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  • Posted 05/20/2011 05:58:20 EDT

    Who the hell does he think he is? Sure he played a lot of years in the NBA, and I guess he was pretty good until the last years of his career. Most of the time he made like a statue while the others r more »

  • Posted 05/13/2011 05:10:44 EDT

    This is grrrreat!!! With Doc on board, things will not look as bleak this off-season. Doc knows the players, and everything connected with the team, so he knows what the team really needs. At first I more »

  • Posted 05/05/2011 06:28:49 EDT

    Wake up Charlie, last I looked the Lakers were in the same boat.

      There will be NO 3peat!!! more »

  • Posted 05/05/2011 06:27:31 EDT

    In Response to Im going to miss you in the finals!!! But... oh well!!!: Celtics had a good season!! Congrats!!! But this team is no longer championship material.  Quotes from a Yahoo article by Adrian more »

  • Posted 05/05/2011 06:25:04 EDT

    I agree 100  0/0. Never should have let Tibs go. more »

  • Posted 05/05/2011 06:24:04 EDT

    In Response to Re: We need a better defensive coach, the redhead ain't cutting it!: I just want them to keep it simple. Stop double teaming! If they score they score. Stay in their shirt when they don more »

  • Posted 05/04/2011 02:43:02 EDT

     Well sports fans,  The inability of the C's to win game 2 spells the demise of their season. I've already resigned myself to that fact. This team will look a lot different next year. Signing Shaq was more »

  • Posted 04/23/2011 07:13:05 EDT

    Jeff Green looks like he doesn't even want to be here. He seems to be thinking about something else other then the task at hand. I always had the impression that he was a talent, but boy,he certainly more »

  • Forum Post: Trade Rondo!

    Posted 04/20/2011 03:14:57 EDT

    All you bozo's that are talking "trade rondo" don't know what you are talking about! Think about it----do you really want to do that??? Trade him for who?? Bibby?, Are you kidding??? Sure he's not goi more »

  • Posted 04/18/2011 10:46:14 EDT

    When the trade came down, I thought J. Green would be heard from in a big way, once he had the system down pat. Let's see what he does in game 2., and let's not forget Jermaine O'neil.......He was HUG more »

  • Forum Post: The End

    Posted 04/13/2011 06:37:19 EDT

    Well Sports Fans,                        After the C's lose tonight, they face the same Knicks in the first round. They might make it thru the first round, BUT that's it. The second round will be thei more »

  • Forum Post: Down, down, Down

    Posted 04/07/2011 11:32:30 EDT

    Well sports fans, This is the fall of the Celtics. You can spin all the positive stuff you want... They are not going to go as far as they did last year. The window is closing fast. This trade that Da more »

  • Posted 03/28/2011 10:04:50 EDT

     If the C's don't win no.18 this year, the window will be almost fully closed. Here's why.......The big 3 will be older and more injury prone...Shaq probably won't answer the bell. G. O'neil will be g more »

  • Posted 02/25/2010 01:54:45 EST

    Boy, what a whitewash. Cable is supposed to maintain a certain dignified attitude, but he came off looking an a-hole. If he gets away with this, who knows where this will stop. Is that the only way he more »

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