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About Me: 20+ year widow, partnered over 10 years. Retired BSN, & diploma RN, one of 11 siblings, mother of 4 grown, educated, gone, professional children. I have 6 grandchildren + 1 angel in Heaven. Hunter, fisherwoman, Packer, Badger, and NASCAR fan, gardener, walker, cross-country-skier, baker (especially yeast breads), Bridge player, arts lover, traveler, seamstress, AKC Beagle breeder, avid dancer/music lover, writer, camper, blogging addict, canner/preserver of produce, rotten housekeeper, OOPS! I'd better stop. I'm also a practicing, THINKING, Roman Catholic with 16 years of Catholic education, all tuition paid with my own earnings, and, a THINKING Democrat. I prefer to study and THINK with my own brain , instead of letting the political entertainers tell me what I should be thinking and believing. I'm a first-hand person, not much for seconds, as too much can be lost in the transfer! I enjoy and appreciate brilliant, thinking minds.

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