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  • Forum Post: Give Theo Credit

    Posted 09/27/2011 01:27:58 EDT

    In Response to Re: Give Theo Credit: In Response to Re: Give Theo Credit : GM's with multiple titles in the last ten years: Theo Epstein and............... ............................................ more »

  • Forum Post: Give Theo Credit

    Posted 09/27/2011 12:06:59 EDT

    I'd be more than happy to give Theo credit .................. ...............  right after he submits his resignation, which I will expect on my desk by noon tomorrow. $300MM+ for Lackluster, Nancy Dr more »

  • Posted 08/01/2011 06:13:13 EDT

    Clay B complained of "discomfort in his back" last September, well after our Sox were out of the playoff picture ~ 10 months later, he's finally getting a diagnosis. Ellsbury had a few cracked ribs la more »

  • Posted 07/19/2011 05:40:09 EDT

    Perhaps if Jenks had reported in reasonably good shape, attempted to stay in shape once the season began, and actually worked at his trade, he might have earned a nickel or two of his salary instead o more »

  • Posted 03/09/2011 04:14:23 EST

    First time in the History of the NHL ~ They got it right

    Just as the Sox came back to beat the Evil Empire in 2004, the karma is right, and perhaps the Bruins will win the Cup this year.
    more »

  • Posted 12/05/2010 06:46:24 EST

    "Ran into Scott Boras here at the Winter Meetings"

    Shame you didn't "run into him" with a bus or train ~ the world would be a better place. more »

  • Posted 08/19/2010 09:41:52 EDT

    “What I meant was, we’ve been a good team,” Epstein said yesterday after the press conference to announce the signing of third baseman Adrian Beltre. “We’ve been to the playoffs six out of s more »

  • Posted 08/18/2010 10:57:21 EDT

    Thanks! Wasn't seeking your permission or endorsement. more »

  • Posted 08/18/2010 08:59:31 EDT

    MrTattieHeid wrote: ********************** I'm still "laughing" at your "comments". The bullpen point is fair enough, but you again repeat your own misconception of the "Bridge Year" commments, and cr more »

  • Posted 08/18/2010 02:47:10 EDT

    "Nobody's Perfect," myself, Peter Abraham, ALL other posters, and Theo Epstein included. My personal disappointment with Theo's performance this season does not stem from his failure to wave his magic more »

  • Posted 08/17/2010 10:27:24 EDT

    "Dim wits" shouldn't bother to try. Have a nice day. more »

  • Posted 08/17/2010 09:57:54 EDT

    MrTattieHeid wrote:
    'Scuse me for being the skunk at the garden party, but.

    You're excused, been doing so ever since you first began posting here. more »

  • Posted 08/17/2010 02:13:59 EDT

    PeteAbraham wrote: Gosfather: Um, he has a bevy of assistants, a whole office full of them along with dozens of scouts. Did you not know that? And where does he fall short? They have the best record i more »

  • Posted 08/17/2010 12:52:56 EDT

    Exceptional effort by Theo & Staff relative to selecting and signing an extremely talented group of draftees. Perhaps an Assistant General Manager in charge of evaluating, acquiring, and signing MLB t more »

  • Posted 08/16/2010 12:19:03 EDT

    If — or is it "when" yet? — the Red Sox are eliminated from the postseason, there will be a dozen different theories to explain it. I still hope they make the post season, if they fall short, my t more »

  • Posted 08/08/2010 11:00:59 EDT

    I certainly did not believe the Sox would sweep the Yankees in a 4 game set in the Bronx and, given the pitching matchup yesterday, I thought this would be the one we would drop. Clearly, "CC the Clow more »

  • Posted 08/05/2010 11:16:19 EDT

    rdrury wrote: Gosfather is either a total moron or a Yankees fan. As if the GM has any control over injuries.... I'm neither a moron nor a Yankee fan, you blasphemous stiff. I'll put up my Baseball IQ more »

  • Posted 08/05/2010 04:47:50 EDT

    "Theo Epstein Discouraged by Severity of Kevin Youkilis Injury" ......... whereas I'm both discouraged and disgusted by the severity of Theo's ineptitude in this, "The Bridge Year." ...... Sox fans we more »

  • Posted 08/05/2010 02:55:29 EDT

    "Thats enough A- hole for any team."

    That's enough A- hole for the entire League. more »

  • Posted 08/05/2010 02:13:29 EDT

    Theo Epstein should be fined and suspended for FAILING to be aggressive. more »

  • Posted 08/05/2010 12:04:04 EDT

    Red Sox fans paid for Theo's multi-lane bridge and he delivered something resembling a footbridge from a Tarzan movie. After this weekend's "Big Series" in NY, we should begin to see him start his fir more »

  • Posted 08/04/2010 06:01:00 EDT

    mgboston45 wrote: Gosfather, are you serious? Epstein was ranked as the #1 GM in baseball and has 2 championships in his 7 seasons. Just because Epstein put together "only" 23/25 guys on the 2007 team more »

  • Posted 08/04/2010 04:52:23 EDT

    mgboston45 wrote: Epstein also has won us fans 2 world series in the past 6 seasons. get over it. Epstein deserves much of the credit for piecing together the parts of the 2004 Championship, especiall more »

  • Posted 08/04/2010 04:34:12 EDT

    "Epstein seemingly sees something in Cash and Patterson that no one else in baseball sees." Epstein sees many things in baseball seemingly nobody else sees. For instance, he sees slag heap restoration more »