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  • Posted 08/16/2015 01:14:56 EDT

    Hitting a baseball has a larger mental component than most other sports skills. Guys can run into mental blocks which can be difficult to shake.  I think Bradley lost all confidence and was trying so more »

  • Posted 08/15/2015 10:55:27 EDT

    Well, Sure Goodell should be fired. More imortantly Dan Shaughnessy should be fired, but before that he should be tarred and feathered and run out of town.

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  • Posted 08/15/2015 10:02:39 EDT

    I've been a big booster of JBJr. for a long time and have never lost the feeling that he would begin to hit. Hugh and others have pointed out he was rushed. His work ethic told me he would get through more »

  • Forum Post: Hanley's defense

    Posted 04/12/2015 12:33:57 EDT

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: I thought Hanley looked good out there for a guy who is so new to the position.  We are talking about moving a SS/3B to left field and not moving a left field more »

  • Posted 04/06/2015 06:12:18 EDT

    It's entertaing to imagine the gnashing of teeth and garment rending  which would be going on if the Sox had resigned Lester only to see him knocked out on day one;  and traded for Hamels  only to see more »

  • Posted 03/11/2015 11:35:54 EDT

    Coyle is going to be the utility (extra) infielder. People need to forget about Brock Holt. He seems like a great guy, he's got a great name, he's good looking, and he's one of the few people who perf more »

  • Posted 03/09/2015 10:59:23 EDT

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: [QUOTE] In response to billge's comment: Keep Vaz as a catcher and Sihart as aplayer for now.  Both great potential.  Great problem to have. .  As I understan more »

  • Posted 02/24/2015 11:16:54 EST

    I mean Bird was the coach the whole time he was in Boston, but he wasn't officially the coach. 


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  • Posted 02/24/2015 11:14:52 EST

    who gets bumped? I thought it was BB and Red and two empty spaces. 

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  • Forum Post: Braves want JBJ

    Posted 02/24/2015 11:11:44 EST

    Bradley's trade value is too low to even think about trading him. I think they should keep him and see if he figures things out. If he does then they have the player they hoped they had, and if not he more »

  • Posted 02/19/2015 10:53:54 EST

    Ideally it will just go on and on, because the longer it goes on the more embarrassing it becomes for everyone except for  the Patriots and their fans. 



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  • Posted 02/06/2015 11:32:37 EST

    I  always liked him. Now I have zero respect for him and nothing could ever bring that back. 

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  • Posted 12/09/2014 05:48:22 EST

    If money is any issue at all to the Red Sox, then if they are going to spend huge money on free agents it becomes imperative to keep their best young players.  If money means nothing then they should more »

  • Posted 12/03/2014 09:02:18 EST

    After the Sox sign Lester the first thing they should do is offer the exact same amount to Scherzer. Not to say they should go any higher, but just to set that as the baseline. 

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  • Posted 11/29/2014 12:59:24 EST

    I wouldn't trade Bogaerts for the entire Mets' roster and their top ten farm prospects. 

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  • Posted 11/28/2014 12:26:03 EST

    The luxury tax is a self-imposed barrier. If a team is willing to pay it, it means nothing. For the past ten years the Yankees have carried a ghost player who makes on average over twenty million doll more »

  • Posted 11/27/2014 09:18:00 EST                                                                          

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  • Posted 11/27/2014 12:46:06 EST

    BTW. I think it would be great if MLB had a hard cap. They don't.  THere is a bunch of TV money coming in soon. It's stupid to not get ahead of the curve.  Is the money ridiculous/obscene?  Yes.  Who more »

  • Posted 11/27/2014 12:42:08 EST

    Shields I would not want for a high price. 
    If it appeared the market for him was soft I would sit back and try to sneak in. 

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  • Posted 11/26/2014 11:08:35 EST

    I think the key is keeping top  prospects and signing free agents.  For example. I have no issue with what ever they would end up paying Lester or Scherzer.  I absolutely hate the idea of the Hamels t more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 11:03:48 EST

    It's wise for the Sox to drive the market by paying high salaries because by being first in line they elevate the market price for other teams and other free agents.  Let's say they have overpayed. We more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 10:50:33 EST

    When the Sox start spendfing my money to sign players I'll start paying attention. There is no hard cap. I don't pay the luxury tax either, so I don't care. 

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  • Posted 11/25/2014 09:19:33 EST

    Why do people act like the Sox are spending their money? 

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  • Posted 09/27/2014 11:22:53 EDT

    I don't think there is any doubt Webster has the biggest up-side. He is also the least experiened as a pitcher. 
    IF he solves his command issues he could be tremendous. 

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  • Posted 09/27/2014 11:10:08 EDT

    "I'm a journalist, it's my job to report the news." No, you aren't a journalist. You are a sports writer, and in case you have not noticed it's your job to try and help the team. That's what sports wr more »

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