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  • Posted 03/02/2015 04:46:35 EST

    Thus ends the Jared Knight


  • Posted 03/02/2015 04:00:30 EST



  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:59:52 EST

    In response to OatesCam's comment:

    I'm shocked PC didn't get a D.  Would have been nice.

    Gonna be a patchwork D till the end



  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:56:01 EST

    In response to OatesCam's comment: I see: ML-DK-DP BM-PB-RS LE-CS-BC DPaille-CK-Ferlin Spares: Campbell, Talbot. I think it more likely CJ has Ferlin as the spare....if he doesn't just get sent down. more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:54:16 EST

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    Later Loser.

    Oh be nice...what do you expect for minimum wage?



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  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:50:38 EST

    Still a bit shocking PC did not pick up a depth Dman or two....that we know of yet anyway.

    I thought this move the most obvious.


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  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:43:28 EST

    In response to SanDogBrewin's comment:


    "#CBJ have traded D James Wisniewski to Anaheim."


    Did not see this one coming WoW

     Must be the "Clarkson Effect"


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  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:41:37 EST

    In response to seobrien's comment:   Where does Talbot fit? 4th line and veteran depth. He has been quite useful as a role player over the years. Plus, he is a CJ type so he will be used. I like it to more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:31:41 EST

    In response to Wheatskins' comment:

    max Talbot, Colorado, appears to be the player coming back.

    Sandog should be pleased if this is true ;)



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  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:30:53 EST

    In response to SanDogBrewin's comment: In response to riptide757's comment: The trade looks pretty good. but who is he replacing in the line up? better not be Pastrnak i can tell you that right now.   more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:27:20 EST

    In response to Rufus604's comment: In response to Rufus604's comment: Sven Baertchi has apparently been traded. Could it be for Caron? Would be a great move. Nevermind, hes a Canuck. Actually yeah tha more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:25:35 EST

    Just happy he is not coming to Boston...


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  • Forum Post: Perry to Montreal.

    Posted 03/02/2015 03:22:24 EST

    In response to SanDogBrewin's comment: Gotcha, I don't catch a lot of Oiler games and when I due it's keystone cops unless Hall and Eberle are on the ice. They are a mess and Petry has to be happy to more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 03:19:27 EST

    In response to Wheatskins' comment:

    Caron will be leaving for another player, not draft picks.

    Crosby? I knew it!!!



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  • Posted 03/02/2015 02:28:27 EST



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  • Forum Post: Perry to Montreal.

    Posted 03/02/2015 02:27:24 EST

    In response to SanDogBrewin's comment: In response to jmwalters' comment: well that was....decieving lol Petry is horrible.....good for the B's in many ways this is Don't like his game at all ?  Saw h more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 02:22:02 EST

    Former first rounder almost a decade ago that could not devleop past being a bubble player....Bortuzzo has some grit at least.


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  • Posted 03/02/2015 02:20:22 EST

    In response to bobruins' comment:

    In response to DaveyN's comment:


    Oh shoot, I wanted Conacher for the Bruins...

    Must be his size you covet? :)


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  • Posted 03/02/2015 02:18:16 EST

    In response to OatesCam's comment:   Oh for sure, but Thornton was also 6'2" and over 200.  And Kelly is a major skill upgrade over anyone on the Merlot combo.  Paille and Caron have different pros an more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 02:16:34 EST

    In response to 50belowzero's comment: Thats bad then,because Cunny scored 1 gl,neither are game breakers. lol...hence why they are 4th line material. look at their amateur and AHL numbers. Ferlin has more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 02:04:47 EST

    In response to OatesCam's comment: The fourth line is one spot where I really like some size.  CunnyHammy could run around throwing great hits but no one would feel them.  Ferlin runs into you, you do more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 01:59:28 EST

    Completely agree. His talent (like Orr's) was in another stratosphere for much of his career. The numbers are just off the charts. Insane to think how little remembered he really is now.


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  • Posted 03/02/2015 01:53:06 EST

    In response to OatesCam's comment: No room for him anyway.  Loved little Hammy but Ferlin looks way better on the 4th. Size does make a difference yes. Too bad Ferlin has even less capacity to score t more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 01:47:20 EST

    In response to shuperman's comment: Kennedy to NYI.  Nice pickup for them.  I like how Kennedy plays.  Me too....that's unfortunate, would have done well in the bottom six and pot a goal or two along more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 01:38:10 EST



     See yah cunnyhammy...good luck in the desert!

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