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  • Posted 04/21/2012 06:26:46 EDT

    In Response to Re: Red Sox vs NYY Saturday April 21: In Response to Re: Red Sox vs NYY Saturday April 21 : Had to take advantage of the nice weather with rain tomorrow. Back and forth between the sox more »

  • Posted 01/29/2012 02:31:52 EST

    Jealousy is an evil thing.

    Go Pats!! more »

  • Posted 11/08/2011 03:56:02 EST


    You are getting on my last nerve.  You need to learn to temper your
    jealousy.  It's not becoming. more »

  • Posted 05/01/2011 11:37:01 EDT

    God Bless America and the men and women who serve this great country. God Bless their families. more »

  • Posted 04/29/2011 09:36:28 EDT

    Rodman, Don't try to do it yourself.  Call one or two local realtors in your area and be honest with them.  Tell them you're not sure you are ready to sell, but would like a Market Analysis of your ho more »

  • Posted 09/25/2010 02:36:40 EDT

    marbul, Why don't you venture out of your mom's basement for a day and do a random act of kindess for someone. Your mood
    will definitely improve. more »

  • Posted 09/25/2010 02:34:02 EDT

    Eunice Kennedy Shriver was a shining example of what everyone
    should strive to be. God bless her and may she rest in peace. more »

  • Posted 09/25/2010 02:31:31 EDT

    What is wrong with some of you people? Why can't you be happy for other people? Such negativity!! more »

  • Posted 09/25/2010 02:29:48 EDT

    Congratulations and best wishes to Linda and John Henry on
    the birth of their first child. Many years of happiness to
    you all. more »

  • Forum Post: Buyer Agents

    Posted 08/21/2010 01:10:02 EDT

    In Response to Buyer Agents: My home is on the market.  I am using a listing service.  It is listed on the MLS.  I am doing everything possible to weed out non-serious buyers, however, my problem is w more »

  • Posted 08/21/2010 01:49:35 EDT

    Hi, It's perfectly ethical to use the listing agent for the house as your agent. She can absolutely write the offer for you.  You are right in that she would be motivated to sell your condo as well as more »

  • Posted 08/19/2010 02:47:36 EDT

    In Response to seller's realtor assiting a buyer?: So, I'm actually wondering if this scenario is ethical/possible. We are trying to sell our condo and our realtor, in my opinion, couldn't sell an ice more »

  • Posted 08/01/2010 11:34:46 EDT

    Some of you people should be ashamed of yourselves. Would
    you say the same things if you needed to post your names?
    I doubt it. more »

  • Posted 06/21/2010 11:25:48 EDT

    In Response to Re: OT- House hunting s*cks!: Our realtor didn't know anything about the power lines. In fact, we found this house ourselves on Zip, and went to an open house without her and put the of more »

  • Posted 06/21/2010 09:46:06 EDT

    Peoni,  I think you have a legitimate reason to back out of the sale.  If you have an attorney, have him call the broker involved.  If you have a Buyer's Broker, she should have told you about the EMF more »

  • Posted 06/21/2010 09:40:33 EDT

    In Response to OT- House hunting s*cks!: So, this post is just sort of a vent, but I seriously give MAJOR kudos to all of you lovely ladies who have gone thru the house-hunting process. I honestly can more »

  • Posted 05/23/2010 01:35:41 EDT

    In Response to Re: Looking to get involved in Real Estate: Being a Broker (after being an agent for many years) and now managing agents (both good and bad), real estate boils down to basically: Who yo more »

  • Posted 05/21/2010 09:24:59 EDT

    In Response to Looking to get involved in Real Estate: I'm looking to get involved in Real Estate and am going to take the courses in hopes of becoming an agent.  What can I expect from the course, te more »

  • Comment on: 'At Garlic ’

    Posted 05/12/2010 07:30:42 EDT

    Sounds delicious. Care to share the address? more »

  • Posted 01/14/2010 01:27:59 EST

    I am a lifelong democrat but I am voting for Scott Brown. Martha and her corrupt Democrat friends are choking this Commonwealth. Scott Brown is a breath of fresh air and he needs our help. Tell your f more »

  • Forum Post: OT- the house hunt

    Posted 01/08/2010 12:17:27 EST

     As a real estate agent, I would say a smaller house in a good town.  In real estate, location is everything.  Location, location, location!! more »

  • Posted 01/07/2010 09:28:33 EST

    Citizens of Massachusetts - Now is the time!! Let's show them
    who runs the Commonwealth - the PEOPLE> Vote SCOTT BROWN!! more »

  • Posted 01/07/2010 01:32:53 EST

    People of the Commonwealth - This is the time to band together and send a message to all the democrats currently holding office. The people of Massachusetts are sick and tired of the corruption and sa more »

  • Posted 12/05/2009 06:56:41 EST

    This is between Tiger and his wife. Why do you care so much? more »