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  • Posted 06/14/2011 10:36:12 EDT

    it's greatseason....that putz hasn't posted since this slob showed up

  • Posted 06/05/2011 09:54:42 EDT

    I agree with mic....greatseason, the infamous he-she is def on here as, grammar, and frequency of hits all match up with that unemployed transplant living in boston...all while wish more »

  • Posted 05/31/2011 10:53:01 EDT

    Thanks for the chuckle, cacti, you petite putz!!!
    and thanks for being a mush!! more »

  • Posted 05/24/2011 08:44:29 EDT

    Tony, is probably the same type of clown that thought Bledsoe shouldn't have lossed his job....let it go Linus!! more »

  • Forum Post: Seguin

    Posted 05/16/2011 11:00:41 EDT

    We're lucky/spoiled at the same time around these parts....unfort for CJ, we've all witnessed some of the greatest coaching decisions around in BB....He puts his players in the best position to use th more »

  • Posted 05/16/2011 09:43:18 EDT

    Hey Mik...what happened to your post titled "how to read posts from a putz...i mean, GS?" more »

  • Posted 05/12/2011 09:43:23 EDT

    Ronstar, Mik, and O'brien....your efforts and material are priceless, nice work. 
    This he/she's (greatseason) act is stale.
    Greatseason, "go sell stupid somewhere else", Ron White, Blue Collar Comedy more »

  • Forum Post: San Jose

    Posted 05/11/2011 10:31:59 EDT

    Looks like montreal and portuguese don't know how to lose gracefully.....good lesson to teach your kid....putz!!

    more »

  • Posted 05/11/2011 10:21:50 EDT

    Hey greatseason....stop crying victim, grab a set, and go out and make a difference somewhere.....that's why people choose to come to this country, many back in Portugal would be gre more »

  • Posted 05/10/2011 09:52:31 EDT

    I've been to Lisboa, and rubble is an accurate term for the roads and the buildings....I currently live in a Portuguese community and even the 1st generations admit that the trip back is only worth it more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 09:48:28 EDT

    Greatseason, Take your agenda to oprah or springer...this is a sports some council to your deep rooted anger issues....stop feeling sorry for yourself and be the man your wife and kids n more »

  • Posted 04/30/2011 10:28:36 EDT

    As for the bruins, they have holes...which team doesn't?  Stay disciplined, combine solid team defense with a good goalie and anything can happen.  Anyone who thinks the B's should lose so they can fi more »

  • Posted 04/30/2011 10:20:23 EDT

    I believe Greatseason is a Dallas Stars fan, from comments last week....not enough stones to admit who she likes....obviously her team isn't in the nice if she had enough pride in her more »

  • Posted 04/24/2011 11:19:38 EDT

    I agree.  It's the soft style that irritates me the most....diving, whining, and cheap shots; it seems like that is programmed into them once they don the uni.  If that was the Bruins game, I'm sure h more »

  • Posted 04/22/2011 10:23:03 EDT

    If you're not a're either a boy or a woman, which would explain your inability to pick a side and suffer with them when they lose.  That can't happen if you just route for everyone to beat o more »

  • Posted 04/22/2011 10:04:49 EDT

    That explains it, thanks.  more »

  • Posted 04/22/2011 09:56:33 EDT

    Tony and Greatseason,
    I haven't seen 2 men? dodge direct questions so easily.  more »

  • Posted 04/22/2011 09:39:58 EDT worries.  So once the bruins are out, you tune you're missing a great sport.  I don't know what is more sad: somebody that gets all riled up over a game or someone who's only enjoy more »

  • Posted 04/22/2011 09:29:05 EDT

    Not a fan of the bruins or habs?  Life must be thrilling, riding the fence....nice and safe....who is your team?  or do you just like to chirp like the frogs up north? more »

  • Posted 04/22/2011 09:23:58 EDT

    Same kids that are being taught to boo a national anthem.  If the kids had any sense, they'd take the gesture they've "just learned" (doubtful) and salute with it to their ignorant parents.  Booing th more »

  • Posted 04/22/2011 08:18:51 EDT

    Montreal = Turtle more »

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