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  • Posted 06/26/2012 01:10:53 EDT

    "I agree with many commenters that with this scenario you should plan on being a single parent. I also agree with the few others who said that this could actually work, with legal agreements up front. more »

  • Posted 06/26/2012 01:04:39 EDT

    ----"Family" does not have to be marriage. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot to iron out here but I don't think it's impossible.---- I never used the word "marriage". That is really for them to decid more »

  • Posted 06/26/2012 01:01:33 EDT

    I know that there are many wonderful single parents out there and I don't have a cookie-cutter view of what a family should be. However, raising a child is a lot of work and it is a long-term commitme more »

  • Posted 06/26/2012 12:56:40 EDT

    No, No, No, No, NO!!! He doesn't get to make babies with you unless he commits to being a family with you and this child. If he can't make that commitment, then no baby. It's as simple as that. Withou more »

  • Posted 05/25/2012 12:27:37 EDT

    It really comes down to how good of a friend you think this woman is. If she is a good friend then you tell her, because that is what friends do, look out for each other. It is irrelevant how you met more »

  • Posted 05/22/2012 01:41:25 EDT

    I can give you some advice because your situation is similar to mine in some ways. When I met my wife, I was already in the grad school application process. I got accepted at a place that was only a c more »

  • Posted 06/14/2011 12:43:36 EDT

    If your relationship was on solid footing, I'd expect that he'd want you to move with him. All of this garbage about him being territorial and you feeling like a guest in his life, if he doesn't make more »

  • Posted 05/04/2011 01:09:40 EDT

    I think it was a mistake moving together with this guy so fast. Though you may have been clear that marriage and kids were your goals, very few will really make that commitment in such a short period more »

  • Posted 05/03/2011 02:03:16 EDT

    TubThumper wrote: aad61 wrote: Obviously I'm doing a lot of speculating here... --------------------------------------------------- Mmm hmmm...and how do you feel about that? Don't hold back now...jus more »

  • Posted 05/03/2011 01:42:17 EDT

    Sally, what's creepy about it is that they have had a long relationship that was very different than a romance. How do you go from the relationship between a young adult with a married man 20+ years o more »

  • Posted 05/03/2011 01:17:27 EDT

    Sally wrote: I don't necessarily agree, but it's an interesting perspective. I think once we hit middle age, people seem to think we are in the twilight of our lives or something. Not true. We still g more »

  • Posted 05/03/2011 12:52:19 EDT

    My feeling about women who date or marry much older men is that they are looking for something safe, secure, and ready-made at the expense of building a life that they've made together. There is nothi more »

  • Posted 05/03/2011 12:23:27 EDT

    So you're in your late 30s and he's at or near 60!. I would question your emotional state to consider someone who will most likely leave you a young widow and who can't possible keep up with you. You more »

  • Posted 04/28/2011 12:34:36 EDT

    Happiness is the most attractive trait in a partner. Happy people are always surrounded by other people trying to figure out why they are so happy, and how they can get some of that. Unhappy people ha more »

  • Comment on: I fear the stats

    Posted 04/27/2011 01:15:28 EDT

    Things that every happy and successful marriage have: 1. trust and openness 2. good communication 3. general agreement about finances, children, values 4. mutual respect 5. strong and enduring desire more »

  • Posted 04/25/2011 05:37:57 EDT

    If I were Harry there is no way I'd move in with you and your dad no matter how much I liked you or him. There is just no way that I'd feel comfortable or at home. There is just no way I'd feel like I more »

  • Posted 03/31/2011 01:16:25 EDT

    I don't see any redeeming qualities in this guy. He wouldn't move out of mom's house for TWO YEARS!!! He is jealous and manipulative. Why on Earth would you want to start over with this guy? Don't res more »

  • Posted 03/18/2011 08:27:32 EDT

    I hate long distance relationships. I wouldn't be in one for as long as you have because there's no guarantee that it will work and you're passing up on 2.5 years of growing and dating on your own, fo more »

  • Posted 03/10/2011 07:19:32 EST

    I hate when people ask if they can rotate on a station with me and then get pissy when I say no.  I don't take long breaks and workout alone specifically so I can get through my workout quickly.  If I more »

  • Posted 03/10/2011 07:14:51 EST

    In Response to Re: What are your biggest pet-peeves when working out?: having the gym ice cold, if you can't break a sweat, what's the point? gym using every square inch possible, cramming equiptment more »

  • Posted 12/06/2010 04:05:25 EST

    I ride the bus all the time and rarely have issues with people yelling into cell phones. I don't ride the train during commute hours so can't speak to that. more »

  • Posted 12/06/2010 03:59:31 EST

    Why do people expect a public place to be free of conversation? I'd agree that having a loud conversation in a public place is a bit rude, but talking in a normal or hushed tone of voice should not bo more »

  • Posted 11/23/2010 01:26:27 EST

    Being able to afford a big wedding is not a good enough reason to delay it for the amount of time you are suggesting. The first thing you need to find out from him is if that is the only reason why he more »

  • Posted 11/09/2010 01:52:16 EST

    Marriage may not be for everyone, but I for one wouldn't buy a house nor have children with someone with whom there was no long-term (life-long) commitment. You can have that without marriage, but the more »