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  • Forum Post: Clippers postering

    Posted 07/27/2014 04:46:50 EDT

    In response to mellymel3's comment: [QUOTE] Doc is an opportunist of the highest order. That being the proven truth, he DID make a statement about Sterling staying and him going but as long as it was more »

  • Posted 07/26/2014 09:22:19 EDT

    I'm not all that impressed with Munroe.

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  • Posted 07/26/2014 09:20:20 EDT

    In response to mellymel3's comment: [QUOTE] In response to SportsGenius1's comment: [QUOTE] I liked Zeller when he was balling at UNC, Fav hopefully will blossom, Colt Iverson may have to play in turk more »

  • Forum Post: Kevin Love to Cavs

    Posted 07/26/2014 09:05:30 EDT

    Supposedly the CAvs would need a 3rd team. I've said this before, I'm ambivalent about Love but, I would love to get Dieng. 

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  • Posted 07/23/2014 04:36:03 EDT

    DA did play with DJ so maybe that's why he drafted him , that would be freaking sweet if turned out to be as good as DJ.

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  • Posted 07/23/2014 04:31:24 EDT

    18 ! I forgot how young he is. His game is really polished for an 18 yr old , I thought he would've been a junior if he stayed in ? If he's only 18 his potential ceiling just went higher in my book, h more »

  • Posted 07/23/2014 04:19:05 EDT

    In response to rameakap's comment: [QUOTE] In response to Rajon-Hondo's comment: [QUOTE] I think fans are being unrealistic about Smarts' value to our team. A lot of well respected authorities on tale more »

  • Posted 07/23/2014 04:06:01 EDT

    I didn't see him play a lot about 3-5 times , usually to check out Randle but he always made a good impression when I saw him. I thought he carried Kentucky on his back parts of the championship game more »

  • Forum Post: Danny Do Nothing!

    Posted 07/23/2014 02:11:08 EDT

    Da has not pulled off some blockbuster moves but I think he's done a good job making our team a little better and given us a lot of financial flexibility. It's not even the end of July !! I am way mor more »

  • Posted 07/23/2014 01:55:56 EDT

    I think fans are being unrealistic about Smarts' value to our team. A lot of well respected authorities on talent have given us high marks on drafting Smart. He has been selected to the USA select tea more »

  • Posted 07/23/2014 01:33:01 EDT

    I'd like to see them be more efficiently productive in their games. What their mindset is to accomplish this is of no consequence to me.

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  • Posted 07/23/2014 01:29:52 EDT

    An interesting twist with both Clev and Chi wanting to get Love is that neither team can complete the deal for at least a month, which would mean everyone that we have signed ,traded for or resigned w more »

  • Posted 07/23/2014 10:24:53 EDT

    I like the player, I like his game but I think Bass is the easiest player to move and we may be able to move Bogans and Anthony. Babb is a goner, Pressey might stay and C Johnson shows enough to make more »

  • Forum Post: Kevin Love to Cavs

    Posted 07/22/2014 10:25:25 EDT

    In response to FierceBrand's comment: [QUOTE] In response to romneywins' comment: [QUOTE] Love to Cleveland means it will be tough for anyone in the East to win it. [/QUOTE] True. That's why I keep sa more »

  • Forum Post: Gerald Wallace

    Posted 07/22/2014 12:05:44 EDT

    Wallace is a good locker room guy, good veteran pro that can help younger play.ers , plays within himself and plays hard, he's a good guy to have on your roster, he's just not 10 million good

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  • Posted 07/22/2014 10:28:01 EDT

    I'd rather have Green any day.

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  • Posted 07/22/2014 10:26:27 EDT

    Evan Turner, that's a head scratcher. We 18 players under contract right now, so something has got to give. We have some talented players, I just don't see how they go together. We got a little bigger more »

  • Posted 07/22/2014 10:01:26 EDT

    In response to TheBigTicket05's comment: [QUOTE] sick and tired of this bs. Why you guys can't just get along? stop acting like a bunch of kids! I mean let's just talk about basketball for Christ's sa more »

  • Posted 07/20/2014 09:39:09 EDT

    First let me say , I don't want to trade Rondo. If we are going to be involved in a trade that brings Sac Rondo and J Smith I would suggest this; Sac gets: RR and Smith Det gets: Gay Den gets: G Walla more »

  • Posted 07/19/2014 02:20:45 EDT

    I'm not that will happen, I'm just saying that or some other players by helping a deal like that happen.

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  • Posted 07/19/2014 12:46:25 EDT

    From what I saw from the McDs all American game, there were 4 top prospects 3 of them 5s and 4s. Okafor , Towns Jr. and Alexander(who already looks like the Mailman in his prime physically). I do agre more »

  • Posted 07/19/2014 12:21:04 EDT

    Watching the LV summer league and neither Bennett or Wiggins are playing tonight. Musing on what if and what not is the only thing in the offseason so rumor speculation is just chatter. Hey, maybe we more »

  • Forum Post: Boozer Amnestied

    Posted 07/17/2014 07:36:01 EDT

    In response to mellymel3's comment: [QUOTE] In response to BrandBreaker8's comment: [QUOTE] In response to CelticGreenLP's comment: [QUOTE] Yes!!! Please go to the Lakers and take many minutes from Ra more »

  • Posted 07/17/2014 06:37:51 EDT

    In response to rkarp's comment: [QUOTE] Franchise altering? Please Bledsoe at his next contract I want no part of Monroe is s dog Love gets the C's to one and done in the East Pretty much , Love would more »

  • Posted 07/16/2014 12:22:18 EDT

    Translation, he wants to go back to Spain.

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