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  • Posted 06/13/2011 01:32:46 EDT

    How is it that Tiger Woods lost tons of support and sponsorships just for getting a little tail on the side, while this smug gets all the money and media attention? more »

  • Posted 06/13/2011 01:28:47 EDT

    Dallas won cause they didn't have Rondo, so did everyone else in the playoff who didn't have Rondo cause it actually turns out everything is Rondo's fault.  Cause blaming the kid who tore his elbow an more »

  • Posted 06/13/2011 12:28:19 EDT

    C's can learn 1) Talented bigs and rebounding win Championships.  'Member how dominant KG and Perk were in '08 2) One needs talented Role players who excel at playing within themselves.  We had this b more »

  • Posted 06/13/2011 12:23:18 EDT

    I'm just glad LeBron and Wade really went up to the podium and owned up to their performances and were humble and gracious.  I'm also really glad that Sarah Palin is out there making a positive impact more »

  • Forum Post: Oden-Get him

    Posted 05/24/2011 12:21:30 EDT

    You know what, for the right miniscule price, greg might not be a bad idea. Who knows what he has left. however, I am dreaming of a world where celtics centers have knees.... more »

  • Forum Post: Williams needed

    Posted 05/23/2011 11:39:49 EDT

    Can we, for the love of God, get some solutions for the Celtics other than trading Rondo laterally for some other point guard.  Deron Williams is another me-first player and rather than trading around more »

  • Posted 05/23/2011 09:10:50 EDT

    I love trading free agents for hypotheticals.  Keeps me on my toes.  more »

  • Posted 05/23/2011 12:50:04 EDT

    I think we should give this idea some thought.  In fact, I think we should also look at getting Baron Davis and Andersen Varejao.  Then maybe trade Pierce for James Harden. It's all about the hair peo more »

  • Posted 05/22/2011 11:52:48 EDT

    Simply put, the Celtics are a defensive team. Rondo is a 1st Team All-Defensive PG.  Steve Nash doesn't play D.  Thank you for playing, please try again. more »

  • Posted 05/22/2011 11:35:16 EDT

    Two things dudder 1) DO NOT TAKE THE NAME OF TOMMY HEINSOHN IN VANE.  He is Celtic royalty and is untouchable, and does exactly what every home announcer should do and support his team.  Take a back h more »

  • Forum Post: Varejao for Green?

    Posted 05/18/2011 07:47:19 EDT

    In Response to Re: Varejao for Green?: In Response to Re: Varejao for Green? : You have to keep in mind that on this board contracts, commitments, new CBA, trading salaries, etc. do not matter.  It is more »

  • Forum Post: Varejao for Green?

    Posted 05/18/2011 02:16:19 EDT

    Also, Varejao has a bad contract, he's owed 25.2 million over the next three years and he doesn't come off the books until 2014. more »

  • Forum Post: Varejao for Green?

    Posted 05/18/2011 02:14:33 EDT

    #1) We just brought in Jeff Green, let's give him a chance to actually show what he can do.  IMO, he disappeared a lot in OKC because people like Durant and Westbrook didn't give him touches unless th more »

  • Forum Post: Pierce moving out?

    Posted 05/18/2011 03:11:49 EDT

    OHHHH I get it.  Cause Neil Patrick Harris is GAY. HARHARHARHARHowcreative. more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 02:18:37 EDT

    In Response to Re: Trade Baby and Krystic for NeNe: Let's trade Nenad Krstic for Nenad Krstic, noone will ever see it coming... Posted by truth-torpedo34 David Kahn will, he's on to this strategy.   T more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 02:10:22 EDT

    Trading free agents for free agents seems a little hard to pull off (NeNe is one too) more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 01:46:55 EDT

    In Response to Re: The more Westbrook plays in the postseason the worse he gets: In Response to Re: The more Westbrook plays in the postseason the worse he gets : Baron 14 million Nate almsot 5 millio more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 01:39:36 EDT

    In Response to Re: The more Westbrook plays in the postseason the worse he gets: In Response to Re: The more Westbrook plays in the postseason the worse he gets : Do your math first! You can't even ma more »

  • Forum Post: Lakers have ISSUES

    Posted 05/18/2011 01:29:35 EDT

    It's really pretty simple.  Pau Gasol's smell repulses girlfriends and teammates alike.  more »

  • Forum Post: Dirk is a beast.

    Posted 05/18/2011 01:26:44 EDT

    In Response to Re: Dirk is a beast.: I'm waiting for the 'lets trade green and draft picks for Dirk' to pop up. Only in boston folks, only in boston! Posted by Laker-Nation32 Seems like I've heard sim more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 01:23:57 EDT

    I said it in another thread, now realizing that this is a more appropriate......I have this crazy idea where we have Rondo start at PG with Delonte as a back up.  Seems to be the only thing that isn't more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 01:18:45 EDT

    I have this lunatic idea where Rondo is our PG with Delonte as backup.  Seems to be the only thing that isn't broken.  Baron Davies is little more than a beard, all beit the second best beard in the l more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 01:16:21 EDT

    I think it's simple, Ray doesn't bring us anything in a trade that is any better than Ray Allen.  We "endure" another year of Ray Allen and hopefully can add a wing scorer this year off the bench.  Th more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 12:16:10 EDT

    In Response to Re: Way to go Cleveland!: In Response to Way to go Cleveland! : Wow I thought you just had to take your best players at the end of their contracts and trade them for really really good more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 12:09:46 EDT

    I think I could score 20 points with those foul calls. more »