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  • Comment on: How to get over it

    Posted 05/30/2013 09:38:02 EDT

    Find some new things to do--book club, volunteer work, contra dancing, something!  You'll meet new people, learn something new and maybe find other things to fill your thoughts.  Any thought you have more »

  • Posted 05/28/2013 09:15:05 EDT

    I wonder why we are so obsessed with those failed relationships (no matter who is at fault).  I started to write, "why we women are so . . . " but then thought, maybe guys are like this too.  Do you w more »

  • Comment on: How to be friends

    Posted 05/21/2013 09:27:10 EDT

    Meredith is on the money here--either move or end it.  Those are your own two rational choices.  On the other hand, if you prefer crazy, . . . .

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  • Posted 05/15/2013 09:32:31 EDT

    This isn't a real relationship--it's a fantasy.  Let it go and find someone who wants to love you, be with you, make plans with you, and . . .  NOT DATE OTHERS and discuss you!

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  • Posted 04/25/2013 09:30:47 EDT

    He's 23?  In "girl years" that is 14 or 15.  Tell him what you told us and see his response.  I think he's not your last love--but if he is, it won't be for a while!


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  • Posted 04/12/2013 09:35:33 EDT

    Everyone is spot on today.  Move on--she's not into you.  Make new friends.

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  • Posted 03/20/2013 09:37:34 EDT

    ZeeOff is absolutely correct.  Write/don't write--it doesn't matter.  He did love you (as best he could) and then the apartment hunting scared him something awful. Maybe you could forgive him and if y more »

  • Posted 03/20/2013 09:33:34 EDT

    This is absolutely right!  Write/don't write, but probably he did love you (as best he could) and the apartment hunting scared the bejesus out of him.  He did you a favor.  Maybe you can write to him more »

  • Comment on: He disappeared

    Posted 03/13/2013 09:21:39 EDT

    You were pretty rigid about the scheduling.  If someone invited me to meet his parents, I'd move one of my weekend commitments to make it happen.  It also sounds as if you blew-up at him when he misse more »

  • Posted 02/28/2013 09:15:11 EST

    Short on letters today I see.  I don't have any advice about this "dilemma."  I'm not sure it's a genuine dilemma.

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  • Posted 02/25/2013 09:34:57 EST

    This is one of the saddest letters I've seen lately.  The LW doesn't understand that all relationships take effort and communication and sometimes they still aren't fulfilling all the time!!  Why did more »

  • Posted 01/14/2013 08:37:29 EST

    I think you should keep (and wear) the necklace.  It was a gift from someone who loves you--keep saying that in your mind!   When I get gifts from people I care about and who care about me, I use it a more »

  • Comment on: Should I let go?

    Posted 11/16/2012 09:35:34 EST

    It's all done.  Next letter?

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  • Comment on: He's far away

    Posted 11/08/2012 09:36:34 EST

    Yes!  This is the right answer!!

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  • Posted 11/02/2012 09:30:35 EDT

    Sally:  you are so brave to be a regular LL contributor and still believing in love enough to get married!

    Congratulations and much happiness.

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  • Posted 11/02/2012 09:19:58 EDT

    Also, please stop sleeping with him.  This is just confusing the situation.  You should be intimate with someone because you BOTH want to be intimate and it would be nice to have some caring and commi more »

  • Comment on: Her family ties

    Posted 10/31/2012 10:17:36 EDT

    What does she say when you talk to her about this? more »

  • Comment on: More than friends?

    Posted 10/23/2012 07:45:30 EDT

    I think if he wanted a realtionship with you, he would have made a move.  I'm afraid he's just not that into you as a girl friend.  Be grateful for a good guy friend. Warning:  If you have the talk, t more »

  • Posted 10/18/2012 08:37:18 EDT

    I'm very sorry to say that you cannot have a relationship because you don't know her. Read everyone's advice--it's interesting and some of it is insightful, BUT You do not know this woman!!!! more »

  • Posted 10/16/2012 09:41:55 EDT

    Slow down.  You don't have to make commitments right now.  Relax, enjoy being employed (everyone has doubts about a new job about 3 months in and they either resolve them or move on).  You are in your more »

  • Posted 10/10/2012 08:36:15 EDT

    Some really good advice here.  My piece of advice for you is to please not beg or manipulate him into agreeing to another.  And no "trickery" either (oops, I'm pg!).  You and he will regret it if you more »

  • Posted 09/27/2012 08:41:42 EDT

    You could believe him when he says he doesn't love you.  You could be a FWB.  You could be that pathetic girl who wants the guy who isn't interested. Or you can find someone else.  Two of these 4 choi more »

  • Comment on: His dad cheated

    Posted 09/04/2012 01:59:06 EDT

    Of course the mom would tell her adult son about a divorce--he wouldn't want to wake up to find out about it in facebook one day!


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  • Posted 07/17/2012 09:21:40 EDT

    Exclusive means not pursuing other women. Move on. There is someone better out there for you. This is not "new" behavior. He's done it before, he'll do it again. Good luck! I'm sorry he's treating you more »

  • Posted 06/28/2012 08:10:54 EDT

    I'd suggest that real news lovers watch CBS in the mornings.

    Good luck to Ann Curry and her international reporting. more »