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  • Posted 06/07/2011 03:15:28 EDT

    Tramon Williams and Champ Bailey better than McCourty last year....No way! This is accounting for only Last Year!

  • Posted 12/30/2010 06:03:38 EST

    Carl Mayer is a jealous attorney with two much time on his hands..Obviously he is still jaded that Belichick resigned and signed with the Pats.....hahaha what a loser

  • Posted 12/15/2010 05:07:51 EST

    Deion is a patriots kind of guy..In the same mold as one of my all time favorite Patriots!!! Mr. Troy Brown!!!

  • Forum Post: Best Ever

    Posted 12/13/2010 07:29:08 EST

    Why Brady is the Best ever! 78 Percent Playoff Win Percentage; Best Ever (minimum 11 starts) 77 Percent Regular Season Win Percentage; Best Ever (post 1950) 2007 - 4800 Yards, 50 Touchdowns, 8 Interce more »

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