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  • Forum Post: KT Released

    Posted 10/04/2014 06:06:54 EDT

    This is an absolutley dumb move. KT was 100 percent improved over last year in the preseason and the few times he was actually in a game (sitting so danny could catch nothing).....he caught the ball a more »

  • Forum Post: That Is It - BRADY

    Posted 09/29/2014 11:33:57 EDT

    Dam Brady giving up 41 points.  He is sooooo bad on defense......

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  • Posted 09/21/2014 02:22:30 EDT

    In response to BubbaInHawaii's comment:

    Sorry, but Brady was stupid on that one.  Should have just covered up and that's it.

    Really??? WIth no timeouts so the clock runs out and they can't kick a FG? 

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  • Posted 09/14/2014 03:24:59 EDT

    Without the turnover/field postion and special teams td this offense has scored a total of 6 points.......

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  • Posted 09/14/2014 01:14:43 EDT

    Hey BB do you think maybe you should hire an actual Defense Co-ordinater that has a clue???

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  • Posted 08/31/2014 01:51:50 EDT

    Talk about buying high and selling low.....This is the 3rd round pick that was going to turn into a 1 or a 2....not a SIX.

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  • Forum Post: BB Slaps Media

    Posted 10/19/2011 12:57:11 EDT

    How is this the media's fault? So what they have a camera there and film it.  All the coaches have to do is walk to the middle of the field and shake hands and leave.  How is the media messing this up more »

  • Posted 10/17/2011 07:15:15 EDT

    In Response to Re: Big Al healthy + Andre Carter =?: [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Big Al healthy + Andre Carter =? : Do you think any defense will assign two guys to Price? No defense will let any receiv more »

  • Posted 10/06/2011 03:17:44 EDT

    I hope Gerald Warren plays. I thought he did well last year and in the pre-season this year before they let him go. more »

  • Posted 10/06/2011 02:53:24 EDT

    The New England Patriots made history in the first four weeks of the 2011 season. Or perhaps more aptly, history was made against them.The Patriots have allowed 1,910 yards through four games. That's more »

  • Posted 10/06/2011 02:14:39 EDT

    In Response to Hernandez, Haynesworth, and Wright Return To Practice: [QUOTE]Great news although I'm not sure why Julian Edelman is out.  From The Patriots received a boost on the in more »

  • Posted 10/06/2011 12:29:45 EDT

    In Response to Re: All is good with the Patriots Pass Rush: [QUOTE]So a good defense gets 40+ sacks a season.  How many defensive snaps are there a season?  1,000?  I would say what you do on the othe more »

  • Posted 10/06/2011 12:25:34 EDT

    If, and its a big if, Haynesworth plays they need to defer.  It's suppose to be like 85 here on Sunday so they most likely won't get more then 15 to 20 mins of Big Al out in the heat before he gets ex more »

  • Posted 10/06/2011 09:57:20 EDT

    As mentioned above Networking, Networking, Networking.  If you know people in the field your interested in talk to them, ask if they have contacts.  If you don't know anyone look for job network meeti more »

  • Forum Post: Defensive rankings

    Posted 10/06/2011 09:50:45 EDT

    So take out the meaningless scores and yards and the D is ranked 29th? And outside SD, this was against Buffalo, Oakland, and Miami.  3 NON-play-off teams.  Was this suppose to make people feel better more »

  • Posted 08/08/2011 06:01:46 EDT

    Pretty Simple.  Age (wearing down over full season) and injuries.  Already Haynesworth has missed 3 straight practices, brace is on PUP as usual, Spikes is out, Wright is coming of a serious concussio more »

  • Posted 08/07/2011 11:59:28 EDT

    In Response to Re: Ellis signs 1 year agreement...He is a fallback: [QUOTE]How funny is it, the fans here who warned Jets trolls that every penny counted and constantly scrambling around would add up more »

  • Posted 07/31/2011 08:16:44 EDT

    Been having trouble with my account lately, trying to figure out if anyone can see my posts still.  If anyone can, if they could just post that, it would be appreciated.  Thanks. more »

  • Posted 07/30/2011 07:00:54 EDT

    Totally disagree.  They have already tried the spend spend spend spend method and it failed miserably.  How about there actually going to try and rebuild thru the draft and moderate priced free agents more »

  • Posted 07/30/2011 06:53:34 EDT

    In Response to Re: Eagles Still At It...Sign Jenkins: [QUOTE]Strange a 4-3 team would look for a 3-4 DE, but it should be a natural switch for him. The Eagles seem a little desperate to me.  Great sig more »

  • Posted 07/30/2011 11:32:39 EDT

    Nothing wrong with being an optimist but boy Rusty you are getting way ahead of yourself. The DL has the potential to be a disaster.  Right now you have Vince Wilfork and that's it.  We have no idea w more »

  • Forum Post: Ty Warren Released

    Posted 07/29/2011 05:10:04 EDT

    You guys are a riot with all 20 million and lets go sgin some FA's.  The money they are freeing up is for Haynesworth and Ocho and possibly bringing back light.  Oh and did you forget they HAVEN'T sig more »

  • Forum Post: Ty Warren Released

    Posted 07/29/2011 04:51:56 EDT

    What a difference 24 hours makes.  People were posting how this could be the greatest D-Line ever!!!!  Now Warren is gone and Haynesworth still HASN'T passed his physical or conditioning test. People more »

  • Forum Post: PHILLY SCARES ME

    Posted 07/29/2011 01:39:38 EDT

    The don't scare me at all.  Vick is easy to game plan for in the playoffs when teams have time to prepare for him.  He has never won anything in his life. more »

  • Posted 07/28/2011 01:29:38 EDT

    In Response to Re: LOGAN MANKINS IS A PHONNY!!!: [QUOTE]You s*ck Babe! Get used to him pal cause he is not going anywhere. Posted by MVPkilla4life[/QUOTE] MVP don't hold back....tell us how you really more »