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  • Posted 07/31/2013 01:17:22 EDT

    If only that deputy had been armed.... /off

  • Posted 05/16/2010 06:43:18 EDT

    I'm surprised she didn't wear a sleveless commencement gown.

  • Posted 03/21/2010 09:49:33 EDT

    I don't know. I work in advertising in NYC now, and hear from many old-timers that the show is spot on with regards to its treatment of the business, the office life, women, etc.

  • Posted 03/21/2010 09:44:59 EDT

    Oops, typo in my last post. First sentence should read:

    " 'You guys' may simply make some women feel overlooked or ignored..."

  • Posted 03/21/2010 09:43:47 EDT

    " 'You guya' may simply make some women feel overlooked or ignored...." Those women need to work on their self-esteem, or just chill out a bit. For the record, I'm a woman and I'm more than irritated more »

  • Posted 03/15/2010 12:46:32 EDT

    leykis101 wrote: "Women know in the first five minutes of meeting a guy whether they will sleep with him or not. The rest is just B.S.." It's indeed true. And it's a first impression thing. We don't c more »

  • Posted 03/15/2010 12:44:53 EDT

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This gal did not get cheated on by the same person three times, but it doesn't mattter. She's seeking out dolts or ignoring clear signals. No cl more »

  • Posted 03/07/2010 11:11:10 EST

    No singing at Fenway please. I live in NYC, and believe you me, the perception will be that Boston is following and copying NY. Boston can't come up with anything original, they have to copy NY. Trust more »

  • Posted 02/27/2010 11:46:04 EST

    Ok, Ohno haters, we get it: you hate Ohno. Yawn. I agree with the more rational posts here - Ohno is a good skater, a very good skater, and that's just fine. I don't know enough about the sport to kno more »

  • Posted 02/21/2010 05:39:15 EST

    Where's the "don't recommend" button? more »

  • Posted 02/21/2010 04:28:14 EST

    Seriously, if people really don't want spoilers on anything time delayed these days, they need to stay off of the internet. Sheesh.

    Congratulations, Bode. I never lost faith in you! more »

  • Posted 01/17/2010 08:24:04 EST

    I suggest many people who think Conan is right to fight this aren't necessarily saying late-night tv is worth fighting for. They see a bigger issue - the network bent over backwards to accomodate Jay more »

  • Posted 01/01/2010 10:21:13 EST

    Well, it only took a handful of comments before someone felt this article was an invitation to shame smokers - even those trying to quit - and to grace us with every insight as to their repulsion, inc more »

  • Posted 10/23/2009 11:26:14 EDT

    Confusion over why one is rooting for the Angels is ridiculous. They beat us, they deserved to move on to the ALCS. Deal with it. Before heading out (in NYC) with Yankees fans to watch the game, I rem more »

  • Posted 10/20/2009 11:18:51 EDT

    I've had a no-gift policy for over a decade. It's not because I'm a nice person - it's because I abhor clutter and stuff, stuff, stuff. I buy for nieces, but they're getting to their teenage years, pr more »

  • Posted 10/20/2009 09:49:11 EDT

    Not a bad show, just not great. more »

  • Comment on: 'Workers’

    Posted 10/20/2009 08:09:17 EDT

    I've been unemployed for several months and have decent health coverage (thank goodness). I have noticed weight loss and better physical conditioning. The stress manifests itself at night, sleeping ca more »

  • Posted 10/20/2009 08:00:24 EDT

    As frustrating as this may be for some shoppers, this is good for businesses in the long run. Readers make good comments about the internet, as do others who promote the need to support local, indepen more »

  • Posted 10/19/2009 05:03:12 EDT

    ryan241: Marketing, with a focus in financial services. But, have experience in marketing other fields. Why, do you have a job? LOL! more »

  • Posted 10/19/2009 04:24:29 EDT

    danny66: I live in NY. Manhattan - especially fifth avenue - is always mobbed, as is that Apple Store. I just passed 8 months unemployed and never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd still be unemplo more »

  • Posted 10/18/2009 06:17:42 EDT

    Everyone who is frothing at the mouth over how the police handled this needs to get a grip. Seriously, calm the eff down. more »

  • Posted 10/18/2009 01:39:30 EDT

    Watching the press conferene with the CO sherrif now. Get those kids out of the house and prosecute those two breeders who call themselves parents to the fullest extent possible. more »

  • Posted 10/18/2009 10:55:09 EDT

    @hdl9541 writes:"As much as this father (and mother) are morons, I don't believe it was a hoax by THEM, but by their SONS, trying to get dear old dad that tv show he desperately wanted." If that's tru more »

  • Posted 10/18/2009 10:27:25 EDT

    I understand they are reviewing all of the charges that could be filed - including federal charges. I don't think financial resititution will do it in this case. First off, I don't think the family ha more »

  • Posted 10/10/2009 02:50:24 EDT

    Mustaches are gross. Never seen one that looked good on any man - gay or straight, black or white, young or old.

    Nasty. more »

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