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  • Posted 12/09/2013 09:18:08 EST

    Very Classy.  Having to make the choice, glad he could get to go home.


  • Posted 08/16/2012 08:40:04 EDT

    In Response to Scosia may be available:   Catchers often make the best managers. Mike will make our clubhouse tolerable and work on the pitchers. I read this AM that Mike is in trouble if he doesn't m more »

  • Posted 05/15/2012 08:49:47 EDT

    In Response to When Youkilis returns, who plays 3rd base: Youk or Middlebrooks? Cafardo's idea:trade to Phillies: Should Youk lose his starting position because he was injured? Is that fair? What shou more »

  • Posted 05/12/2012 08:22:11 EDT

    In Response to Beckett Just Retire: My solution.  Its blatantly obvious that Beckett doesn't really care about playing any more.  Just retire.  Everyone is happy.  Josh rides off into his own world ne more »

  • Posted 04/18/2012 05:27:05 EDT

    In Response to Crawford Signing Has Ruined Red Sox:      Rangers 18, Sox 3...with the Sox' best pitcher going, and at home.       It's really a shame. Just five years ago, the Sox won their second wor more »

  • Posted 02/27/2012 01:26:40 EST

    In Response to Just Asking, But What is Jason Varitek Waiting For?: Why not do what Wakefield did and have a nice retirement? What is he waiting for?  All teams have reported. Posted by ADG Pabst & Po more »

  • Posted 02/25/2012 07:29:16 EST

    Braun is clean.  Apparently the sample collector's refridgerator is juicing. more »

  • Posted 02/24/2012 10:47:26 EST

    comes a time when you have to go and (from a teams perspective) that is usually too early rather than too late.  With Ortiz, the "too" is out the door given his age.  Every contract with a player in h more »

  • Posted 01/21/2012 08:35:19 EST

    In Response to Re: Hello Prince, adios Papi: In Response to Re: Hello Prince, adios Papi : Age is more of an issue with Fielder.  Papi is healthy, and likely to be healthy for the next 9 months.  Fiel more »

  • Posted 01/21/2012 06:46:29 EST

    In Response to Re: Hello Prince, adios Papi: That he can play 1st is meaningless, and even if it wasn't, it's still wrong. It's meaningless because we have the best 1B in BB already. It's wrong, becau more »

  • Forum Post: Fake IDs in MLB

    Posted 01/21/2012 06:44:29 EST

    In Response to Fake IDs in MLB: The pitcher formerly known as Fausto Carmona is just the latest example of a foreign-born player assuming someone else's identity to appear a few years younger. Some th more »

  • Posted 01/21/2012 05:00:20 EST

    Why not?  He can DH and more than the Big Yesterday" actually play first.  You get him for a stretch of years in his "prime" (praying he can keep the weight under control) and you don't have to do the more »

  • Posted 01/17/2012 08:02:50 EST

    In Response to Re: Big Papi wants $16M, should've never offered arbitration: Budget's only gone if he wins it.  The silver lining to that submission is that it shouldn't be difficult to argue that a D more »

  • Posted 01/13/2012 09:08:34 EST

    He will add nothing to the team.  It is time to move on from the older stars and provide playing time to people who will contribute in the future.  I'd rather see a 22 year old hitting .225 with teh h more »

  • Posted 01/12/2012 12:08:04 EST

  • Posted 12/30/2011 03:08:10 EST

    In Response to TRUTH CHECK....MIKE CAMERON LOVERS...TIME TO FESS UP: 1) how many of you posters wished Mike a warm goodbye and went out of your to mention what a "good guy" he was.... 2) how many of y more »

  • Posted 06/10/2011 07:17:21 EDT

     I listen to a lot of NY sports talk radio, and it seems like there is a large vocal crowd that wants NY to figure out a way to keep Reyes..... Seems most NY'ers like Reyes in a Mets uniform.  Jesus i more »

  • Posted 06/09/2011 02:42:28 EDT


    gee bigpanther, REYES sounds like a guy that played for BOSTON for about 8 years; he gave the SOX a great 7 years.

    On the assumption that Manny wore one, Reyes couldn't carry Manny's jock. more »

  • Posted 06/09/2011 10:14:19 EDT

    An apparent head case (and based on my recent travels very much maligned in New York, by fans & media), who would make Manny (and I liked Manny) look like Mother Teresa more »

  • Forum Post: Andre Ethier

    Posted 06/01/2011 05:03:33 EDT

    In Response to Re: Andre Ethier: FYI - Ethier is not a F/A after this year.  He is eligible for salary arbitration and will be unrestricted after the 2012 season.  If the Sox are not sold on Reddick o more »

  • Forum Post: Andre Ethier

    Posted 06/01/2011 03:11:13 EDT

    No disrespect intended but this has to be the 47th "let's get Eithier thread the Dodgers will be selling" over the past year and one-half more »

  • Posted 05/26/2011 11:55:16 EDT

    A recurring thread since at least this time last year only this time the league, not McCourt is running things.  I'm sure they would really not be concerned about unloading three or four Dodger player more »

  • Posted 05/06/2011 07:03:31 EDT

    As you say, not likely to happen, but even if it does do you think it will be some kind of "75% off the stars" fire sale?  MLB would not have taken over what is their second most historically importan more »

  • Posted 05/03/2011 08:15:24 EDT

    Day-to-day, aren't we all? more »

  • Posted 05/01/2011 07:07:46 EDT

    Asdrubal Cabrera, admittedly this is an immature like, but that's a funny name from an anglo perspective.
    more »