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  • Posted 08/22/2011 09:52:30 EDT

    LF: 19th at .716 CF: 4th at .887 RF: 28th at .670 Theo is getting top value for the 43 million he's paying to construct a 2011 OF. Reddick, tiny sample v. LHP, is the only thing that stands between re more »

  • Forum Post: 3 of 4 a Must!

    Posted 08/22/2011 09:42:31 EDT

    but unfortunately the race for the AL West division is over

    You don't have a clue. While the Rangers are odds on to win the division, that race won't be over when the Yankees head West.
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  • Posted 08/22/2011 11:55:54 EDT

    Vtek catching Wakefield for the Rays more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 11:54:57 EDT

    Granderson has high potential. Ellsbury is a total fluke who is still vastly inferior to Granderson. more »

  • Forum Post: 3 of 4 a Must!

    Posted 08/22/2011 11:46:08 EDT

    2 and 2 will be adequate. Beating or splitting with @ Rangers is doable, but will be a bigger than normal challenge. more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 11:41:55 EDT

    There wasnt any qualification from the diwit about "I didnt realize Yankees would be that good". Rays are on pace for about 89 wins, which is no chance. Dimwit pretended that this meant Rays werent go more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 11:37:28 EDT

    Rays went away when they went 10 back. Schedule is all that has them 7 back, and totally irrelevant to playoff contention. Only losers would claim otherwise.   more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 11:32:53 EDT

    Bursitis can clear up quickly sometime with the shot on cortizone and sometimes not

    JIM, did you get your medical experitse by Google ga ga. more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 11:29:07 EDT

    No., troll, you would be carping about how Wakefields higher ERA is still better pitching because good ole boy is "eating innings". more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 11:25:59 EDT

     it would take him a month, minimum, to be game ready Beantowne pretends to be a pitching expert. Buch could throw 70 or 80 pitches before October. It simply depends upon how he feels as he progresses more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 08:29:05 EDT

    Ellsbury is better than Granderson because he has way less homers, RBI's and OPS, things that don't really matter. And Ellsbury is better looking, according to a recent Red Sox fan survey. more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 08:29:01 EDT

    Granderson does not hit for average not to mention he strikes out a ton and his stealing % is quite poor

    So, you value BA and CS% more than OPS and RBIs. You are a delusional homey. more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 04:13:28 EDT

    No rule that says he can't pitch 70 or 80 in a month.

    Wakefield stinks!

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  • Posted 08/22/2011 02:12:04 EDT

    If he can't do any damage by pitching in terms of increased more than normal injury risk, they should get him ready for 70 to 80 pitch outings toward the end of the season, as it will be needed and th more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 02:08:33 EDT

    Reddick does have a stronger arm , although not as accurate. It's more accurate. Since ellsbury can't get the ball to the infield without a relay, it hardly matters if Ellsbury's girls softball arm is more »

  • Posted 08/22/2011 01:59:55 EDT

    From my recollection, the Sox are 15-3 in games after Wake starts. From your recollection, could that record have something to do with the fact Wakefield isn't pitching in those games? I'm quite sure more »

  • Posted 08/21/2011 11:13:56 EDT

    How many games have the Sox won in all of Miller's starts? 

    Wakefield is like a postal union worker in an electronic age.
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  • Posted 08/21/2011 11:02:29 EDT

    TB is not going away Part I was started as a direct response to your statement that they would "go away" in 2010 No it wasn't.  It was posted because you were wrong about the Rays being title material more »

  • Posted 08/21/2011 09:13:27 EDT

    As if lousy Wastefield needs to hold down "a stud". LMAO! Doubrant, Weiland haven't been give a chance to show what they can do. Doubrant, when healthy, has been wasting time in AAA. Weiland was given more »

  • Posted 08/21/2011 09:04:36 EDT

    Some clown said they'd fade away in the "dog days" Actually, some idiot said they weren't going away and would be in it up until the last few days. No one said they would go away in 2010, you idiot! N more »

  • Posted 08/21/2011 05:21:42 EDT

    LOL, well said, Burrito! more »

  • Posted 08/21/2011 05:20:16 EDT

    Drew handles the pitching staff well. Varitek has miled that for almost half a decade.

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  • Posted 08/21/2011 05:16:17 EDT

    Look , the guy has an ERA of 5. He was obviously out of gas. Of course the bullpen blew it. It is not realistic to think that Wake would have pitched out of trouble. Even if he did, he was through aft more »

  • Posted 08/21/2011 05:12:01 EDT

    wakefield is great and giving up homers. more »

  • Posted 08/21/2011 05:10:52 EDT

    Tandem means two. One is OBP mendoza. You should have said Ellsbury, not Crawbury, Willfred. Ill say AGon!

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