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  • Posted 03/22/2010 07:31:50 EDT

    I have not had healthcare for my family since 2005. We have been blessed to not have had a medical emergency. But while my life and that of my family may hang in the balance, I would never have the go more »

  • Posted 12/24/2009 11:11:47 EST

    Varitek is a confused guy who ends up on my all-time Sox ingrate team headed by Captain Nomar and of course Roger C.

    Greats are loyal townies like Wakefield and Yaz. Keep it straight. more »

  • Posted 12/24/2009 11:02:44 EST

    The useless defense has compromised the offense all season causing the O to "force it" instead of managing the clock and cherry picking opposing D's. Trading Richard Seymour, now hindsight, looks like more »

  • Posted 11/21/2009 10:27:45 EST

    If the borders were secure, I would have greater sympathy for the individual who risked crossing it to improve his lot in his miserable life, in the absence of such a scenario, I have to weigh in with more »

  • Comment on: 'Patriots’

    Posted 10/13/2009 10:42:18 EDT

    When thinking of the 3 SB's and who was on staff and on the roster, and then looking at today's organization, the thing's been entirely gutted. I am sure the Kraft's are sharp and BB too, but Brady is more »

  • Posted 10/11/2009 09:30:35 EDT

    I have been a casual observer of the Eagles since 1970. The loss to VTech was really bad. Reminded me of the way they looked in the pre-Flutie days. The worst loss in at least 20 years. more »

  • Posted 10/11/2009 09:08:38 EDT

    I only saw the first quarter and was suprised by the final score. I did see Tom miss a WIDE OPEN Moss.

    I am going to give T.B a littel more slack before I panic. more »

  • Posted 10/03/2009 03:02:01 EDT

    The image of his severed frozen head with it's eggshell crack, tuna can ring and monkey wrench divit is preposterous. To think there is a nice profit in the long term freezing of human remains is a sa more »

  • Posted 09/30/2009 01:57:07 EDT

    Over the course of my life, I can think of at least a half dozen times I came close to drowning. But each time, I worked my way out of it. Each event was quickly forgotten and I returned to swim anoth more »

  • Posted 09/30/2009 01:46:55 EDT

    Buchholz was a young player following the lead of the veterans and what he showed last night was a perfect picture of the state of mind in the clubhouse. These guys do not think they will win this yea more »

  • Comment on: 'They’

    Posted 09/29/2009 03:01:56 EDT

    The yankees added Sabathia and Texiera and the Sox added no one of statistical significance. The balance of power swung to NY. In an MLB without NY, Boston is as good or better than the others. Face i more »

  • Posted 09/29/2009 02:43:45 EDT

    I can see resting tired guys and bagging it in general with 3-4 games remaining if you were already hot and clinched, but the bagging has been in place for a couple weeks and I honestly don't see any more »

  • Posted 09/28/2009 02:13:46 EDT

    I can't stand Manny, his intolerable unprofessionalism, the sand bagging, he 110% had to go, but his absence is absolutely the difference this season. The Sox have better pitching than NY, but we can' more »

  • Posted 09/21/2009 06:58:23 EDT

    There's a danger that a team and fans get too attached to the name of their QB. The Dolphins stuck with Marino and the Packers with Favre far to many years after their prime. I'm willing to say we are more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots stink

    Posted 09/20/2009 09:11:36 EDT

    As flat as the whole team looked, there were the solid young underpinnings that Belichick will be able to work with going forward. But there is no fire in terms of playing 60 minutes. Basically lookin more »

  • Posted 09/17/2009 12:46:58 EDT

    I do not stay in hotels so I can not use my wallet to hurt Hyatt, but I can say that what you see in Hyatt, you see througout corporate America. "The giant sucking sound" came to pass just Ross Perot more »

  • Posted 09/16/2009 09:58:18 EDT

    After I left the corporate life for self employment in 2005, I quickly determined I could not afford health insurance(family of 4). In 4 years of going without insurance, I have not paid in $50,000 an more »

  • Posted 09/10/2009 11:33:59 EDT

    It's all fun and games until someone dies. But it is, afterall, our human nature to do stupid things. See "Darwin Awards". more »

  • Posted 08/31/2009 12:17:44 EDT

    Does merit count for anything in government anymore? Is there not one cheif executive officer of a known public company or thought leader in Massachusetts who would accept the duty to serve and lead t more »

  • Posted 08/30/2009 08:40:38 EDT

    Maybe the Indians will give Masterson back to us. I don't remember him having any really bad starts in his short Boston starting career.

    Beckett, Lester, Bucholz, Byrd, Masterson

    That could do it. more »

  • Posted 08/29/2009 11:35:04 EDT

    You've got to play the game. Seems to me that Brady has lost alot of mobility. While he was never fast, he used to sense the pressure and duck or dodge out of the way. Now he gets creamed. The first t more »

  • Posted 08/29/2009 11:22:33 EDT

    Even very good starters will have bad patches of 2-3 games, maybe a month. I don't call Bronson Arroyo a very good pitcher , but check out his season game log, there was point early this year he looke more »

  • Comment on: 'Thrown off'

    Posted 08/28/2009 08:57:39 EDT

    A fairly obscure American guy, who is a short stop, and no special preperation can come into a MLB game and throw blanks for two innings. What's he get paid? Meanwhile, some other Japanese guys, who t more »

  • Posted 08/24/2009 10:07:00 EDT

    All of the beltway have a hand in this, greed is the root of ALL evil. And greed knows no party affiliation at this time.

    more »

  • Posted 06/21/2009 01:37:51 EDT

    Can you see the difference between a Derek Lowe and (now) Jonathon Papelbon? Can you see the idiocy of fan comments that confirm Pro Sports as "just a business". There is something more to the home te more »