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  • Posted 04/18/2013 01:19:35 EDT

    Neelorr84-some bacon does indeed contain gluten and while some foods naturally wouldnt contain gluten, if they are processed in a facility that handles gluten...they are cross contaminated.

  • Posted 04/18/2013 11:30:42 EDT

    I blows my mind at the ignorance people are showing.  My three year old child is celiac and will get severely ill for days if gluten is ingested.  

  • Posted 02/19/2013 10:35:12 EST

    I was able to use regular strength sudafed

  • Posted 09/17/2012 09:23:13 EDT

    Trouble, my oldest DD just potty trained, she was 2y8m when I started.  She did fantastic.  She showed interest at 18 months, but totally backtracked, so we waited.  She would go if I did, but that wa more »

  • Posted 09/12/2012 08:36:45 EDT

    trouble, Im wondering the same thing :)  my youngest will ham it up for the camera, the oldest its like pulling teeth to get her to look at me or smile.  :) more »

  • Posted 09/04/2012 12:24:49 EDT

    DD#1 just made the 2y9m cut off, so she is starting preschool next Tuesday! Im sending her 2x a week from 9:30-12. Im excited to have 2 days where I can spend just a little time with DD#2, maybe get a more »

  • Forum Post: BDC

    Posted 07/30/2012 04:05:40 EDT

    After my c section, my doctor must have suctioned me out or something because I was pad free within 2 weeks after delivery both times...maybe even less than 2 weeks. more »

  • Posted 07/27/2012 02:31:30 EDT

    Fra, just an afternoon nap...sometime between 12-1 I put them down....they sleep solid for about 2 hours.  more »

  • Posted 12/30/2011 02:43:51 EST

    I had 2 c-sections, recovery the second time around was a breeze because you know what to expect.  I got sick the 1st time around after having DD, so I said something to the doc and they gave me so mu more »

  • Posted 12/13/2011 04:23:03 EST

    Dr. Ellen Guthrie.  She delivered my niece & nephew and my SIL loves her.  Her father was my pedi growing up too.  :) more »

  • Forum Post: Tips for Toddling

    Posted 11/11/2011 07:23:30 EST

    My oldest is almost 2 and the youngest is almost 1, I do not let them out of the carriage to walk around while I am out (except the grocery store), even if an extra set of hands are there. 

    more »

  • Posted 10/24/2011 08:52:30 EDT

    I had 2 babies via c section and not one ounce of me feels like a failure.  At the end of the day, I have two healthy, beautiful children and how they were delivered into this world makes no differenc more »

  • Posted 10/13/2011 01:40:43 EDT

    Benice...my daughters are 13 months apart.  My youngest only takes 2 naps a day and has been that way since about 4 months.  She goes to bed no later than 7:30 and gets up at 7am.  Goes down for nap # more »

  • Posted 10/06/2011 09:54:47 EDT

    Betty, my oldest loved her binky, I said by 12 months it would be gone...then teething started and she got super sick and her baby sister was born.  I then said no later than 18 months.  At 18 months more »

  • Posted 10/06/2011 09:49:34 EDT

    ML- if your DD can sit up alone why not try just sitting her in the tub, altho I have no idea how old she is.  My oldest DD was about 8 months when she just sat in the tub, my youngest was about 6 mon more »

  • Forum Post: First birthday

    Posted 10/04/2011 12:49:41 EDT

    I live in a townhouse and I rented the complex's hall, had about 33 ppl including a handful of kids.  I had pizza, apps, chips/dip and cake.  DD had no idea everyone was there for her.  My house is sm more »

  • Posted 09/28/2011 02:53:01 EDT

    Fra, until DD turns 1, you shouldnt replace her BM or formula, its her main source of nutrients.  :) more »

  • Posted 09/22/2011 03:18:50 EDT

    i never picked up on another child, but know someone who has.  Does the slim & secure monitor have the same review? more »

  • Posted 09/20/2011 07:36:12 EDT

    Winter it sounds like he isnt getting enough.  What if you added eggs, pancakes, waffles?  A grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, smile fries, pasta ect?  My pedi encouraged us to use lots of table foods more »

  • Posted 09/12/2011 11:50:34 EDT

    thistle...in the winter I had a bundle me, which goes on the carseat.  It serves like a winter jacket.  I just added hats to my babies and they were always really warm.  I really liked my bjorn, but i more »

  • Posted 09/02/2011 04:54:15 EDT

  • Posted 09/02/2011 01:09:03 EDT

    Jewelsagem, bright light?  I have the summer infant video monitor and no lights are shining down in their crib.  There is a little green light that just shows its working, but niether of my kids ever more »

  • Posted 08/29/2011 03:52:41 EDT

    I love my video monitor.  I know you said they are too expensive, but for an extra $30 bucks you can get a video, Im pretty sure they are made by sony or something?  Also you can get great deals off a more »

  • Posted 08/05/2011 01:55:06 EDT

    I know every child develops differently, but my DD is 20 months and while she has about 20 or so words...she doesnt try to talk.  I believe she should be able to say staple words that are everyday lik more »

  • Posted 08/01/2011 01:24:01 EDT

    Polcari's.  They have an upstairs that they rent out. more »

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