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  • Posted 01/23/2011 04:29:01 EST

    During an 82 game season, a night like this WILL happen.  I'd be more surprised if it didn't. I remember a game at New Jersey back during the original "Big Three" era (Bird, McHale, Parrish) when the more »

  • Posted 12/18/2010 05:39:16 EST

    In Response to Re: Rondo out for "weeks": In Response to Re: Rondo out for "weeks" : Because Doc let rondo play after he got hurt. Thats a mistake from doc. Doc made a mistake by getting rondo in a ga more »

  • Posted 12/16/2010 10:56:14 EST

    The C's are without five, count 'em, FIVE of the top players in their "planned" rotations (and the only center that's left has a bum shoulder!) and they still grind out the win.  I really, really like more »

  • Forum Post: Same old dance

    Posted 11/05/2010 11:33:28 EDT

    In Response to Re: Same old dance: When I saw the title of the OP I thought this was going to be about Doc's refusal to play the bench, which imo is a mistake he makes time and time again.  Glen Davis more »

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    Posted 05/23/2010 09:41:04 EDT

    I'm watching the Lakers and Suns play at this very moment. IF the Celtics can continue to bring the defense at the level they are currently demolishing the Magic with (and I think they can!), neither more »