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  • Posted 05/11/2011 09:43:26 EDT

    In Response to Re: Is there an explanation for this madness?: In Response to Re: Is there an explanation for this madness? : Ridiculous.. first off Cam Jordan was said to be a perfect match for our de more »

  • Posted 04/20/2011 09:18:10 EDT

    In Response to Re: I get to see the Patriots play live BUT: In Response to Re: I get to see the Patriots play live BUT : If you're in the lower levels you should ok, in the nosebleeds I wouldn't recom more »

  • Posted 04/19/2011 09:51:07 EDT

    Go Jets!  Jets fans are great down here in Florida!  I can't wait for more New York peeps to move down here!  Crusty Reigns is a Jets fan!  He loves greasy men!

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  • Posted 04/19/2011 09:35:03 EDT

    Forgot Farley everybody!  I ate Stomper's daughter's devil dog!    It sure gives Stomper-doo's "devil dog" a run for the money!  teheheehee!  Now we are working on a new motor scooter for the mentally more »

  • Posted 04/18/2011 10:12:39 EDT

    Please tell us now, Crusty!!   The suspense is killing us!!!!

    We eagerly await who you are on this here messageboard!

    Then, Stomper and I will add you to our Facebook page! more »

  • Posted 04/16/2011 11:15:03 EDT

    Stomper has two daughters too!
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  • Forum Post: *crickets*

    Posted 04/16/2011 11:11:12 EDT

    My Stomper likes him some pink panties!  He wears them on his head while his former wife watches us fiddle one another into oblivion down here in Florida! I have told Somper-doo to go back to his old more »

  • Forum Post: *crickets*

    Posted 04/15/2011 01:36:33 EDT

    Is Phat Rex a virgin?  Maybe that explains his anger! Don't worry Rex.  Once I came out of the closet and Stomper-doo kidnapped me, I realized who I was and I stopped eating 3 frozen pizzas a day! I h more »

  • Forum Post: *crickets*

    Posted 04/15/2011 01:18:10 EDT

    It is with my large opinion that I think Stomper-doo should invite Phat Rex down to Florida for a greasy 3-some!

    I love me some New Jersey boys like Phat Rex!!!

    Bring the grease, Phatsie!  more »

  • Posted 04/15/2011 10:01:11 EDT

    Wow. Shaugnessy actually writes an accurate column for once. Time to call out the slightly arrogant Chiarelli and the entire organization's casual attitude about this 40 years of inept management, pre more »

  • Posted 04/15/2011 09:12:58 EDT

    The second goal was bad, but what was the difference at that point anyway? They try too hard to make highlight reel goals and Price saw every shot anyway. Not going to cut it. Looks like another waste more »

  • Forum Post: *crickets*

    Posted 04/14/2011 04:48:23 EDT

    Very funny! I don't get out of the house either!  That was gold, Jerry!  Gold! more »

  • Forum Post: *crickets*

    Posted 04/14/2011 04:46:29 EDT

    I am glad he's gone too!  He was a meanie to my Stomper-doo!
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  • Forum Post: herzlich

    Posted 04/14/2011 02:13:27 EDT

    In Response to Re: herzlich: In Response to Re: herzlich : I am seriously going to keel over on this stuff.The most important thing I have noticed is never lube youself without a good grasp of physics more »

  • Forum Post: herzlich

    Posted 04/14/2011 01:14:21 EDT

    Stomper and I stroke ourselves to Brewski with his mini cart lube!  Stomper is 50 years old and even fatter than me!

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  • Posted 04/14/2011 10:25:39 EDT

    As an intern under Mr. Stomper and as his significant other (shhh!), I take umbrage with you advertising that here!
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  • Posted 04/13/2011 10:10:18 EDT

    Why do people care about the Lakers in a totally different conference? more »