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  • Posted 03/25/2015 02:27:05 EDT

    How bogus is that? Other teams instead could have done what the Pats did (at least theoretically; they'd have to have smart coaches and players after all). I was looking forward to all sorts of intere more »

  • Posted 03/25/2015 02:22:26 EDT

    My brother in law was a journalist for many years. His advice? "Don't ever talk to a reporter"!

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  • Posted 03/25/2015 10:01:00 EDT

    Hey, it's just how he rolls, like it or not. Sure, I'd love to hear more of his thoughts, but I'll take his method as long as he continues to be innovative and successful. I've said it before, but I w more »

  • Posted 03/25/2015 09:47:38 EDT

    It really strikes me how unbelievably petty these multi-billionaire owners can be. I didn't even think what Woody said was so bad; the only reason the Pat's tampering charge has merit is that Revis en more »

  • Posted 03/23/2015 01:23:08 EDT

    It has been hard to keep from jumping ahead and reaching my own conclusions based on leaks, assumptions and accusations. Soon I hope I will see some facts so that I can finally react appropriately to more »

  • Posted 03/17/2015 08:03:19 EDT

    Excellent post. Not to get too hyperbolic, but there is something noble about Vince. I'll cheer for him until he retires.

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  • Posted 03/16/2015 07:48:16 EDT

    Conan is great, love that show. I saw this before the SUperbowl, and came out liking Lynch a lot better than I did before I watched it. I actually liked Conan's touchdown dance idea a lot - it beats t more »

  • Posted 03/14/2015 08:47:30 EDT

    I like it, nice complimentary piece, and a solid receiver. Imnteresting to think about three tight end sets... three bog targets onthe field at once (Wright, Chandler and Gronk)

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  • Posted 03/12/2015 01:29:44 EDT

    In response to 42AND46's comment: In response to BelichickDisciple's comment: Well, the NFL must be feeling pretty good. With all the attention that FA action is getting, maybe no one would will notic more »

  • Posted 03/12/2015 07:28:20 EDT

    Well, the NFL must be feeling pretty good. With all the attention that FA action is getting, maybe no one would will notice that the report has not been released. In fact, maybe they think no one will more »

  • Posted 03/11/2015 11:45:01 EDT

    I don't blame the guy one bit for taking more money - his career, like any pro athelete's, could be over with one play; he should absolutely consider that and maximize his earnings. Maybe he does like more »

  • Posted 03/05/2015 08:33:10 EST

    If the NFL has the report already and haven't released it, then they must be heavy into the spin cycle. That would point to a good outcome for the Pats... 


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  • Posted 03/05/2015 08:29:24 EST

    I hope for his sake that his incentives are tied to regular season stats.

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  • Posted 03/03/2015 05:31:08 EST

    Having Revis and Browner made the Pats D championship caliber in terms of talent for sure. The Pats and Hawks were pretty even overall in talent. But IMO it was BB and the coaching staff that may have more »

  • Posted 03/03/2015 05:14:19 EST

    Can;t forget his decision not to stay with the Jets!

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  • Posted 03/03/2015 05:13:03 EST

    Not a personnel decision, but not taking a time out at the end of the super bowl is one that still blows my mnd. By not taking one, he guaranteed that the Hawks would have to pass, and must have known more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 09:08:22 EST

    i'd hate to see McCourty go - he has great range and good ability to communicate and coordinate the defense. I get the economics, and he's got to do what is best for him, but I like him, and would lik more »

  • Forum Post: sexy rexy is back!

    Posted 02/27/2015 04:51:55 EST

    Having grown up in Western NY, I think Buffalo will really embrace the guy. The Bills will play hard for him. He could have more success there than would have been possible with the Jets; he just fits more »

  • Posted 02/27/2015 03:35:47 EST

    Loved the original series, and I loved his character the most. Spock was seriously a profound influence on me, crazy as that sounds. I really related to him.

    RIP Leonard, and thank you so much.

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  • Posted 02/27/2015 02:18:22 EST

    Yes, I'm sure the NFL would want to avoid a slow sports news day. March madness makes sense - like maybe the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the final game...

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  • Posted 02/26/2015 08:57:19 EST

    I don't know much about Fasano, but Hooman is versatile and smart and a good team guy. He had a few goofed up assignments here and tere, but I like him. Not much of a quantitative analysis I know!

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  • Posted 02/24/2015 07:50:40 EST

    If the final report supports that the Pats did nothing wrong, I will take great delight in letting this guy know what is up.

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  • Posted 02/23/2015 01:16:45 EST

    Still waiting to see the facts before I fully react. But the joy I would feel if there were factual evidence that this was an attempted hatchet job on the Pats would be almost indescribable.

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  • Posted 02/23/2015 08:00:10 EST

    In response to tcal2-'s comment: 1996 - Kerri Strug nailing her 2nd Vault, on a bad ankle, to secure US woman's team Gold.  Simply one of the greatest Sports moment ever.   Not just a bad ankle, a bro more »

  • Posted 02/20/2015 10:24:05 EST

    I hope its just poor code and not someone's idea of a new and improved GUI!!




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