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  • Forum Post: ONE VS ANOTHER

    Posted 06/08/2013 01:27:42 EDT

    Gordie Howe hat trick: One goal, one assist, one fight. VERSUS... Sidney Crosby hat trick: Zero goals, Zero assists, one pathetic hissy fit with Rask and Chara. Dan  "PEPTO"  Bylsma must be puking his more »

  • Forum Post: Snow in Colorado

    Posted 10/22/2007 06:10:28 EDT

    Will the Sox actually need skis?And will Papelbon use those goggles on the mound?Seriously,I-70 looked bad.Hope the forecast for the weekend is good. more »

  • Posted 10/22/2007 06:07:25 EDT

    A third base coach making the wrong decision.Otherwise, we might be congratulating Tribe fans.Who knows how that inning would have swung the game. more »

  • Posted 07/22/2007 06:49:03 EDT

    Detroit should have won it all last year with the momentum and the personnel they had..yet they lost to a 83 win Cardinals team that couldn't hold their jocks!Moral of the story is that if the series more »

  • Forum Post: Bring Back TRUPP!

    Posted 07/22/2007 01:18:11 EDT

    I agree. His calls also lack emotion much of the time."there,s abase hit and the Sox win" said in a bland monotonal coma! Dave O'Brien however, I feel is very good at calling the game.Hey we're stuck more »

  • Posted 07/14/2007 10:37:28 EDT

    Hi Quint- I agree with you on his attitude.However does it burn you up to see him have these meltdowns?He had no damn idea where the ball was going in the 6th.On top of that ,he starts hanging pitches more »

  • Posted 07/14/2007 10:27:49 EDT

    Hi SinceYaz- yeah maybe so.He looks more confident to me.Tonight was impressive because he threw his off speed stuff for strikes.If he has gotten his command like the recent showings seem to indicate, more »

  • Posted 07/04/2007 06:34:26 EDT

    And let him rot on the bench? Where does Pena go? There are no options for him so what?He is going back to Pawsox afterá the All-Star Break...And will be heading up on Sept. 1st.á

    more »

  • Posted 06/30/2007 06:06:04 EDT

    From your lips to god's ears...what can Magadan do for Julio? He's a guy who has hit before and he saw the Renteria meltdown. Friends on the team...hope they can level him off because this is looking more »

  • Posted 06/30/2007 05:54:11 EDT

    I love Josh but isn't this the guy we couldn't hit earlier in the year? more »

  • Posted 06/27/2007 08:23:20 EDT

    Yes he does because he knows he would have only struck out and cost the team one out instead of 2. Can't argue with that logic, Julio! more »

  • Posted 06/27/2007 08:01:35 EDT

    That makes sense Jacque but right now that's .147 better than Lugo. I really do think Francona is trying not to completely crack this guy. That being said sales of Maalox are skyrocketing. Extras toda more »

  • Posted 06/27/2007 07:29:15 EDT

    You're right! 3 straight fastballs down the middle and the last one he's behind it! Absolutely unbelievable. He's gotta know that Morrow isn't going to take a chance walking him, that its going to be more »

  • Posted 06/24/2007 11:22:47 EDT

    Hi Jim, Agree with you but did you have to bring up the Larry Anderson trade?I had managed to let it go after "04 but now i see it still pisses me off! Seriously tho I wonder if getting this deal done more »