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  • Posted 09/24/2013 07:53:53 EDT

    Well well well

  • Posted 02/23/2013 04:02:51 EST

    lol is that a good thing Bill? I think the swagger will come....   The Cowboy Up guys developed theirs through chemistry and Pedro was the leader. He's back in town and going to show these guys what i more »

  • Posted 02/23/2013 01:19:49 EST

    I'm warming up to this group of perceived underdogs. I feel like I can really root for this team and I think once they're chemistry gels they might really suprise us.

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  • Posted 01/20/2013 10:37:11 EST

    I hope he's ok.....Great year for him....Looking forward to seeing him and Vereen next year...



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  • Posted 01/16/2013 10:45:07 EST

    The offseason signings have made very little sense in terms of talent and overpayment. Unless of course you want the books to look great to sell team. The front office can disguise the signings as a b more »

  • Forum Post: Middlebrooks

    Posted 12/06/2012 11:29:31 EST

    He definitely has big time potential.....


    What are you expectations for him in 2013?


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  • Posted 11/09/2012 07:59:15 EST

    We know Larry and Ben are not afraid to pull the trigger on deals. Since Theo left the front office has been surprisingly quite in the media. It used to be big deal fever during the offseason and befo more »

  • Posted 09/20/2012 03:18:33 EDT

    It's a great gym with solid people.....That's awesome! Drysdales a stud....hope to get out there and train somtime....


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  • Posted 09/20/2012 01:31:52 EDT

    ^Nice to see some educated mma's fans here......I've been training at ATT in FL for the past 7 years...




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  • Posted 09/20/2012 09:00:14 EDT


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  • Posted 09/20/2012 08:55:24 EDT

    His mma wrestling is just as good as cain's and cormier is not as well wronded. He's 6'4 and would definitely get up to 245-255 if he were to fight heavy.

    He would smash most Hw's

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  • Posted 09/20/2012 01:07:31 EDT

    ^Bones has not lost a round of any fight he's ever had.   205'ers are the most rounded and talented fighters in the world.   Heavyweights that drop to 205 get destroyed....   Bones handles most UFC he more »

  • Posted 09/19/2012 11:18:08 EDT

    Chandler's brother Jon "Bones" Jones will be defending the UFC 205 belt Saturday night. After the fight he plans to fly to baltimore Sunday morning to watch his two brothers play each other Sunday nig more »

  • Posted 09/03/2012 12:21:22 EDT

    Sir! We in Boston and our forefathers f'ed up those gentlemen in the red coats which is why we have pride, respect and tradition. You are one of the nastiest guards i've ever seen. We need a ring back more »

  • Posted 09/01/2012 10:45:34 EDT

    He's going to lead us to glory this year! I remember seeing him in that brawl on the side lines last year tossing people around and thinking he's a guy i want to have my back. We're about to get even more »

  • Posted 08/31/2012 07:27:12 EDT

    Yes it was your post i read sir! I think for the first time in a long time the red sox front office is back in power. They have sent a clear message to the team by the trade. If Ellsbury wants a big l more »

  • Posted 08/31/2012 07:21:29 EDT

    Local Shrewsbury kid was released by the Texans....

    I've watched film on him and he will be a starting LB one day....reminds me of Zach Thomas..

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  • Posted 08/27/2012 12:57:51 EDT

    In Response to Re: Time to Leverage Boras & Ellsbury?: Okay, another voice from Florida. I think the recent trade changes the horizon for Boras and his client. They may be more willing to deal sensibl more »

  • Posted 08/26/2012 03:32:13 EDT

    The Pats system is a machine..... They will not have a losing year While BB's in charge... The Sox system is flawed which has been evident over the past years.... From the farm up through the front of more »

  • Posted 08/26/2012 03:29:30 EDT

    On other thread a poster made a good point.... Tell Boras if Ells doesn't agree to a good term offer he's being dealt to any team the Sox want.... He might not perform well at certain teams in his con more »

  • Posted 08/26/2012 03:21:51 EDT

    The red sox are completely influenced by the fans......

    The Pats don't give a fu** and will only do things they're way....

    That's why the Pats are the best and the envy of the league!

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  • Forum Post: Is Bobby V next?

    Posted 08/25/2012 01:00:31 EDT

    I honestly like the guy.....However it's pretty evident he's got to go? more »

  • Posted 08/25/2012 11:49:00 EDT

    Although he traded for Beck he just got rid of Epstein's prized free agent signings. They are cleaning house! Makes you wonder if those 3 were the cancers in the clubhouse.... I wonder if the coaching more »

  • Posted 08/24/2012 03:24:35 EDT

    I could see Bill coaching for another 5-7 years then having him take over.....

    I could see Bill keeping the GM role.....

    How sweet would that be!!
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  • Posted 08/05/2012 02:09:29 EDT

    When i played in College our defense was ranked #1  in the country in rushing and total yards and #2 in scoring defense and total defense..... We were nasty and had the attitude to match....I remember more »

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