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  • Posted 03/23/2011 03:06:43 EDT

    So, should we all revert to our primal animal states and start eating each other? That WOULD be living according to nature, wouldn't it? Primates have been recorded invading other primates territories more »

  • Posted 03/23/2011 02:52:48 EDT

    gmosca - AGREED! more »

  • Posted 03/23/2011 02:40:07 EDT

    So, Tyro, because contraception is not 100% effective, it leads to abortion? That is the most flawed logic I've ever heard. I've seen no scientific studies that have determined this, so please stop be more »

  • Posted 03/23/2011 02:02:05 EDT

    Tyro wrote: "Contaception [sic] leads to abortion as it is not effective." What the shazzbot are you talking about? That is completely insane. I've been on contraceptives for almost 20 years and not o more »

  • Posted 03/23/2011 07:40:57 EDT

    What, a conservative can't support access to contraception? Which in the long run would result in LESS abortions?? How is that liberalism? It's freaking common sense, people.

    more »

  • Posted 11/12/2010 08:15:46 EST

    Hey mlist - if you read the article, you would see that it says that they funded it themselves, with no outside grants or government funding. The passion, curiousity, and inquisitiveness that these re more »

  • Posted 07/09/2010 01:14:53 EDT

    Rightwinger, what kind of statement is that??? You are ridiculous. Yes, I'm a democrat, but I also volunteer for an animal shelter and own three rescued cats myself. Your generalizations are doing NOT more »

  • Posted 05/15/2010 10:58:44 EDT

    Having been diagnosed at 35, 6 months ago, I thought eating out was going to be impossible! But seeing news like this really gives me hope. Surprisingly, The Friendly Toast in One Kendall in Cambridge more »

  • Forum Post: Prejean=Palin

    Posted 11/13/2009 01:51:56 EST

    "Yeah, you are all those things, and I bet you look just a good as they do.  Just keep telling yourself that, it's good for your "recovery" to be positive.  However, telling lies on a "pinhead-chat-bo more »

  • Forum Post: Prejean=Palin

    Posted 11/13/2009 12:51:16 EST

    jmel said : "Yes,......incredibly intelligent.  Would you call a useless governor with a 40% approval rating like Deval Patrick intelligent?  I would (even though I dislike him) Kell,.....when you are more »

  • Posted 11/13/2009 10:17:21 EST

    Spelling error, that should have been spelled "Cheney" more »

  • Posted 11/13/2009 10:16:35 EST

    Even Dick Cheny supports it, with this quote from June 1st: "Speaking at the National Press Club for the Gerald R. Ford Foundation journalism awards, Cheney was asked about recent rulings and legislat more »

  • Posted 11/13/2009 10:07:51 EST

    I think you are the one who should try living in the real world, one in which there are many gay and lesbian families. And I have YET to see any actual data from you, other than you claiming 1% with n more »

  • Posted 11/13/2009 09:19:13 EST

    And it doesn't even matter what percentage of the world agrees with me.
    I'm sure at one point, a majority of the world population thought that slavery was acceptable.  more »

  • Posted 11/13/2009 09:11:23 EST

     "There are NO statistics ANYWHERE,ANYHOW,ANYWAY, proving anything other that 1-1.5%.  Ever read anything by Kinsey?" And SERIOUSLY, you're going to try to refer to Dr. Kinsey, and his research from t more »

  • Posted 11/13/2009 09:09:20 EST

    Actually, I have a ton of links. Mine are all from scientific, peer reviewed journals. I don't think the common "1 in 10" people is completely accurate (as that expression was used for many years) but more »

  • Posted 11/13/2009 07:27:54 EST

    And I think movingtarget2 is right - this guy was looking for attention, to "warn other states what will happen if gay marriage is legalized". If he's so uncomfortable working with a gay person, he sh more »

  • Posted 11/13/2009 07:24:54 EST

    99% of the world? Riiiiiggggghhhhhttt. Statistics from a number of sources show that the number of gay, lesbian and trasgendered persons are in the range of 5 to 10% of the population. Add to that the more »

  • Posted 11/12/2009 03:07:15 EST

  • Posted 11/12/2009 02:33:23 EST

    In Response to Re: Fired for defending traditional marriage.:

    Very good point, Mattyhorn. It always semms to come down to strawman arguments.

    Also, love the Meow Tse Tung logo, I have the shirt!! more »

  • Posted 11/12/2009 01:51:34 EST

    And for that matter, I have yet to see a gay person get "offended" when a straight person blathers on and on AND ON for hours (and I've seen this exact situation) about their upcoming wedding.  more »

  • Posted 11/12/2009 01:47:45 EST

    From the sound of it, HE was the one harassing her about her marriage, not the other way around. If he's uncomfortable because of WHO SHE IS (a gay woman getting married), then he's the one with a pro more »

  • Posted 11/12/2009 01:27:20 EST

    "Is it proper to continually talk about your up coming marriage when people in the room are not comfortable with the discussion?" If you're that selfish, and you can't be happy for someone getting mar more »

  • Forum Post: Prejean=Palin

    Posted 11/12/2009 12:00:12 EST

    " incredibly intelligent" LMAO, are you SERIOUS? Someone who was blessed by a church to be protected from witches, someone who still insists abstinence education works (while her own daughter got preg more »

  • Posted 11/12/2009 11:53:54 EST

    Yeah, actually. more »