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  • Posted 08/05/2015 05:12:48 EDT

    First, Hunter, I don't know how much stock to put into summer league games but, he show an incredible basketball IQ and didn't seem to make the same mistake twice. Second, Young,is just 19 and has had more »

  • Posted 08/01/2015 02:26:30 EDT

    In response to CablesWyndBairn's comment: If the team is not better this year (higher seed in playoffs, more wins) I'll be surprised.  You can't judge a rebuilding plan before the job is accomplished. more »

  • Posted 07/22/2015 10:52:34 EDT

    We have so many players that have something to prove and/or are at a career crossroads, ET,IT,Lee,AJ,AB,KO,Sully,JJ and Zeller it makes it hard to choose 1. The 4 I think have the best shot at having more »

  • Posted 07/22/2015 10:30:41 EDT

    Even though we just signed him,he's in a contract year,because the second year of his contract isn't guaranteed. He's as valuable as a contract as a player. I look at this team presently and see more more »

  • Posted 07/22/2015 01:15:14 EDT

    Hunter does need to add some muscle  no doubt, but he is sneaky atleletic and has a much better skill set than I thought he did. I really think Young does have great potential but I agree he really ne more »

  • Posted 07/22/2015 01:06:36 EDT

    If Mickey becomes a durable Leon Powe, I'd be happy. He's athletic and smart, a good combination.


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  • Posted 07/22/2015 01:00:23 EDT

    There are a few deals that have not been finalized ala Lee trade that it is reasonable to assume that all the players on the roster now may not be on the roster opening night. Who knows what our roste more »

  • Posted 07/21/2015 10:37:11 EDT

    We have added some talent, and since a few deals haven't been finalized, we may add more. The rookie that I watched  SL that I think has some nice skills is Hunter,Young should be worried about RJ bec more »

  • Posted 07/15/2015 11:54:24 EDT

    Here's even a better question. Who's going to be on the roster opening day?


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  • Posted 07/15/2015 11:52:01 EDT

    Instead of ; "Sitting in the back of the limousine, diggin the scene with the gangsta lean....", he chose; " Thirty days in the hole,Thirty days in the hole..." Penche moreno.


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  • Posted 07/15/2015 11:47:22 EDT

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment: No, but I heard the lakers are interested.   "Climb on my back, boys, and I'll take you home." - Cedric Maxwell "You show me a good loser, and I'll show you a lo more »

  • Posted 07/15/2015 11:45:30 EDT

    Oh yeah a guy that has made millions but is to stupid to hire a driver,that's the guy we should hand the keys to the team to!!!


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  • Posted 07/15/2015 03:11:30 EDT

    In response to FierceBrand's comment: In response to Rajon-Hondo's comment: This why you don't lose to win. Building your team through the lottery makes as much sense as planning your family finances more »

  • Forum Post: Cs to sign Mickey!

    Posted 07/15/2015 02:41:12 EDT

    There are way too many unfinalized deals for anyone to try to speculate who wull be on our opening day roster.


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  • Posted 07/14/2015 01:19:18 EDT

    I've always like Gallinaris game and the fact that he has improved on his weak spots during his career. If we get him it would be nice maybe we'll flip Lee for him who knows. It couldn't hurt to get a more »

  • Posted 07/14/2015 01:13:50 EDT

    I don't think a handful of summer league games will determine a career, I personally don't give a rats as s about the lakers problems.


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  • Posted 07/14/2015 01:08:32 EDT

    In response to DrBoogiebone's comment: In response to aciemvp's comment: In response to DrBoogiebone's comment: Hate to say I told yah so. Hate that the young man is going to miss yet another season. more »

  • Posted 07/14/2015 01:06:38 EDT

    This why you don't lose to win. Building your team through the lottery makes as much sense as planning your family finances depending on the lottery.


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  • Posted 07/10/2015 09:38:18 EDT

    I do think G Green would thrive in this system. Green can play the 2 or 3 , incredibly athletic, can shoot the 3 and is only 29. If we can get on an ET type deal it can only help. The rest, not so muc more »

  • Posted 07/02/2015 01:20:01 EDT

    I'm good with both the Crowder resigning Crowder and Jerbenko. Having only one year of Johnsons 12 mil guaranteed makes his signing less horrible.


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  • Posted 07/01/2015 02:26:37 EDT

    Amir Johnson is injury prone and has no upside. I can never Keep which Lopez brother is which, if it's the Portland bro maybe the NJ bro HELL NO. I think Green Would be a great low risk high reward si more »

  • Posted 07/01/2015 02:09:04 EDT

    I don't know about Harris, I'm not sold on Monroe but I would like us to sign Gerald Green. Harris numbers are impressive,but is he a good player who's stats are exacturated by being on a bad teams or more »

  • Posted 06/26/2015 12:08:11 EDT

    I would understand reaching up to get Hunter than Rozier. I would have picked Grant over Rozier but I only saw Rozier play once all year. I would have been happier with Dekker,Hunter and Mickey but wh more »

  • Forum Post: Draft thread

    Posted 06/26/2015 12:41:52 EDT

    I don't get Rozier at 16, at 28 maybe or our first 2nd great,not 16. I would've been happier with Hunter at 16 or Jarian Grant.I think at 16 we should've took Dekker.Mickey is a good pick,? Marcus Tho more »

  • Posted 06/22/2015 10:27:03 EDT

    The NBA isn't like the NFL,unless a team has a real hard on for a specific player and the team is strapped $$ and has a crappy team,like the knicks. We would either have to take on a bad contract or g more »