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  • Posted 05/06/2011 11:54:46 EDT

    No Yankees on YES tonight.

  • Posted 05/06/2011 11:54:45 EDT

    Where are NHSteven, Spaceman, and Babe. Did they go AWOL or are MIA?

  • Posted 05/06/2011 08:23:10 EDT

    In Response to Re: Anthony Rizzo is tearing it up: Gonzo just went deep over the monster! Ya gotta give to get. When you can get a proven talent like Gonzalez, you do it. We all knew Rizzo was the rea more »

  • Posted 05/06/2011 08:08:37 EDT

    Jake caught stealing. Expect Softlaw GM here in the next minute. He is a big fan of the Red Sox - just like Andrewmitch. more »

  • Posted 05/06/2011 08:00:00 EDT

    Never trust supposed Red Sox fans that live in Fairfield County, Connecticutt.  Andrewmitch is a hoax. Only Softlaw does a better act. more »

  • Posted 05/06/2011 07:55:45 EDT

    How about an anti-Cera post? Isn't that your specialty? Are you another Softlaw alias? more »

  • Posted 05/02/2011 08:17:33 EDT

    Time for everyone to put Andrew on ignore. He is here to irritate everyone on baseball , politics, morality, and religion. A very unhappy old man in Conn. more »

  • Posted 05/02/2011 08:09:20 EDT

    In Response to Adrian "OFFERMAN" Gonzales:  Up to now he's been underwhelming his reputation. He was supposed to spray balls all over Fenway, especially LF. He's the worst cleanup hitter in the ALE, N more »

  • Posted 05/02/2011 07:34:57 EDT


  • Forum Post: Old Post

    Posted 04/29/2011 05:09:53 EDT

    In Response to Re: Baseball Fantasy: Sox Backs` Against The Wall, Yanks Running Away with E Division: Very clever. Jim Valvano: Don't give up , d on't ever give up . Posted by realdealsox I wish that more »

  • Posted 04/29/2011 05:05:40 EDT

    Zillagod wants all the cheaters to have placques on the wall in Cooperstown. That is fine but when you walk past them with your ten year old son you will need to tell them that: This one cheated by us more »

  • Posted 04/29/2011 04:50:59 EDT

    Both Pedroia and Cano are great players. I don't feel compelled to commit myself one way or the other on who is best. Is there a penalty in the event that I am undecided? As a Sox fan I root for my pl more »

  • Posted 04/29/2011 04:31:49 EDT

    Many people become fans of where they were born and brought up. Many become fans where they moved to and now reside. Many go to college away from home and start rooting for the local team. Some become more »

  • Posted 04/28/2011 08:06:41 EDT

    This forum is extremely important in the daily life of Mikey / Jessey / J-Bay. Let them spread themselves thin in an effort to keep threads alive. more »

  • Forum Post: V-Mart's Defense

    Posted 04/28/2011 08:01:45 EDT

    In Response to Re: V-Mart's Defense: didn't crawford steal like 6 bases on him in one game? In Response to V-Mart's Defense : Posted by REDSOX-11 Doesn't this statement contradict your act or routine? more »

  • Posted 04/28/2011 07:58:08 EDT

    In Response to Re: Would you sign Papelbon to a new deal?: In Response to Re: Would you sign Papelbon to a new deal? : It's early. Posted by Alibiike Please tell me that your avatar is not a photograp more »

  • Forum Post: Why remove Wake?

    Posted 04/28/2011 07:55:07 EDT

    Both GM and Softlaw detest "Ad Hominem" insults to their narcissism and ego. Leave them alone. Let both of them establish a forum identity with hatred of half of their team and especially Jake and Jed more »

  • Posted 04/28/2011 07:47:59 EDT

    The best thread for a Yankee fan would most probably be the gamethread when Wakefield served up the HR to Aaron Boone. I am sure that Babe, Louie, MikeinSouthBronx,Pinstripzac, NHSteven, Jeter, and Ri more »

  • Posted 04/28/2011 07:42:31 EDT

    Daytona came here to vent and wants to preach to the choir. Join the crowd of 95% of RSN who are disappointed so far with the team's performance. I don't really see the need to come here and blame thi more »

  • Posted 04/28/2011 07:17:53 EDT

    Nobody here yet so I guess that one has to wait until the score is tied or else the Red Sox are losing. 

    more »

  • Posted 04/26/2011 10:50:43 EDT

    In Response to Re: Georom / BaseballDr hoped Yanks would sign Lee: Umm, yeah, I think Burrito was being sarcastic. His hate for the Yankees surpasses his disdain for me.  Posted by harness Do you agre more »

  • Posted 04/26/2011 10:16:30 EDT

    My guess is that you are being sarcastic but what scares me is that Flapjack probably agrees with you. more »

  • Posted 04/26/2011 10:09:25 EDT

    Thanks Mickey. Where is Clarabell? more »

  • Forum Post: buchholz

    Posted 04/26/2011 10:05:25 EDT

    The OP is from someone who wasn't watching the game and somehow Georom agrees with him. more »

  • Posted 04/26/2011 10:02:11 EDT

    In Response to Re: Game Thread Sox @ Orioles Buchholz vs. Britton: well looks like the sox will drop the opener to one of the worst teams in the league. just when you thought things were turning aroun more »