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  • Posted 05/01/2015 08:57:34 EDT

    I dont think you are unrealistic to want a monogamous relationship. I agree that part of the problem might simply be your age and your gender and that things may change for you in the next 5 years. Ma more »

  • Posted 04/30/2015 09:51:54 EDT

    Bottom line: Just about everyone is afraid of loneliness and some are so afraid that they'd rather stay in a hopeless situation. more »

  • Posted 04/30/2015 09:40:22 EDT

    "As for me, I'm losing my mind." This is not typically what people in a happy and healthy relationship say on a day to day basis. Look at it this way: unless you were more than losing your mind before more »

  • Comment on: I Text My Ex

    Posted 04/27/2015 08:52:49 EDT

    Its certainly possible to be friends with an ex without the current GF being just might not be possible for you with your current GF. There is no right or wrong on this topic, only more »

  • Comment on: We Stay In Hotels

    Posted 04/24/2015 09:07:29 EDT

    Why are you meeting strangers online and traveling to other cities to sleep with them in hotels? more »

  • Comment on: We Stay In Hotels

    Posted 04/24/2015 09:04:25 EDT

    Oh come on. Really? more »

  • Posted 04/23/2015 08:36:41 EDT

    I agree he's being kind of an insecure baby about it. Maybe this is an opportunity right off the bat to see how you will handle conflict together or maybe its a sign that he's a wuss. Who knows? The r more »

  • Posted 04/22/2015 09:14:14 EDT

    Not to oversimplify this, but if you are unsure, then just wait it out a bit longer and see how this goes. She may be testing you to see if you are going to stick around now that she's shown you her i more »

  • Posted 04/21/2015 09:22:43 EDT

    I would tell her that you think her neck is really pretty and see what happens. You've got nothing to lose. more »

  • Posted 04/09/2015 09:31:57 EDT

    I dont know how much to make of this, but you tell us that you've found yourselves helping each other recently in different areas, but you dont mention one thing he's helped you with. Seems like you'v more »

  • Comment on: Where Do We Stand?

    Posted 04/08/2015 09:02:34 EDT

    If everything is so "awesome" between you, then how does a conversation about a huge promotion that will result in a big move not immediately morph into a "what will our plan for this change be" conve more »

  • Posted 04/07/2015 09:25:02 EDT

    I think you have to be direct with him. You cant worry about losing your "friendship" with him because, in fact, you dont want to be friends. You want more and being friends would be the consolation, more »

  • Posted 04/06/2015 09:06:43 EDT

    Dont jeopardize your career for something this stupid. Keep your boundaries firm and start looking for other job opportunities to get yourself out of that situation. There is nothing good that can com more »

  • Comment on: She Takes Breaks

    Posted 04/03/2015 09:03:22 EDT

    Your relationship is not great when you have and "except" that big. You cant get past these issues on your own. You'd need her cooperation and she is just not there and she sounds like she has been ca more »

  • Posted 04/01/2015 09:09:44 EDT

    Seriously, I have no idea how this happened.
    I know I couldnt simply hit return to start a new paragraph. more »

  • Posted 04/01/2015 09:08:34 EDT

    If you want to work on this: Get your meds checked, and while youre at it, get into therapy for some better emotion regulation and anxiety and depression managment skills. Not to stress you out furthe more »

  • Posted 03/27/2015 09:01:43 EDT

    "Bob grew up devoutly religious and was expected to date and marry exclusively within that religion (which, by the way, meant no premarital sex, cohabitation, etc). " Bob was raised to be nuts and he more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 09:30:18 EDT

    You dont really give any impression that you are with the wrong person. The impression that you give is that you are having a crisis that is affecting your confidence as you are starting to awaken rea more »

  • Comment on: I'm Far Away

    Posted 03/25/2015 09:30:49 EDT

    You are full of dissonance. You dont want her to uproot her life, but you do want her to uproot her life. You dont want to force her to do anything against her will, but you do want to force her. Look more »

  • Comment on: She's Been Distant

    Posted 03/24/2015 09:33:56 EDT

    I'm not a fan of editing the letters that are sent in. Whatever is written, exactly how its written, would be most helpful and telling in a situation, even if its rambling, incoherent, useless informa more »

  • Posted 03/23/2015 09:49:30 EDT

    Thank you. more »

  • Posted 03/23/2015 09:33:23 EDT

    Yes, or screw him and get it out of your system. I dont believe ethics is a requirement of lawyers. more »

  • Posted 03/23/2015 09:24:50 EDT

    Come on. These are law students. Is someone going to do a "you cant handle the truth" reference or what? more »

  • Posted 03/23/2015 09:20:54 EDT

    Friends implies that there are no romantic feelings for each other. You have romantic feelings for him. Thats not friends. If you feel like you can simply turn your romantic feelings off for him and k more »

  • Comment on: Not Ready to Date?

    Posted 03/19/2015 10:16:40 EDT

    Your friend has no business dating in her condition. Its irresponsible and not fair to those shes dating although I guess some people get turned on by a hot mess. You are correct that you shouldnt dat more »