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  • Posted 04/26/2010 09:48:43 EDT

    ESPN Link Henderson is a 31 year old, 6'7"/330 lb DT in what I believe is a 4-3 system in Jacksonville. 2 time pro bowler and a disruptive force on the line.  J-Ville drafted a couple of young DTs - i more »

  • Posted 02/08/2009 09:57:52 EST

    "I have no idea what or how the Red Sox restructured his contract. All I know is that they did and Gagne agreed to the restructured contract, an agreement that had to be memorialized along with the ne more »

  • Forum Post: Why Just AROD?

    Posted 02/08/2009 09:24:53 EST

    Why only ARod? I think the answer lies in the justice system. Although ARod clearly lied about PED use, it was only to Katie Couric and the American public, not congress or a federal agent. The only p more »

  • Posted 02/08/2009 09:21:36 EST

    "I responded by defining what a legally binding agreement for goods or services over 500 dollars was (a contract) and that the Red Sox restructured Gagne's deal and Gagne agreed (in writing) to the re more »

  • Posted 01/26/2009 12:04:25 EST

    Ron "NYY27WSRings" Borges more »

  • Posted 01/12/2009 11:40:30 EST

    QUOTE: "Epstein screwed the Johan Santana deal, ran Manny out of town, traded Coco Crisp for a throwaway player from KC, and has failed to fix the holes he created at SS with Lugo at catcher by not de more »

  • Posted 01/12/2009 11:14:41 EST

    He is a type A free agent and would require whichever team that signs him to give up a first round draft pick. There was a good article by Olney at ESPN.com about this issue. It's the same reason that more »

  • Posted 12/23/2008 05:27:06 EST

    "NYY27WSRings, thank you for offering some balance to the Scott Boras debate." NYY27WSRings didn't offer balance to the Boras debate, Rob Bradford and WEEI.com did. I log on each day to this board and more »

  • Posted 12/17/2008 04:04:20 EST

    A. We don't sign Tex/Yanks don't sign Manny
    B. We sign Tex/Yanks sign Manny

    How about "C"

    We sign Tex and the Angels sign Manny.
    more »

  • Posted 11/15/2008 07:27:00 EST

    Wasn't it Prince Fielder who became the vegetarian? more »

  • Forum Post: Hansen solid again

    Posted 06/08/2008 02:53:16 EDT

    It's great to see this kid finally putting things together. He has too much talent to be pitching as poorly as he did in past seasons.  Having Delcarmen, Oki, and Hansen to man the 7th and 8th innings more »

  • Posted 04/04/2008 04:21:42 EDT

    It's a moot point anyway, he's going to be suspended by Goodell for at least�a year. This discussion should have ended before it started.

    more »

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