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  • Forum Post: Clippers postering

    Posted 07/27/2014 11:13:04 EDT

        Doc sees an escape route from a team that won't win the chip.  I wouldn't be surprised if he's coaching the Cav's within two years, maybe even less.  LeBron's dream coach is Doc.     Doc had a lot more »

  • Posted 07/19/2014 08:54:44 EDT

        The worst part is that Noah was still on the board when the Celtics picked Davis.  I like DA and he's done a lot of good things, but that's the one I can't get over.  With Noah on the Celtics they more »

  • Posted 07/05/2014 12:42:28 EDT

    If the Celts build something solid over the next two seasons and the Nets give them a top three pick in 2016, or 2017 as they're hitting their stride, then wow! that's a great piece of work by DA.

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  • Forum Post: Daanny boy!!!!!

    Posted 07/05/2014 12:37:41 EDT


     the league's somewhat paralyzed till LeBron and Melo make a move, after that they'll be some stuff happening.

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  • Forum Post: Fireworks

    Posted 07/04/2014 10:48:57 EDT

    In response to puddinpuddin's comment: [QUOTE] In response to billge's comment: [QUOTE] Started a fire works question on the baseball thread since nobody is here, and Danny hasn't provided any yet. [/ more »

  • Posted 07/03/2014 06:20:48 EDT

        Good points, but I think it's a nice sign that his defense is good at the NBA level, and even after it slows a couple of years in once his offense develops, he'll be able to turn it on for big mat more »

  • Posted 07/03/2014 03:04:58 EDT

          Sullinger said after seeing Smart in the workouts and in the first couple days of practice that he was "Shocked" at how good he is defensively.  His size and strength are a cut above AB, he can more »

  • Posted 04/10/2014 02:18:16 EDT

    In response to mellymel3's comment: [QUOTE] Herren isn't bad either, but that fall River accent is just so lived there for a few years and EVERYONE has that accent..almost a NYC accent. more »

  • Forum Post: Draft Sleepers

    Posted 03/29/2014 11:59:14 EDT

    In response to SFBostonFan's comment: New Sleeper...Frank Kaminsky (Wisconsin) 6'11" but only a Junior and staying in school.   3 threes and 28 points or 43.8% of team's 64 total...great game !!! Sooo more »

  • Posted 03/27/2014 12:28:24 EDT

       Anthony Davis is a one of perhaps two per generation players at the 1.  It might even be him alone and then the next tier for the next 10 years.  Would love to see him with the Rondo on the Celts. more »

  • Forum Post: Pacers Celtics

    Posted 03/01/2014 09:17:05 EST


     Rondo looks a little unhinged tonight, emotionally.

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  • Posted 03/01/2014 08:32:47 EST

    In response to aciemvp's comment: [QUOTE] In response to mossad-did-911's comment: [QUOTE] In response to aciemvp's comment: [QUOTE] the new rod strickland, minus all the scoring ability and free thro more »

  • Posted 03/01/2014 08:24:17 EST

        Rondo completely dismissed his coach when he did this.  Horrible thing to do to a guy in his first year with a young team.  Wallace said he had no problem with it. So maybe it's not the way it loo more »

  • Posted 02/22/2014 01:25:38 EST


      After watching Green drift in and out of the game again tonight I realized there's not much distance between him and Wallace, and Wallace with his contract is the worst.

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  • Forum Post: Celtics vs. Lakers

    Posted 02/22/2014 01:09:05 EST


     Sully got owned by Kaman in the fourth, and ya, I know Sully's not a 5

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  • Posted 02/08/2014 07:04:50 EST

    they might be holding him out for a trade

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  • Posted 02/08/2014 06:59:53 EST


      I also agree with Petey on KO.  He'll never get there defensively, among other reasons.

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  • Posted 02/08/2014 06:47:47 EST

    In response to R9R's comment: [QUOTE] I think we revisit the idea of Hayward.   His stock has dropped. I've been reading the Jazz blogs, and they aren't so high on him and would let him walk, especial more »

  • Posted 02/01/2014 07:13:01 EST

       Definitely embiid at #1, but Id take Exum over Wiggins all day.  6,6 at the PG spot.  He is athletic and sees the floor.  At that size, if he hustles on Defense he'll be good, and the upside is rea more »

  • Posted 02/01/2014 01:15:10 EST

    In response to RallyC's comment: [QUOTE] In response to passfirst's comment:       What I don't like about his comments is that it lowers his trade value, and he's got to know that.  Other teams won't more »

  • Posted 02/01/2014 12:59:10 EST

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment: [QUOTE] In response to passfirst's comment: [QUOTE]     What I don't like about his comments is that it lowers his trade value, and he's got to know that.  Other more »

  • Posted 02/01/2014 12:27:12 EST

        What I don't like about his comments is that it lowers his trade value, and he's got to know that.  Other teams won't trade for him knowing that he'll do the same thing that Howard did to the fake more »

  • Posted 01/25/2014 02:47:40 EST

       Is this a joke?  Asik is not the center on a championship team.  No way, not even close. I've seen him play and he looks like a bum half the time.  This is borderline insane to think that Asik is p more »

  • Forum Post: Wizards vs Celtics

    Posted 01/22/2014 09:51:13 EST


     Good win

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  • Forum Post: Wizards vs Celtics

    Posted 01/22/2014 09:20:55 EST


     Wow, love the hustle right there

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