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  • Posted 02/24/2014 08:09:36 EST

    In response to Micromom's comment: I have a nephew who is an EXTREMELY active two year old boy, and I'm looking for some gift ideas. He lives in an apartment in NY, so size is a considerationdue to li more »

  • Posted 02/11/2014 06:50:01 EST

    Fra, thanks so much for thinking of the noise.  I too have thought of that but we've tried her sleeping with and without a white noise machine and she has both slept and woken up early with both.  It more »

  • Posted 02/05/2014 05:11:24 EST

    CLC, thanks!  We also have started (maybe a month ago) putting her favorite Elmo book in her crib.  She'll play with it at night nicely before falling asleep.  We also have a turtle night light that s more »

  • Posted 02/04/2014 01:30:32 EST

    Summer, I knew I was forgetting something else!  It sounds like we have a similar monitor - we can talk to her, see her and play music into her room.  It has been SOOOO helpful, if nothing more than f more »

  • Posted 02/04/2014 12:36:14 EST

    I'm a long time lurker but infrequent poster.  I've found reading all of your posts to be so helpful during my pregnancy (and wedding planning for that matter!) and now child rearing that I had to wri more »

  • Forum Post: August - Pregnancy

    Posted 08/05/2011 12:19:06 EDT

    Siena and BsBride, congratulations!  I just wanted to chime in and say hi!  I too am about 5 weeks and due in April.  It is so nice to see other moms-to-be who are due around the same time as me.  I t more »

  • Posted 08/05/2011 11:45:38 EDT

    So, I just got a call from one of the nurses at the office which has me feeling reassured.  I have a preexisting condition that I was concerned about so getting a call from her reassured me that at le more »

  • Posted 08/04/2011 04:07:19 EDT

    Poppy, ALF and Pingo, thanks so much for reassuring me.  I am sure this is only the start of my worries!  She did say that she was "training" someone yesterday, so hopefully it is that they are just s more »

  • Posted 08/04/2011 02:57:58 EDT

    I did just call the office back, and amazingly the same woman took my info and made the appts.  She said she got really busy and forgot this morning.  While that doesn't leave me feeling very confiden more »

  • Posted 08/04/2011 02:19:43 EDT

    Thanks Poppy for reassuring me that I'm not out of line here.  The woman who answered the phone, and the automated message, told me that a "medical assistant" would call me back to ask me some questio more »

  • Posted 08/04/2011 01:40:01 EDT

    I have been a longtime lurker of these boards, but haven’t posted with the exception of a quick post last week.  I thought it was time to introduce myself as I got a BFP on Tuesday morning!  My husban more »

  • Forum Post: Towns

    Posted 07/26/2011 01:07:41 EDT

    I've been a lurker for the past few months and have learned so much from all of you!  Thank you!  My husband and I are looking to move out of the city and are particularly interested in Winchester.  W more »