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  • Posted 05/17/2009 10:31:10 EDT

    Hahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Good one. I especially like Bill Buckner's photo. Find the wooud and rub salt in it.

  • Posted 05/15/2009 10:34:00 EDT

    People like sully, blind lemmings that they are, drinking the tainted kool aid can never get it through their heads that their beloved Bruins will NEVER win the Cup as long as Jacobs owns the team and more »

  • Posted 05/14/2009 11:36:37 EDT

    Nuf said... see ya's in October. Posted by SullyFromMA Maybe worst feeling for you. As for me I couldn't be happier. The only thing that will make me happier is when Jeremy Jacobs dismantles this team more »

  • Posted 05/14/2009 11:32:01 EDT

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhh, boo hoo. Laughing at all those boobs crying at the end of the game. Real hockey fans don't cry. Get a life losers! more »

  • Forum Post: 3-1

    Posted 05/14/2009 09:29:27 EDT

    3-1 Canes after 2 periods. They will score 4 more in the third. Take it to the bank. more »

  • Forum Post: Lemmings

    Posted 05/10/2009 08:34:37 EDT

    I was with you until the "Scam Neely" comment
    Posted by coachparker

    Sorry about the Scam Neely, I meant to say Sea Bass!
    more »

  • Forum Post: Lemmings

    Posted 05/10/2009 08:33:38 EDT

    Die in a fire.
    Posted by SullyFromMA

    Have another drink lush!!!!!!!!!!! more »

  • Forum Post: Lemmings

    Posted 05/10/2009 08:32:35 EDT

    Die in a fire.
    Posted by SullyFromMA

    more »

  • Forum Post: Lemmings

    Posted 05/10/2009 04:59:49 EDT

    Once again the suckers or should I say the lemmings have swallowed Jacobs bait again. I bet you thought because they hired Scam Neely this team was going to be different. Pathetic people in Bruins Nat more »

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