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  • Posted 10/30/2014 06:11:33 EDT

    In response to zbellino's comment: In response to chrisakawoody's comment: [QUOTE] Hey NE Game, I didn't know you still came her to post and read.  I have been gone two years andkjust got back the pas more »

  • Posted 10/20/2014 06:26:57 EDT

    In response to coolade2's comment: I have no sense of what this team is. Are they a complete fraud?  No offense, no defense, no coaching  ....   This game could be a blowout... Great call! I thought i more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 07:41:56 EDT

    In response to ATJ's comment: I'm a little puzzled also as to why the Jets would make this move now.  I can certainly understand why the Seahawks would want to unload him even with apparently little i more »

  • Posted 10/18/2014 07:33:02 EDT

    In response to TheTinMan's comment: In response to DougIrwin's comment: [QUOTE] Ignore Leon.  He doesn't see anything wrong with his players getting away with murder and holding our D Line for 60 minu more »

  • Posted 10/16/2014 11:05:05 EDT

    In response to freediro's comment:

    100% BB to blame for penalties 


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  • Posted 10/16/2014 11:03:57 EDT

    Love Rexy's frustration!

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  • Posted 10/16/2014 09:38:14 EDT

    Jekyll & Hyde offense.

    Defense w/o Mayo shows us why he is so important.

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  • Posted 10/15/2014 07:32:25 EDT

    In response to BelichickDisciple's comment: If it turns into a majority running game for weather reasons, this could get nerve wracking. For the Pats' D, it will come down to Mayo's replacement(s) vs more »

  • Posted 10/12/2014 10:11:52 EDT

    In response to neinmd's comment:

    Ridley, Mayo are both big losses. I have my fingers crossed for both.


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  • Posted 10/12/2014 10:08:13 EDT

    In response to BubbaInHawaii's comment: The Patriots will need someone who can read defenses pretty well, and lead the defense.  IMO, I don't think sticking Collins in his spot is the answer; if anyth more »

  • Posted 10/12/2014 05:08:56 EDT

    In response to csylvia79's comment:

    Bolden needs to be replaced

    Get back The law Firm?

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  • Forum Post: Injury info

    Posted 10/12/2014 04:47:46 EDT

    In response to rkarp's comment: Hearing maybe good and bad-   Good-Ridley high ankle sprain. 3 weeks??? Let's see   Connolly-concussion. Won't play    Bad-   Mayo-looks like season ending. Has he play more »

  • Posted 10/12/2014 04:26:26 EDT

    In response to freediro's comment: In response to ajaym's comment: [QUOTE] In response to wozzy's comment: [QUOTE] Enjoy the win, the injury to Mayo put a damper on the defense in the 2nd half, I gues more »

  • Posted 10/12/2014 04:20:37 EDT

    Nink again!

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  • Posted 10/12/2014 04:18:48 EDT

    In response to wozzy's comment: Enjoy the win, the injury to Mayo put a damper on the defense in the 2nd half, I guess tackling matters.  The offense found some consistentcy which really helped make u more »

  • Posted 10/12/2014 04:16:37 EDT

    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment:   Brady carrying the team.   __________ Winning games in this league is all about having good players. I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of them. Players w more »

  • Posted 10/12/2014 04:13:56 EDT

    Holy Smoke!

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  • Posted 10/12/2014 03:52:58 EDT

    In response to oklahomapatriot's comment:

    wow, nink is having a terrible game


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  • Posted 10/12/2014 03:51:10 EDT

    In response to HessHessLeonHess' comment: Everybody even the announcers hate the pats cause they cheated years ago. Haven't won anything since. Makes u wonder if those 3 trophies are legit. But I digr more »

  • Posted 10/12/2014 03:50:30 EDT

    In response to Sobchack's comment:

    Wasn't really a PI.  I'll take it.  But Dennard is a total flunkie

    And all those non-calls that went against us?

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  • Posted 10/12/2014 03:37:13 EDT

    In response to tcal2-'s comment:

    Defense sucking Hard

    And now? 

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  • Posted 10/12/2014 03:36:08 EDT

    Now maybe we will give Nink some real respect. Please!

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  • Posted 10/12/2014 03:22:56 EDT

    Looks like our entire PS will be playing on Thursday.

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  • Posted 10/12/2014 03:02:01 EDT

    In response to Sobchack's comment:

    WOW!  Tyms!  THat's about as good as you're gonna get on a deep route.  THreaded right through 3 defenders.  WOW!

    Was that his first NFL catch that was a TD?

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  • Posted 10/12/2014 03:00:09 EDT

    In response to CatfishHunter's comment:

    Brady hitting the 6-millimeter window.   What a throw and catch!


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