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About Me: I am an avid sports fan and enjoy nothing more then a summer night at the greatest ball park in the world...That's right Fenway Park

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  • Posted 10/21/2011 01:43:08 EDT

    Just so you know it was Lester they wanted for Santana not Buch's....I would never do that considering Santana is another one who has not or can not stay healthy since signing for big bucks. I have an more »

  • Comment on: Baseball%20royalty

    Posted 08/10/2010 08:57:34 EDT

    I would have to say the Killer B's...Biggio and Bagwell. Paul O'neil, Cal Ripken, and Barry Larkin more »

  • Posted 03/08/2010 02:34:09 EST

    No the dolphins did not get Boldin, everything I read he went to the Ravens more »

  • Comment on: 'Belichick’

    Posted 03/08/2010 08:43:43 EST

    ROWDYRODRUST she says exactly what you said to the reporter, so she see what they are doing. It was a good piece on someone who could have a very good impact on some very talented young girls. Lay off more »

  • Posted 03/05/2010 09:09:01 EST

    People like Ugnug are just jealous, and upset that they where not good enough to get what this kid has. Kelly seems like a pretty smart kid, and if I had to guess he is one who will eventually get his more »

  • Posted 02/18/2010 09:02:49 EST

    Lowell is and has been one of my favorite players on this team over the last few years, but there is no way to keep him around. He is not ready to be a full time DH, and you can still get something fo more »

  • Posted 12/08/2009 10:57:01 EST

    Mujin70, the NFL you have to go to at least two years of college. I disagree with your fact that college does not make you more mature. As someone who is a college graduate the first year my college c more »

  • Posted 12/08/2009 10:50:48 EST

    Antietum, KG got turned down twice because of a fight that happened in Highschool that turned out to be a wrong place at the wrong time. When he was a junior in High school he was a star as you can im more »

  • Posted 09/25/2009 12:47:43 EDT

    Bmiller33 - The only possibility of that happening is the Yankees sweep, and the Rangers get swept at home against Tampa. That isn't exactly a situation I would call a "very real possibility." is not more »

  • Comment on: 'Fate’

    Posted 09/23/2009 01:45:26 EDT

    It kills me to hear people saying we should ban football because of the major injuries it causes. Any sport has the potential. I played Football, Basketball, and Baseball all four years in High School more »

  • Posted 07/06/2009 09:37:41 EDT

    How can you say Wake does not have all star numbers. In the AL he is either tied or one behind the leaders in Wins, yeah his ERA is a little high but he leads the AL with 10 quality starts. If that is more »

  • Posted 04/29/2009 08:36:26 EDT

    I love how everyone wants to get on Lugo, but the reason Lugo was brought in here was not for his defense but for his offense, now grant over the last two years he has been a flop with that also. You more »