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  • Posted 09/17/2009 09:18:49 EDT

    fans everywhere get ripped off, welcome to life

  • Forum Post: Jordan Caron

    Posted 08/05/2009 01:50:19 EDT

    it would be pretty sweet if we get to see Colbourne feeding Caron for team Canada at the wjc this year

  • Posted 07/08/2009 05:46:26 EDT

    We have Sturm and Kobasew, both complete unnecessary pieces ....two years removed from being the two leading goal scorers on this team...people must hate bruins fans because of our short memories      more »

  • Posted 05/03/2009 10:55:40 EDT

    neely home jersey, and a new addition #6 wideman away jersey, no it wasen't on sale! more »

  • Posted 04/24/2009 06:07:12 EDT

    I grew up watching bourque, neely, moog, those are the guys that stood out. Had never watched hockey till 7 or 8 yrs old( thats late up here in canada) My older brother was a habby fan and i hated any more »

  • Forum Post: CHeap CHokers

    Posted 04/23/2009 08:15:12 EDT

    Anyone else get burned by a habby fan welching on a bet? $10 a game bet with a supposed 35 year old dude at work... i'm still kinda in disbelief just on principal alone. His reasoning is that i should more »

  • Posted 03/19/2009 06:54:38 EDT

    here's my prayer...please chiarelli listen carefully..."~t-u-u-k-k-a~r-a-s-k-t-u-u-k-k-a-r-a-s-k-t-u-u-k-k-a-r-a-s-k~" more »

  • Posted 07/26/2008 01:30:21 EDT

    a harvard guy and the lowest paid gm!?!?!?!?!?!doubt it but show me the source and i could be convinced more »

  • Posted 07/09/2008 11:20:34 EDT

    The Bruins added three players to the development camp roster: D Connor Goggin (brother of F Mark Goggin), D Joe Loprieno, and F Matt Read. Connor Goggin, who is two years older than Mark, will be a f more »

  • Forum Post: Bergeron

    Posted 07/09/2008 09:09:40 EDT

    i don't hear doc and management and players telling bergy to get off the ice, yes i'm being optimistic sorry JackWass

    more »

  • Forum Post: Bergeron

    Posted 07/08/2008 03:06:40 EDT

    JW you are right concussions have ruined careers and many many many many many more have had no lasting effect, am i guarenteeing anything? heck no but when the player says hes good to go and is sympto more »

  • Posted 07/05/2008 06:35:33 EDT

    habs took a huge step back...tangay has done nothing here in calgary despite getting prime minutes of ice time and larock is larock more »

  • Forum Post: Free Food

    Posted 07/05/2008 01:04:15 EDT

    yeah whats wrong with c j he sure got kess going for three games
    more »

  • Forum Post: Bergeron

    Posted 07/04/2008 02:50:22 EDT

    for sure they do(have bad injury history) but i tend to agree with lucic007, he felt good to go during the playoffs and wanted to go, he's been on the ice since two weeks before the playoffs even star more »

  • Posted 07/04/2008 02:44:15 EDT

    and thorton was signed for 3 year at half a mill per, pretty good deal for a guy who can leave stanley cup ring sized indentations in peoples sculls... more »

  • Posted 07/04/2008 02:38:40 EDT

    wow...not gonna lie i'm a little turned on right now!

    more »

  • Posted 07/04/2008 02:33:00 EDT

    usually you need to evaluate performance before you can rate a deal...so yeah i hope some of you ladies are eating your words in a few months more »

  • Posted 07/03/2008 04:20:07 EDT

    i'm around a E2.5 more »

  • Forum Post: Ryder

    Posted 07/03/2008 04:18:39 EDT

    well then tell me what you think about glen murray...really this could turn out the same...3 years from now we're all in the same spot but instead of "muzz" its ryder... i really hope your right...i a more »


    Posted 07/02/2008 02:28:07 EDT

    i live in calgary and get to here about how much of a pansy this guy is everyday at work(from flamer fans)...he's a left wing also, i think were good there more »

  • Forum Post: glen metropolit

    Posted 07/01/2008 02:47:16 EDT

    best of luck to him...and i mean that more »

  • Forum Post: Chia

    Posted 07/01/2008 02:04:17 EDT

    chia...take your time and don't overpay and if your reading this...get back to work! more »

  • Posted 07/01/2008 02:01:55 EDT

    i live in calgary...the bruins do not need huselius...think kessel, with less talent and less heart more »

  • Posted 06/27/2008 05:54:22 EDT

    agreed 31 is not old for a d-man hes got another solid 5 years... knock on wood.... more »

  • Forum Post: Kyle Beach

    Posted 06/20/2008 02:06:16 EDT

    i think i would love to see tyler myers opposite chara in a couple years... http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?fid=11473 this list is worth checking out

    more »

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