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About Me: Real Estate Broker since 1981; lived in Back Bay in the '70's while teaching at BU and running several Boston Marathons.

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  • Posted 08/08/2011 04:36:03 EDT

    You won't catch me complaining about anything the following people do: Ells, Pedey, Gonzo, Youk, Reddick, Salty, Tek, Lester, Beckett, Bard, Tito, Epstein (you prefer Cashman ?), Wake (even Lackey - t more »

  • Posted 07/27/2011 10:57:24 EDT

    See "Dustcover" above for an accurate analysis of Adrian's current timing issues; Fielder is having similar problems, and it's been noted about other hitters in the past. Going up there trying to hit more »

  • Forum Post: Take Him Out

    Posted 07/18/2011 11:40:17 EDT

    Talking about "take him out" - it's clear that Gonzo needs rest to recover from all those homer swings last week at the ASGame. What a mistake ! Oriole series not the best time to do it with Ortiz sit more »

  • Posted 07/11/2011 03:50:34 EDT

    The worst part of the steroid and HGH revelations is that we all need to admit "I don't know" when a high-achieving athlete does especially well or gets hurt. My suspicions go all the way back to Lass more »

  • Posted 07/10/2011 01:36:42 EDT

    I hope to see him keep his poise, follow Tek's lead, and show us what he's got. Tito should get him out of there if and when it looks like he's lost composure. more »

  • Posted 07/07/2011 04:09:05 EDT

    It's all about RC's arrogance; he's a bully - which works well on the mound (I think of Pap's snarl as within the bounds - you've got to be defiant out there) - but it's like he was drinking his own K more »

  • Forum Post: AGon in RF--again

    Posted 06/28/2011 02:45:57 EDT

    Although RF is a disaster (these days I'd rather see Reddick there instead of either Drew or Cameron, regardless of who's pitching), no way do you put Adrian out there at this point in the season. Pla more »

  • Posted 06/13/2011 12:02:10 EDT

    The decision on Papi depends on who else is out there come contract time and on what's the price. Right now it's just too much fun watching him hit - it's like the old Manny days. That bat flip was pr more »

  • Posted 12/14/2010 08:27:27 EST

    I always appreciate a contrarian point of view, but remain very happy that the Steinbrenners lost out on Lee. Next problem, aside from Sox bullpen and catching, is what it might be like to face the Ph more »

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