship belt? Now I want one. more »

  • Posted 02/07/2011 10:06:52 EST

    Aside from Ingram, I like these picks. Not saying, I wouldn't enjoy him, but I prefer he's drafted beyond the 1st round. more »

  • Posted 01/22/2011 07:13:38 EST

    In Response to Re: PATS and AVAILABLE FREE AGENTS: In Response to Re: PATS and AVAILABLE FREE AGENTS : Seriously, if I read another "we need a deep threat" post I'm going to flip out! Especially when more »

  • Posted 01/14/2011 02:38:21 EST

    In Response to Re: Bart Scott Quote..."This is a Fifth Amendment locker room": SImple test.......Now if you dont know you dont know, but lets see how many of you know the 3rd Amendment to the Bill of more »

  • Posted 01/10/2011 01:52:10 EST

    I strongly believe that this Patriots team can win the Superbowl during a 'rebuilding year'. This year is inconsistent in terms of the heavyweights, so it'll be great to see them continue their 'dynas more »

  • Posted 01/02/2011 09:28:36 EST

    In Response to Re: It's looking like Pick 17: HAHAHA! Thank you for Seymour. I doubt you'll get a quality player for him with that pick. Seymour made the Pro Bowl. Raiders got better end of deal. And more »

  • Forum Post: BE POSITIVE

    Posted 12/22/2010 05:16:34 EST

    Espera un momento. Looking at the stats, Matt Flynn threw for less than 230 yards. Over 140 yards were given up on the ground, but Ron Brace was out that game. I think Brandon Deaderick left early as more »

  • Posted 12/22/2010 01:49:36 EST

    Does it really matter if Suggs didn't vote for Brady? The Pro Bowl is being played one week before the Superbowl again. If New England exceeds expectations and heads to Arlington, Brady will pass on H more »

  • Forum Post: BE POSITIVE

    Posted 12/22/2010 11:53:27 EST

    I understand to some that it's Superbowl or bust and anything less than that is a disappointment. However, you have to give credit to this organization. I have yet to hear any analysts or announcers s more »

  • Forum Post: Sunday's Mission

    Posted 12/21/2010 12:43:45 EST

    I'm with that plan evil. more »

  • Posted 12/20/2010 11:14:00 EST

    New England already clinched a 1st round bye with a win/Pittsburgh loss. A win (in Buffalo or vs. Miami) or Jets loss in the final two weeks secures home-field throughout. more »

  • Posted 12/18/2010 10:24:43 EST

    As bad as they could end in pass dedense this season, they could end up top 5 in interceptions, turnovers, turnover differential; and top 10 in scoring defense. more »