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  • Posted 08/25/2011 11:33:31 EDT

    dpearson32 wrote: The grandmother was pushing her in her stroller and the coyote snuck up behind them, pushed the stroller over and bit the back of her head. Um, the article doesn't say that. It says more »

  • Posted 05/27/2011 09:27:59 EDT

    I love the commenter who believes that most of the MSPCA staff earn over $100,00/yr including the receptionist. I'd better apply to the MSPCA as a receptionist STAT! And, as capegirl noted, adoption i more »

  • Posted 03/15/2010 11:58:08 EDT

    appleonthetree wrote: The CEO of LL Bean participated in a Harvard International trade program after being hired. The result of this grand education was 100 people losing their jobs making Christmas r more »

  • Forum Post: March TTC

    Posted 03/05/2010 04:32:17 EST

    Hello all!  I just started checking out the TTC boards.  I am 38 y.o. (will be 39 in September but, hey, who's counting!) and just had my HSG today.  I'm trying not to get too nervous awaiting the res more »

  • Posted 12/30/2009 12:00:19 EST

    Or how about the fact that this kid was working as an RA? RAs are the ones who are supposed to be enforcing the University's rules, not leading the way in breaking them. The appealate court's ruling i more »

  • Posted 12/11/2009 03:46:58 EST

    It takes four years for a driver to make "full rate" under the current union contract. My husband was fortunate enough to be asked to become a UPS employee after a four-month long "try out" during the more »

  • Posted 10/30/2009 08:35:00 EDT

    When SocialConservative starts quoting Dr. Seuess instead of the doctors of the AMA, we as a society have a problem! more »

  • Posted 10/16/2009 09:22:25 EDT

    Michaeljc4 -- you support your causes and I'll support mine. I patronize MSPCA Angell wtih adoptions, donations, and regular vet visits for my pets. I am proud of the work they do. If you want to spen more »

  • Posted 10/08/2009 12:35:21 EDT

    Landseer Newfoundland? More like Land Rover Newfoundland! more »

  • Posted 07/24/2009 05:57:57 EDT

    Wow, this was awesome.  How could I have stayed away from these boards for so long? 

    more »

  • Posted 07/13/2009 12:55:23 EDT

    I love all the people who opine all the while admitting they've never been to either New England zoo. My husband and I went to FPZ on Saturday. Dorchester was perfectly safe. With the cooler weather, more »

  • Posted 06/12/2009 12:47:44 EDT

    Don't they all have radio contact with dispatch in the event of emergencies? That communication goes both ways -- from driver to disbatch and disbatch to driver. No cell phone needed. more »

  • Posted 05/08/2009 11:59:14 EDT

    Why are we all assuming this guy suffers from some sort of mental illness? Maybe he is just a hater, in which case, we should be examining from whence he learned his hatred. Just another angle to cons more »

  • Posted 04/10/2009 05:35:11 EDT

    Lou Malnati's is famous in Chicago. Personally, I thought it was disgusting. It would be like baking a loaf of bread, NOT slicing it, and just adding sugary sauce and cheese on top. Gross .... more »

  • Forum Post: Dance Lessons

    Posted 04/09/2009 04:37:56 EDT

    Thanks Alf!  I think I'm going to get in touch witht that studio.  Looks like they're also giving out one free lesson right now too! Posted by framerican51008 DH did our lessons at the same studio but more »

  • Posted 04/07/2009 02:23:45 EDT

    I booked the Woodvale String Quartet for my wedding in October 2008. They were fantastic! I worked directly with Roger Kimball. He was familar with my venue, which proved to be advantageous because we more »

  • Posted 04/02/2009 03:57:46 EDT

    rock star... more »

  • Posted 10/27/2008 12:33:25 EDT

    Thanks, ladies, for all the good wishes. I'll definately link to Tara's photos when she posts them. And someone just asked about the DJ we used. I WISH WISH WISH they retained the search capabilities more »

  • Posted 10/27/2008 12:25:54 EDT

    I just used Michael O'Neill (and his assistant Corey) for my wedding on 10/18. They were terrific! They worked with us closely on the play list, they read the crowd beautifully, and Michael made a cla more »

  • Posted 10/23/2008 08:03:57 EDT

    Laryan -- is a whorehouse a problem? I mean, who couldn't use a little extra cash during the holidays? :)
    Thanks for good wishes!

    more »

  • Posted 10/23/2008 06:22:23 EDT

    bridal party intro -- instrumental portion of The Dropkick's Shipping Up to Boston. cake cutting -- With a Wink and a Smile by Harry Connick, Jr. last dance -- Last Dance by Donna Summer (what can I s more »

  • Posted 10/23/2008 06:12:57 EDT

    My sincere thanks to all of you who provided opinions, insight, and great vendor tips over the last year. I hope my reviews will help other brides! VENUE -- A+ for The Hampshire House. www.hampshireho more »

  • Posted 10/15/2008 05:40:12 EDT

    Shoot, I wish I was online yesterday to see your message. If you get the veil back and it's not to your satisfaction, you can come over to my house to steam it. I have a commercial grade steamer! I ha more »

  • Posted 10/15/2008 05:37:25 EDT

    Good luck Vanessa, my date twin! I hope we have brilliant foliage, a bit of sunshine, and no hurricane force winds. :)

    Enjoy your honeymoon! more »

  • Forum Post: OT - Fur cleaning?

    Posted 10/15/2008 05:35:18 EDT

    Don't go to a drycleaner. Depending on the condition of the pelt, it probably needs to be oiled. Check out Klaffs on Beacon Street in Brookline. that's where I store my coat in the summer. more »