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  • Comment on: 'Today in History'

    Posted 07/13/2010 10:52:01 EDT

    And It's my birthday today! =)

  • Posted 07/08/2010 02:22:31 EDT

    So glad Michael C. Hall was nominated along with Dexter!!!
    Great show and Michael does an AMAZING job in it. LOVE IT!!!

  • Comment on: 'Tim Burton’

    Posted 03/11/2010 03:34:16 EST

    I love Tim Burton and all of his movies and I was a little bit let down by Alice ONLY because some people said it was AMAZING .. its not amazing .. a movie about nonsense really cant be amazing (even more »

  • Comment on: '‘

    Posted 11/20/2009 01:41:09 EST

    i couldnt agree more donnaconnors !! =) more »

  • Comment on: '‘

    Posted 11/20/2009 01:34:28 EST

    the movie was really good in the way that it goes really pretty good with the book for a movie . i will admit this one was my least favorite (but i still liked it)but the movie was really good. i thin more »

  • Posted 06/04/2009 03:02:27 EDT

    yea i guess your right. that does stink big time i would be even more mad if i didnt geet good seats but the only reason i did wassss because it was first come first serve!

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  • Posted 05/28/2009 02:39:56 EDT

     ive met fall out boy.   but then again i paid 150 dollars for a meet and greet and they werent all there. and it was the most unorganized event ive ever been to.  at 150 dollars i would hope all the more »

  • Forum Post: dating sister's

    Posted 04/27/2009 03:47:48 EDT

    it would absolutley mean shes interested at least in my eyes. she wouldnt invite you over if she was feeling uninterested. id say go for it!!   =)

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  • Posted 03/18/2009 08:47:58 EDT

    ok Im not gonna lie here im only 19. butt i have to disagree with anyone who doesnt like the beatles.. i mean honeslty you dont have to love them but to say their not good.. Aerosmith is also good who more »