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  • Forum Post: visits

    Posted 04/18/2014 09:03:53 EDT

    Keller would give the Pats two of Rustys most overrated players, and two ex-Jets. Someone better put a watch on him, he might OD on strawberry kush...


  • Forum Post: FORUMS ARE BACK

    Posted 04/17/2014 08:28:45 EDT



  • Posted 04/16/2014 11:37:13 EDT

    Please, no Florida players...

  • Posted 04/16/2014 11:33:15 EDT


  • Posted 04/15/2014 06:03:37 EDT

  • Posted 04/14/2014 03:14:00 EDT

    In response to NYC's comment:   The Psychological Viewpoint: People with deep feelings of paranoia, who easily feel entitlted and arrogant about being inconvenienced by airport security are easily tri more »

  • Forum Post: whats left to do

    Posted 04/08/2014 07:05:57 EDT

    Being an optimist. the defense should be deeper and better than it has been in years. Some questions at DT, with Vince and Kelly coming back from injuries and being older. But Siliga, Jones, Vellano a more »

  • Forum Post: The 2008 season.

    Posted 04/07/2014 10:53:30 EDT


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  • Posted 04/06/2014 07:57:59 EDT

    Did you meet her on

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  • Posted 04/03/2014 09:21:04 EDT

    Kenny Sims. Taken #1 overall, was suppossed to be THE great DL of his generation. I remember someone writing that between draft day and the start of training camp, his chest fell into his stomach.

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  • Posted 03/31/2014 08:43:40 EDT

    In response to NEGAME2's comment:   In response to BostonSportsFan111's comment: Born in Texas, lived in Kansas City, Mass, Connecticut and now in NH. I am in Dublin right now, had to go to Rotterdam more »

  • Forum Post: Help for #12

    Posted 03/30/2014 03:05:59 EDT

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment: In response to joepatsfan111111's comment: [QUOTE] Really? Cmon... What else is needed? Lafell is Givens 2.0, we have the three rookies who could all take huge str more »

  • Forum Post: Help for #12

    Posted 03/30/2014 09:13:15 EDT

    They have 3 young WRs from last year who showed some promise. They say the biggest jump in progress is between years one and two. Having had a year in the system, Dobson, Boyce and Thompkins might be more »

  • Posted 03/27/2014 01:18:30 EDT

    Born in Texas, lived in Kansas City, Mass, Connecticut and now in NH. I am in Dublin right now, had to go to Rotterdam for business. My daughter is doing a semester in London and worked it out so she more »

  • Posted 03/22/2014 11:48:24 EDT

    Found my Playbill...


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  • Forum Post: Cap Hell

    Posted 03/21/2014 10:20:57 EDT

  • Posted 03/20/2014 10:11:55 EDT

    Maybe we can trade Hughlett and Mallett for...

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  • Forum Post: Cap Hell

    Posted 03/19/2014 08:57:10 EDT

     Sorry, wouldn't let me post a picture...

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  • Posted 03/19/2014 02:22:33 EDT

    Lovey and I looked at it last week...

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  • Posted 03/19/2014 07:39:51 EDT

    This move reeks of despiration, trying to harken back to the glory days to put fannies in the seats. Maybe Tyree can come back too?

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  • Posted 03/18/2014 03:10:58 EDT

    Did they bring back Luigi too?

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  • Posted 03/18/2014 09:16:19 EDT

    The AFC West has the AFC East and NFC West as their non division/non conference opponents next season. Will be interesting to see how the Broncos fare this year. They have road games at NE, Seattle, S more »

  • Forum Post: DeSean Jackson----

    Posted 03/17/2014 06:26:40 EDT

    If you are going all in, go get Jimmy Graham for Bradys last few years... Younger, bigger, cheaper, can play wide or tight, and would dominate with Gronk...

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  • Posted 03/17/2014 06:58:47 EDT

    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment: [QUOTE] In response to soxrockursox's comment: [QUOTE] Rusty is the elephant you?This obsession with the elephant has to come from some where is it you lokin more »

  • Posted 03/16/2014 05:56:37 EDT

    Because 2 moronic threads in the last 10 minutes weren't enough...

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